Shovel Buddies (Official Trailer)
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  • Callum Standen
    Callum Standen

    My step uncle was the director of this Simon Atkinson

  • Jay M
    Jay M

    Wait so his body was being kept in a wooden box?

  • CaylinElizabeth

    Andy edit a shovel

  • destany night
    destany night

    this movie is kinda like paper towns

  • William Worth
    William Worth

    Preston and Steve look what you started XD

  • Rion Croom
    Rion Croom


  • Olivia Jade
    Olivia Jade

    Anyone know the song at 1:10?

  • brin berons
    brin berons

    ur forever my love kian ❤️

  • Shanica Pathmarajan
    Shanica Pathmarajan

    "He left a note?" "It was a snapchat to be exact" "Hey don't worry he wasn't naked!" dead....

  • Chloe Lee
    Chloe Lee


  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith

    Have you ever had someone who subscribes to your channels treat you like a "normal" person? (by normal I mean like you wasn't a big star)

  • Krissy

    I'm so late to the party. I'm digging this Kian

  • Wagner Santos
    Wagner Santos

    Essa é uma adaptação de um filme brasileiro feito lá no Ceara,choveu bodes.

  • Ruby AJ
    Ruby AJ

    Kian in this movie reminds me of Stiles from Teen Wolf

  • Ibukun Odejimi
    Ibukun Odejimi

    The last part killed me

  • Trinity Fairman
    Trinity Fairman

    kian needs to be a star of his own movie and hopefully that will hapen soonnnnnnn

  • Wolfye

    0:29 for some reason I thought that was young Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Peris Chege
    Peris Chege

    when I saw the caption of the video I thought...SHUFFLE BUDDIES😂😂😂 (SpongeBob SquarePants reference)...I know it has nothing to do with SpongeBob but still😏

  • Lajla Zimic
    Lajla Zimic

    1:33 LMFAOOO

  • beautifulblue2004

    im watching it rnnnn and i also just watched before i fall and the chosen, both are sooooooooo good!!

  • ariya p
    ariya p

    i hate when a movie looks good then you see bella throne, like fuck

  • Sara Sheehan
    Sara Sheehan

    The other dude looks like a young Leo DiCaprio

  • Alsmaranta Milano
    Alsmaranta Milano

    Ayye that's the dude that kicked Dane Dehaan's ass in that Imagine Dragons music video aha. He also looks alot like Leonardo DiCaprio...

  • isa l
    isa l

    tb to when he played cameron in the chosen

  • KingsArk

    This looks awful

    • Do you watch shameless ?
      Do you watch shameless ?

      anderson pops it is a great movie

    • Do you watch shameless ?
      Do you watch shameless ?

      anderson pops it was a great movie

  • Shahed Meqdadi
    Shahed Meqdadi

    Dan and Kian are exactly the same 😂😂

    • Do you watch shameless ?
      Do you watch shameless ?

      Yeah 😂

  • Sammy's vlogs
    Sammy's vlogs

    can't wait to see it it's gonna be lit

    • Do you watch shameless ?
      Do you watch shameless ?

      Sammy's vlogs u know it came out already right?? In 2016

  • Symone Jones
    Symone Jones

    Who else got weirded out by his body !???

  • natsukashii

    It's with Bella Thorne I'm sorry Still looks good tho

  • Amimi Barker
    Amimi Barker

    I wanna watch this, but Bella Thorne is in it and I'm not 100% sure it's worth it.

    • Do you watch shameless ?
      Do you watch shameless ?

      Amimi Barker it is

  • alicia sanchez
    alicia sanchez

    "Like this thideo" really?

  • holly

    The singing wasn't him acting, that was him, he is such an amazing actor and singer and person. I love him so much and I really hope he knows that he keeps me alive and helps my depression, him and Jc.

  • Faded Alexia
    Faded Alexia

    "Peace of shit" 😂lmao kian💕

  • Marissa Sandberg
    Marissa Sandberg

    wanna see this sooooo bad

  • Jazmin Baldwin
    Jazmin Baldwin

    is this going to be on Netflix

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    The ending killed me can't wait to watch this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cole Ash
    Cole Ash

    Sorry Sydney Munoz I can't collaborate but I'll subscribe if u subscribe

  • Sadbunny

    Kian low-key acting like Stiles from teen wolf and I like that

  • Shari L.
    Shari L.

    happy 7 years on SLtoos!

  • Laufey Katrin
    Laufey Katrin

    Have you quit uploading SLtoos videos or?...

  • •Kiara •
    •Kiara •

    I don't get wat it's about

  • Lisa Kristina Pedersveen
    Lisa Kristina Pedersveen

    Please start this channel again

  • Jainish Jain
    Jainish Jain

    you are one who commented

  • Amelia Brandt
    Amelia Brandt

    KIAN!!!!! YOU HAVE TO DO A VIDEO OF YOU DOING A COVER OF A SONG!!!! honestly, you are soooooo good, you can do it!! (but do it alone, you go it.)

  • Jodi c
    Jodi c

    Post before you hit 1yr of not posting

  • Audrey Light
    Audrey Light


  • Beth Beeson
    Beth Beeson

    I love the last bit 😂

  • Guadalupe Garcia
    Guadalupe Garcia


  • Jacky _
    Jacky _

    Same house they used in expelled when the guy fell

  • Teja Allen-Tucker
    Teja Allen-Tucker

    damn kian plays the dumb one

  • Hannah Louma
    Hannah Louma

    0:29 i can't be the only one who he reminds so much of young Leonardo dicaprio (in that clip)

    • Nefeli

      x Hannah x Omg I was looking for this comment

  • Ben Deal
    Ben Deal

    Everyone unsubscribe from this guy. he's out of SLtoos forever.

