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  • megan fling
    megan fling

    did they break up

  • it’s Anna Lynn
    it’s Anna Lynn

    she’s perfect for kian !!!

    • Marissa Chavez
      Marissa Chavez

      @Es me well from what i do know they haven’t posted any pics with one another more recently and they both unfollowed each other even jc unfollowed her

    • Es me
      Es me

      @Marissa Chavez wait how do u know ?

    • Marissa Chavez
      Marissa Chavez

      they broke up 👁👄👁

  • Mina Montague
    Mina Montague

    THEY HAVE A MATCHING TATTOO?! BRUH KIAN IS SO HAPPY AND THIS RELATIONSHIP IS GOING TO LAST FOREVER🥺🥺🥺🥺🤧💍💍 did they break up and im just very late to the party😭🤚🏽.

    • nadica

      @Mina Montague nah they unfollowed eachother on insta

    • Mina Montague
      Mina Montague

      nadica YOUR LYING RIGHT😭🤚🏽.

    • nadica

      They broke up😂

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose

    i love this relationship so muchhhhh!!!!!!! we need to see more of her!!!!

  • Peyton Grayless
    Peyton Grayless

    I seen the thumbnail of this a few months back and I’ve just assumed you guys were having a baby 🤣 I was like wait where’s her bump? 🤣🤣

  • 🤓

    Did they break up?

    • itscrystalclear

      I think so since Kian doesn't follow her anymore and viceversa. Not even JC follows her

    • sam bi
      sam bi

      I’m thinking the same thing too

  • Abra,

    omg im having my son in december and his name is going to be Kian in honor of well Kian lol.

  • Rusne Rad
    Rusne Rad

    Me realizing that's the girl from "nobody gotta know" mv and Logan's ex girfriend😲

  • aimee

    i’m jealous bc i was supposed to marry kian but it’s fine i’m fine but i’m super happy for them i love it ❤️

  • Hend Saud
    Hend Saud

    Israel is not country

    • sam bi
      sam bi

      SofiaP yess ❤️❤️

    • SofiaP

      @sam bi I feel the exact same way. Hopefully it will happen within our lifetime as both have an incredible culture and heritage that should be preserved :)

    • sam bi
      sam bi

      SofiaP I think one side is more to blame than the other. But yeah feeling that way won’t resolve anything. I hope the same thing. Honestly like enough is enough. Maybe it’s naive to say but i don’t understand why they cant 100% live peacefully together bc it’s def possible!! I pray and hope that happens ❤️.

    • SofiaP

      sam bi I just hope one day they can come to a Two State solution rather than creating so much division and hatred because they’re BOTH to blame 😔

    • sam bi
      sam bi

      SofiaP it’s Palestine but go off 😌🙃. Honestly ok memes aside idk why they don’t call it a new country with both of them. Heartbreaking what’s been happening

  • Emily Mendoza
    Emily Mendoza

    Omg I love this girl already 😭❤️

  • Brittany Keley
    Brittany Keley

    There is a transgender chick on tick-tock saying U are her boyfriend ?? Is this true her username is @bambifairy

  • toti Cherino
    toti Cherino

    I love heeeeer

  • Infinity Life
    Infinity Life

    Is it just me or do you think it’s a little early to get a matching tattoo?

  • Ruby A
    Ruby A

    2:48 - *-yee H E E🤠😟😛😋😝😜🤪🤩😎-*

  • Sydney Gaver
    Sydney Gaver

    KIAN! Read Jim Carrey’s book and talk about it. It’s different content but do it!!!

  • Dzann new
    Dzann new

    Thats logan daf

  • Lexi Greer
    Lexi Greer

    when kian likes Morgan Wallen

  • Lexie Hower
    Lexie Hower

    “Can I think without your toes?” AHAHAHAH

  • Sofi Vallis
    Sofi Vallis


  • Maria Sulca
    Maria Sulca

    You guys are so cute

  • Rayona Ray
    Rayona Ray

    They look like siblings

  • David Jamison
    David Jamison

    What ever happened to her Instagram Account?

  • onetwoyou


  • Saitama

    Can you finish at least one sentence without her interrupting? How annoying.

