I took a trip to Canada to film my 3rd movie!
aaaaaaand i thought i would take you guys along with me...
Enjoy :)

  • trin7640 trin7640
    trin7640 trin7640

    I truly do live somewhere beautiful

  • Larizel Sugue
    Larizel Sugue

    can u pls come back to vancouver

  • Emma Pasher
    Emma Pasher

    I LIVE HERE NOW AND YOURE TELLING ME I MISSED YOU !?!?!?!?!?!????????😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😭😭😭😩😭😩😭😩

  • Niala Rohani
    Niala Rohani

    I know exactly where he when cause I live there

  • Karina Rueda
    Karina Rueda

    you're fucking perfect

  • Forrecca

    I find his videos so relaxing 😌

  • Brooklyn Heppner
    Brooklyn Heppner

    What's the movie called??

  • Allie Egby
    Allie Egby

    didn't come and see me :'(

  • Earls Family Vlogs
    Earls Family Vlogs

    This was so cool

  • kirandeep hunjan
    kirandeep hunjan

    Come to Toronto plzzzzz

  • Baby Tay💕
    Baby Tay💕

    The Chosen is one

  • Baby Tay💕
    Baby Tay💕

    What was the second movie

  • Maddy June
    Maddy June


  • Emily Benotic
    Emily Benotic

    Ily you kian😍😍💖💖

  • Molly Bentley
    Molly Bentley

    How does it feel to know that The Chosen was a fail

  • Gemma Hipkin
    Gemma Hipkin

    This is so cool! Kian! You should do a Q&A!!!

  • Lauren Belalcazar
    Lauren Belalcazar

    Are you gonna make more videos

  • Rim Haimeur
    Rim Haimeur

    kian i love you 💗💗💗 "i'm loosing my mind i'm telling every single day now.. i don't want (nodoby ×4) but you " . -ricky dillon 😢

  • Aya

    What's the name of the song! ❤

  • MeadowDolan

    I bet everyone £10000 kian won't send me a snapchat saying " hi Caitlin I love you". My snapchat is caitlinhaddow16 He won't do it

  • King L V
    King L V

    is your birthday the 2nd of September? coz mine is and I will be extremely happy to share my birthday with you :3

  • Andrea Eriksen
    Andrea Eriksen

    come to norway one day, love you!!

  • Dionne Mayfield
    Dionne Mayfield

    I just started watching your videos and I can already tell I'm going to continue watching😊😁

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown

    I cried when you / Cameron died in the chosen

  • Monet A
    Monet A

    Aye my city 💕

  • Lexi McCormick
    Lexi McCormick

    An. Other vid idea emoji challange you have as ment people as you like and you pick 3 emojis that describes u and 3 that describes ur pet and the other people have to guess what emoji it is

  • Lexi McCormick
    Lexi McCormick

    Btw for u next vid u should do the challenge 3 things and this is how u play if you are a boy playing u Have to do 3 girl challanges such as 20 dollar makeup challange trying girl chothes on or lots of others things

  • Krystal Janice
    Krystal Janice

    it would have been even more amazing for you came to victoria bc too!!!

  • knj tnj
    knj tnj

    Omg i love him sooo much i had no idea he was soooooo close 😱😭😭😭😢🤕

  • Annairenire


  • Tristin Ott
    Tristin Ott

    I love you kian!!! ❤☺

  • Kyana Kelia
    Kyana Kelia

    what song is this??

  • Remarkable Tøp
    Remarkable Tøp

    That was honestly the most beautiful thing that I have ever watched

  • cucumber1004

    ah my home town

  • Kimmi Wang
    Kimmi Wang

    YASSS another movie with you in it coming soon. Im so excited. I love you so much i cant believe i met you. I love how you fixed this video.

  • Alanna Mercado
    Alanna Mercado

    u need to freakin film more buddy we miss u😭😭im ganna b in a movie with u one day just wait!!

  • Emma Cirillo
    Emma Cirillo

    kian. I need help. please message me. its nothing bad. 😂

  • rachel Renema
    rachel Renema

    i live in near vancouver like 20 minute drive

  • Johnson Logan
    Johnson Logan

    I've been to so many places shown in this video

  • Johnson Logan
    Johnson Logan

    Kian!! I'm from Vancouver, I used to visit there every summer! But now I don't...stuck 5 hours away from it. Was it cold enough for you? ;) :D

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G

    When ur across the country (from vancouver )and you live in a city that nobody ever comes to Montreal btw

  • Barbiana

    My home town ♥️

  • Jadzia Sanchez
    Jadzia Sanchez

    I know u might not do this but I dare u to crack 1000 eggs on your head, and please post a video doing it. Thank You😄

  • Bethany Russ
    Bethany Russ

    Kian... I love you!

  • Zuha Raghib
    Zuha Raghib

    This video is so good! I wanna cryyyy

  • Tarin Davis
    Tarin Davis

    I liked it . I wish he could come to Knoxville or Oak Ridge Tennessee there are thousands upon thousands of people who would love to see him . Thankyou if you are reading this !!!!💖💖💖💖

  • Julie

    this is what i call "art"

  • Rem

    his smile got my heart stop 😍😍😍you r amazing ILY❤❤❤❤

  • Davis Sherle
    Davis Sherle

    Omg ok I was staying at a hotel in downtown Vancouver and the day I left he was outside my hotel....(I live like 15mins away from Vancouver)

  • Daniel Spajic
    Daniel Spajic

    this is awesome

  • Alix Moews
    Alix Moews

    Do you have the Mountains of Mordor tattooed on your wrist?

