go watch season 2!!!!!! (i’m in london right now so this description is a little short and wonky cuz i don’t have my laptop hahaha) but click the link to watch!!!!

  • Kayla


  • j w
    j w

    it’s 2020 and i need a season 3

  • Poppy Vlogs xoxox
    Poppy Vlogs xoxox

    It’s not on bbc iPlayer they only have season 1 😭😭😭

  • Melissa Arias
    Melissa Arias

    Is there a season three??? How do we get a season 3

  • Zoé Lagneau
    Zoé Lagneau

    And a season 3 ?

  • Ebonee Shakesby
    Ebonee Shakesby

    zac and mia is so sad , i’ve just finished watched the first series 💔

  • Josie Angel
    Josie Angel

    I absolutely love you! You are so sexy, especially when you sing! 😍

  • abby

    Dude you dunno the struggle thats been going on. I found out about this series from a video called "kian lawley being talented for 5 minutes straight" and so i instantly looked it up and saw it was on Hulu... Its late and everyones asleep and im not logged into hulu so I was getting really upset and started to tear up and so I told my bffs... And SHE GAVE ME HER PASSWORD BUT... Igot halfway through episode 2 and she texted that her dad changed the password but at the time it was still working... So say 5 minutes later it turns off and it logs me out.... And i dont wanna ask her again because her dad might be asleep now and so now I have to wait until tmr and im actually tearing up now :,(

  • Suvarna Sugumaran
    Suvarna Sugumaran

    You’re an amazinggggg actor

  • Makayla Ann
    Makayla Ann

    It’s so good!!

  • kamyrn marie
    kamyrn marie


  • justgirlythings

    All i wanna know is there going to be a season 3

  • Raquel’s Exotics
    Raquel’s Exotics

    I love this show so much omg ❤️❤️

  • ghost grrl
    ghost grrl

    teennick has been playing zac & mia recently! right now season 2 episode 7 is playing.

  • Empress Hayley
    Empress Hayley

    Kian: "season two is a tear-jerker" Me: TF!?!?!!! I went through a whole box of tissues watching season 1!!!!!!!!! And season 2is a tear-jerker????!" 😩

  • Fadhila Izzah zahirah
    Fadhila Izzah zahirah

    I just finished watching it and i cried! It REALLY is a great show. And Kian's acting is great too. Love both kian and the show, might be one of my favorites.

  • ItsShannonB

    How can I watch it the uk😭

  • nicole parker
    nicole parker

    Why does season 2 only have 6 episodes?!

  • Kathleen Lane
    Kathleen Lane

    i’m here after finishing season two and desperately want to know if they gave u the green light for season three

  • kylie and peyton hammonds
    kylie and peyton hammonds

    i just watched both seasons tonight. please tell me there is going to be a season 3

  • Summre M
    Summre M

    I binge watched both seasons in a single night and have never cried so much in my life

  • Jayla Lang
    Jayla Lang

    Can you do a part two with season 2?? Please?! Love youuu

  • Ale Cavazzola
    Ale Cavazzola

    Hiii, i’m brazilian... And I finish the book “Zac & Mia” yesterday! I loved the book, and I need see the continuation ! Where can I watch the serie?

  • Maizee Hatter
    Maizee Hatter

    When is season three I love the show so freaking much

  • Kelsey Zio
    Kelsey Zio

    why isn’t it on netflix

  • kieara hargrove
    kieara hargrove

    For a minute there he had me thinking he was right with the math skills, lol but just for a minute.

  • kaisha swanson
    kaisha swanson

    bitch hulu doesnt work in canada

  • Amanda Maisto
    Amanda Maisto

    love the show so much !

  • kristal talmage
    kristal talmage

    Wtffff happened to go90 I just spent like like last hour looking for the app 💔😭

  • -david allen-
    -david allen-

    post videos on this channel more often

  • Kuhle Mbiza
    Kuhle Mbiza

    We need you & franny back on the channel K!!!!

  • Alicia Vij
    Alicia Vij

    How do i watch the seasons

  • Destinee Rodriguez
    Destinee Rodriguez

    Do a kidnap prank on jc!!!!!!