  • jethro Tapdasan
    jethro Tapdasan

    Can you meet logan paul

  • Yo Productions
    Yo Productions


  • Crimson King
    Crimson King

    Ayla farted at 5:24 (when he started teasing her with pie to the face)...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Slow Foot
    Slow Foot

    Poor Franny we all knew they liked each other I mean Kian always wanted to kiss her and you could just tell🥺

  • Evelyn Martinez
    Evelyn Martinez

    I’m genuinely so happy for him he looks so happy and they have the same crackHeAd energy 😭🥺

  • potato sofia
    potato sofia

    Everyone keeps talking abt her messing up andys name but idk where, can someone comment the time stamp plz?

  • rebecca saun
    rebecca saun

    What happened to her Instagram?

  • annakatealexis

    ...i actually freaked myself out cause for the last question I said to myself probably Morgan Wallen....

  • annakatealexis


  • lauren anne
    lauren anne

    The way she screams baby reminds me of when billy ray had that girlfriend on hannah montana, iykyk

  • Monique Pereira
    Monique Pereira

    She looks old

  • Sierra Hahn
    Sierra Hahn

    She really did start singing This Bar by Morgan Wallen when she was trying to guess a “John” 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Shannon Owens
    Shannon Owens

    I’m about to watch this but I’m not falling for it. Let’s see if I’m right.... 🤣

  • Kaila Niland
    Kaila Niland

    So they have been dating since july? how'd I miss that?

  • Tater

    Isn’t Morgan the guy who just got put in jail like in Nashville or something.

  • you tube
    you tube

    Idk why but I feel like ayla is gonna really break kian's heart. I know I'm a bot rude but I just hate her and she looks like she's not fit for him. You know that feeling, sometimes you can see a person and tell their personality. Its like that when I first saw her with kian but I was like maybe I should watch more videos of her but I just hated her even more and more. I hope kian finds someone who is fit for him.

  • Lola’s Life
    Lola’s Life

    The song the we’re singing said “ day I did i got too drunk” R.I.P Corey you will be missed

  • Tamira Giddings
    Tamira Giddings

    Love their energy together🥰🥰

  • Janelle Ibarr
    Janelle Ibarr

    O my goi she is beautiful wow what a beautiful couple god damn motherfucking shit YES

  • m

    their height differences is cute. how short is she tho?

  • SaraH

    Israel??? The apartheid state? I think U meant Palestine.

  • Bailee Johnson
    Bailee Johnson


  • Renzo Rocca
    Renzo Rocca

    Thank you Your Brother is not good person sound like nick

  • Courtney Brady
    Courtney Brady

    Pregnancy jokes are not and will never be funny. Sorry not sorry.

  • Alyssa Aryn
    Alyssa Aryn

    So tired of your click baiting Kian

  • Shahad

    3:37 Free Palestine 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

  • Tia Lee
    Tia Lee

    They weird ass shit

  • Sam Lindauer
    Sam Lindauer

    The only problem we all have is 1. in the KnJ video she came for Chelsea at the end like she had any place to do that 2. ayla literally dated logan Paul in disstrack season fell off the face of the earth for 2 years then magically starts dating kian when we didn't even know they knew each other till after they started dating it was wild

    • Gedan Beliran
      Gedan Beliran

      What KNJ video?

  • Natalie Renae
    Natalie Renae

    if he was with anyone i’m glad it’s alya bc she’s such a nice genuine person really funny and down to earth.

  • Yvanna Gonzalez
    Yvanna Gonzalez


  • nw45

    THIS WAS SO CUTE! And YES to a house tour

  • Bri Z
    Bri Z

    I still remember when she was Logan’s assistant..