  • Crimson Gabriel
    Crimson Gabriel

    I live pretty close to Vancouver. probz about a 4-5 hour drive

  • trap queen
    trap queen

    I love kian like his smile laugh he's just so cute😍😘😍😘💑💏👪❤❤💋💋

  • Josie Hudson
    Josie Hudson

    You should make a video of all your fans doing the crab face and choose a winner and give them a prize or something

  • Geovanna Avila
    Geovanna Avila

    Omfg usually these type of videos are boring but THIS VIDEO!! Omg I am in LOVE

  • Brooke and Freya
    Brooke and Freya

    What's kian's snapchat? Xx

  • Maria Holm Hansen
    Maria Holm Hansen

    Are you and the guys gonna do an o2l reunion? It's almost been a year😞

  • Gone forever 1 Channel
    Gone forever 1 Channel

    My fave book and my fave person

  • anna boyal
    anna boyal

    omg I live in Vancouver and I never knew you came

  • GlitterBee 50
    GlitterBee 50

    I just watched chosen on Netflix and I love you in it I like the part where you said lets go to hell bitch

  • Zigzag_xxx Perrine
    Zigzag_xxx Perrine

    this so cool ♡♥ love the music

  • Mikayla H
    Mikayla H

    I live in Vancouver and it makes me sooo happy that we are finally being recognised... Van-groovy is beautiful asf

  • Alyssa Me
    Alyssa Me

    Hey kian you awake? Lol

  • Becca Mulcahy
    Becca Mulcahy

    i miss these videos from kian

  • Emily Perez
    Emily Perez

    Kian you are so hot 😍😍😘😘❤️❤️💞💞💞

  • Tanealle Shade
    Tanealle Shade

    Please come to Alberta!!!

  • Desiree Molina
    Desiree Molina

    I learned that Kian Lawley was in " The Chosen"

  • katisneckdeep

    my home/fav city yas

  • Sydney Currie
    Sydney Currie

    What is kians snapchat??

  • Sylvia Jeen
    Sylvia Jeen

    The edit 💞💞💞

  • Portia Vandermerwe
    Portia Vandermerwe

    When you live in Victoria.. 🙄

  • Jenna Meshejian
    Jenna Meshejian

    I love the perspective of this video. It looks so amazing and beautiful there. I need to visit someday ♡

  • iiBlurryFace


  • Saydee Gamez
    Saydee Gamez

    Who here thinks kian should do a meet up in Seattle ?!🤗😱🤓

  • im

    what's the song I freakin' love it?! X

  • Dayton Brown
    Dayton Brown

    I love you kian you are the best guy ever love u😘😘

  • Charli Lockhurst
    Charli Lockhurst

    Omg I live so close to Vancouver.

  • mycreationtomovie

    Please make more babe

  • Lauren Belalcazar
    Lauren Belalcazar

    Kian!!!!!you are amazing keep doing what you do dont let any one control you and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH you are LITERALLY the LOVE OF MY LIFE keep doing you your diong

  • Reagan Sumrall
    Reagan Sumrall

    Currently listening to NEPTONES by JC Caylen AND OMFG ITS AMAZING. I got a signed poster too and it's smaller than I thought it was gonna be but I'm so happy to have it!!!

  • H


    • Anshita datta
      Anshita datta

      U should go to Stanley park it is really beautiful at night but it has it's own beauty in daylight

  • Jayda Burley
    Jayda Burley

  • Juliana Rodriguez
    Juliana Rodriguez

    Kian come to reno pls

  • Melisa Jabagjorian
    Melisa Jabagjorian

    LITTERALLY SO INTENSE 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  • Clara Jimenez
    Clara Jimenez

    SO pretty

  • space princesss
    space princesss

    freaking awesome video

  • SabrinaElizabeth☕

    Gorgeous human being.💜

  • Sonia

    What did he film with??

  • Brie,Sky, Nikki,Alaska
    Brie,Sky, Nikki,Alaska

    Who was that girl!

  • Ariel Ochoa
    Ariel Ochoa

    marry Christmas everyone

  • Gracelynn Franks
    Gracelynn Franks

    What up with no normal videos anymore like can we please have a challenge or something

  • Trippy In the Trap
    Trippy In the Trap

    Yassssss my home town ❤️

  • Nathania Chrestella
    Nathania Chrestella

    Hi Kian can u do a meet n greet in Melbourne? Love you long time x

  • Jenna Fuhriman
    Jenna Fuhriman

    I live an hour drive away from Vancouver

  • Eden

    I live in BC! Awesome video Kian, cant wait to see your new movie!!

  • Ericaxg22

    My Beautiful city so proud to be a vancity chick :) still sad I couldn't meet you please come backkkk

  • delfik EXI
    delfik EXI

    i live in canada it would be so exciting if he came to toronto omg

  • .

    Although I live in Raincouver, why is it never this beautiful. DAFAQ.

  • Michelle Young
    Michelle Young

    Dayummm. I saw some places of my own city that I haven't even seen for myself before

  • Rose Marsden
    Rose Marsden

    Whats the song called & who's it by?? :') xx