    • olivia h
      olivia h

      Ben Deal lol have you not heard of his other channel

  • Arya Tyagi
    Arya Tyagi

    Why isn't he uploading anymore?

  • gabe vallin
    gabe vallin

    how the fuck do u stop making videos when u have 3million subscribers...

    • olivia h
      olivia h

      gabe vallin Kian&Jc that's why

  • Milayni Dadleh
    Milayni Dadleh

    I watched the chosen it was Awesome I didn't get scared one bit Kian your so cute I love you your the best

  • lilbiancz

    i know this came out super long ago but i just watched it and it was so good :(

  • Annie N.
    Annie N.

    When Kian hasn't uploaded in months🙃

  • Josh Lyne
    Josh Lyne

    why doesn't kian do youtube anymore?

  • cassie l
    cassie l

    Gooo on my channel I made an edit for kian!!;)

  • cassie l
    cassie l

    Gooo on my channel I made an edit for kian!!;)

  • fat ballsack
    fat ballsack

    k i a n come back


    I cant take kian serious when hes in movies like these.. im used to seeing him act like hes on drugs

  • rachel stone
    rachel stone

    Watched 'before I fall' in cinemas today in Australia and can I say kian killed his performance such a great movie definitely getting it on DVD when it comes to Australia

  • Nina Russo
    Nina Russo

    Fuck I miss this channel

  • Adriana Ariff
    Adriana Ariff

    kian, you just mean the world to me 😍

  • Emily Cronan
    Emily Cronan

    COME BACK!!!!!

  • Just Quetzaa
    Just Quetzaa

    you look really hawt.

  • laura gray
    laura gray

    I just finished watching The Chosen! It was lit af!!!!

  • DANIEL !
    DANIEL !

    This looks good

  • UniPWNZ

    why u never upload man...

  • Makenzie Lewis
    Makenzie Lewis

    Omg I watched the chosen and I'm about to watch this but I know joke flipping cried when Cameron sacrificed his self😭😭😭

  • Sarah Nicole
    Sarah Nicole

    1:40 was really funny, I started crying.

  • QuiteCabbage

    That actually looks like a pretty good movie

  • Chianna Metallic
    Chianna Metallic

    Kian filled out great! 😍

  • Sabrina Santiago
    Sabrina Santiago

    watching this tonight

  • Francesca Barbiero
    Francesca Barbiero

    what's the song they played towards the end

  • Lydia


  • Kaytlyn Knight
    Kaytlyn Knight

    This movie looks amazing and I'm excited but side note, please make covers or just sing more because I've been watching little clips of you singing and i love your voice and the songs you choose and I feel deprived.

  • Maika Marcelino
    Maika Marcelino

    all of you are like 'omg i wanna watch it!' and stuffs while im here crying that kian isnt posting and the title of the videos he's making doesnt have a comma at the end..and i know he's busy but the comma?!

  • Elle

    Have any of u realised this movie kian isn't acting he's just being kian the whole movie 😂😂😂

  • Valintine Studios
    Valintine Studios

    The end is so funny I laugh every time

  • Jülian Has cringe
    Jülian Has cringe

    Kian throwing that brick lmao

  • Emma

    The end 😂

  • Jacinda Brown
    Jacinda Brown

    i honestly HATE horror movies but i watch the chosen over and over just to see kian in a movie bc he's so 🔥.😂😂

  • Sierra S
    Sierra S

    Hi, my name is Sierra I know this is a long shot but I figured why not try. So today is my best friend Allison's 15th birthday and I was just wondering if their was any chance you could just send her a quick tiny message just saying happy birthday. She's a huge fan of you and Jc, thank you so much for reading this. Her Snapchat user name is o2l-forever13

  • Jami Rockwell
    Jami Rockwell

    that last movie clip

  • Mikayla Sweet
    Mikayla Sweet

    Omg I need to see this 😍😍

  • Stay Alive
    Stay Alive

    "piece of shi..."

  • Madison Phillips
    Madison Phillips

    the ending lmao

  • Heather Rii
    Heather Rii

    I cant wait to seeeeee this

  • carolyn kang
    carolyn kang

    This reminds me of paper towns

  • Marianna Barletta
    Marianna Barletta

    Kian is actually pretty good at acting

  • Marie Therese
    Marie Therese

    what was the song at the part when they shoved their friend

  • josie ree
    josie ree

    Really enjoyed this. Well done Kian

  • naomi john 1:12
    naomi john 1:12

    the ending tho. i feel like thats something Kian would do, if he was behind the wheel.

  • Isabellerina

    woot woot

  • khirstyn Short
    khirstyn Short

    "It was a snapchat, to be exact. But, don't worry, he wasn't naked!" -Kian Lawley 2016 Kian, like the last thing they'd be worried about is their kid sending you nudes in a will!

  • myla connors
    myla connors

    Post a cover please you already tweeted about it. I miss you sweetie:/

  • Elle

    Best movie ever

  • kennedi †
    kennedi †

    lol the end i can't i keep replaying it and laughing 😂😂