  • happy feet
    happy feet

    She looks like she’s gonna hurt him idk I’m getting those vibes I’m not hating or anything

    • Amy M
      Amy M

      MizzyandSundayy we know he wasn’t with fran he was just hanging out with her and we think they have good chemistry

    • Sara West
      Sara West

      @ykALIEN i am happyfor him

    • ykALIEN

      @Sara West he was never with Franny

    • ykALIEN

      Damn just be happy for him

    • Emily Rossman
      Emily Rossman

      I kinda do too, but I hope she doesn’t

  • Maliboo

    Weird. But, the last video I've seen with Ayla in it was when she was pranking her family with a fake pregnancy. (obvi ex-bf) Now, forever later.. the next video I see her in is with Kian, doing the same-ish. Anywho~ You guys make a super cute couple & look so happy. Hope you're doing well!💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍💙🤍💙

  • Baylassan Mousa
    Baylassan Mousa

    The fact that u said its israel ITS PALESTINE

  • Fantasia Vigil
    Fantasia Vigil

    There so cute 😩😩

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith

    They are exactly the same. I LOVE IT! 😅❤️

  • Chimchimlemon침 치몬
    Chimchimlemon침 치몬

    I was today years old when I figure it out she used to work with Logan Paul...

  • Liv

    idk why but they just don’t go well together

  • Hannah Koopman
    Hannah Koopman

    Pls do a house tour!!!

  • jj h
    jj h

    I mean who surpise they basically all over Instagram lol.. Girl please

  • amran307


  • Books Alicia
    Books Alicia

    Aw so cute

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson

    But what country singer is named John lol

  • Skylar


  • Dilara B
    Dilara B

    I just feel like she’s gonna hurt him very bad:(

    • Diana Barriga
      Diana Barriga


    • zheee lee
      zheee lee

      @Melanie Frickstein she never dated Logan wtf. She had bf, his name Kinzie dated him for 4 years when worked with Logan. 😂

    • Melanie Frickstein
      Melanie Frickstein

      Dilara B she was with Logan Paul so wouldn’t doubt it

  • Kayley

    Y’all remember Zac and Mia?

  • Kira Zesky
    Kira Zesky

    She’s annoying asf

  • Baee Spicee
    Baee Spicee

    Y’all r so stinking cute 💕

  • Into the Unknown
    Into the Unknown

    where is franny?

  • Kendra Mckenna
    Kendra Mckenna

    Omg i got so happy for y'all i thought y'all were pregnant at first

  • Carol Lipke
    Carol Lipke

    The way she calls him baby tho why is it lowkey cute and funny at the same time😂☺️😂

  • Carol Lipke
    Carol Lipke

    Is anyone gonna talk about 2:50 and how kian sounds like Michael Jackson 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ellie

    7:34 - their faces loooool omg

  • Ruth Naomi
    Ruth Naomi


  • Laura Garza
    Laura Garza

    logan is punching the air rn

  • Manya Kohli
    Manya Kohli

    The cutest thing in this whole video was that kian’s hand was on her leg the whole time

  • Blazebella

    How is Alya scared she worked for LOGAN PAUL, after that I feel like she could do anything fearlessly

  • thayssa bentes
    thayssa bentes

    Brazil? algum brasileiro?

  • Jenna's Kingdom
    Jenna's Kingdom

    Ayyyy high school budddddies

  • Soani Velez
    Soani Velez

    ok but i love her energy yes

  • Aishahellabandz

    Hardin and Tessa irl

  • Krystin Hardin
    Krystin Hardin

    Hey hey hoping this wasn’t a pregnancy joke since that shit isn’t funny

  • Lizbeth Castillo
    Lizbeth Castillo

    I couldn’t help but smile the whole video 😁 they are so cute


    Who’s cutting onions

  • Nayla

    omg they go so well together😭

  • Christina Natalia
    Christina Natalia

    I know he's happy with her but I miss Frian☹️

  • Sophia G
    Sophia G

    Take a shot every time she says “BAYYYBEE”

  • Sakina just sakina
    Sakina just sakina

    first i was like, NO STOP EWWWWWW KIAN AND FRANNY but tbh i kinda like this girl now and i ship them

  • Panda Sunflower
    Panda Sunflower

    I want a day in the life of you cute couple

  • Nisha Giri
    Nisha Giri

    :/ im happy- but like D: i miss frian

  • Kerry

    This isn't a hateful comment I always liked kian's content however it has never been consistent how does he even make money anymore?

    • KR

      Kerry he has a whole other channel he’s constantly on that makes him money. *kian and jc*

  • elena w
    elena w

    I leave for a second and franny's gone.

  • The Christ
    The Christ

    I wonder if he broke a plate in front of her yet

  • Marianna Garza
    Marianna Garza

    House tour!!