  • Zoeee

    i literally love zac and mia soo much, i hope their’s a season 3!!

  • Lisa Monarrez
    Lisa Monarrez

    OMG! i had to tell you this.. i had a dream about you last night & i was in your car (no clue where we were going) but i told you that i used to work at vans and you said that you wanted a new pair like the ones i have and you said lets go half/half on them 😂 i told you not to worry because i could still get them for you at a discount 😂 idk it was just so funny!

  • Ems LPS
    Ems LPS

    Kian! You deleted all your old videos. I loved them I always rewatched them when I felt down :(

  • Cassie Lynn
    Cassie Lynn

    I just finished season 2 holy shit it was so good I swear I cried EVERY episode , I love you so much You’re so amazing . I hope you go big as an a list actor 50/10 ILYYY k love rant = over ❤️

  • Kayla Shaftic
    Kayla Shaftic

    zac and mia was soooo good

  • taylah

    Oh haha my aunt wrote the book zac and Mia

  • Ash & Dani
    Ash & Dani

    I cried every episode 😭

  • Kat Kat
    Kat Kat


  • Tatum Moore
    Tatum Moore

    Currently watching, so good!

  • Makenzie Ashley
    Makenzie Ashley


  • Jaclyn Robinson
    Jaclyn Robinson

    Just now getting the chance to watch this and omg it’s made me cry already and I’m only on the second episode. Hands down the greatest show !!❤️

  • bridgetlou

    Anyone else notice the totals change a lot lol *7/7* *4/5* *5/6*

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    Anybody else confused why IMDB says Zac and Mia is 24 episodes long but Hulu only has 12? I watched the whole thing on Hulu and saw Kian posted that clip of him singing on Instagram, and that part wasn’t in any of the episodes I watched. I’m confused.

  • Meghan Amplo
    Meghan Amplo

    i watched zac and mia in one day. is there gonna be a season 3???? please i neeedd and i cried every single episode.

  • Tori Foster
    Tori Foster

    i just binged the first season! so good!! great good kian👍🏻

  • Marleigh Diggins
    Marleigh Diggins

    You should do the assumptions video

  • Regan Bradley
    Regan Bradley

    I know a bunch of people already commented this, but is there any way to watch this outside the US (Canada)? I used holaVPN to watch it on Go90 but now in order to even make an account with hulu (even just for free trial) you need a zip code/US credit card which obviously we don't have, I've tried everything :( seem bullshit that only US fans can access it... I loved the first season and would be willing to pay good money to watch off iTunes or ANYTHING, just some way for us foreigners who love Kian and Anne and the show to watch LOL

  • Shinta Millenia
    Shinta Millenia

    I really want to see zac&mia.. but i can't get hulu in my country.. and that make me so sad😢😢 can anybody help me pleasee!!😭😭

  • Paulie

    I love Zac and Mia ❤but only six episodes?

  • Jordey Wilson
    Jordey Wilson

    So sad I live in the uk, I can’t sign up for hulu 😭

  • McKenzie Kuhn
    McKenzie Kuhn

    Pleassee make a season 3!

  • spyderNJ75

    Kian, this may be a bit off topic but I just watched ...Monster Party and you were sensational, truly. Congratulations. I will have to see if you have other movies out.

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B

    who plays Trevor


    Definitely already watched the whole 2nd season in 2 days 😬❤😂

  • Jacqueline Vasquez
    Jacqueline Vasquez

    Seen both seasons in two days, well basically in a day! Loved it❤️will there be a season 3?

    • Natalie Marie
      Natalie Marie

      Jacqueline Vasquez literally me

  • Candace _
    Candace _

    I watched season 2 and I absolutely loved it. I cried like a baby. I’m really hoping for a season 3 bc it was awesome.

  • Raya Dellinger
    Raya Dellinger

    Already watched it❤ such a good show kian

  • Thu Nguyen
    Thu Nguyen

    i couldnt finish the line because i was too busy crying and screaming "I just want them to be happy!! why cant they just be happy?"

  • Marie Diaz
    Marie Diaz

    I was laughing when he said he never made a SLtoos video before

  • Marie Diaz
    Marie Diaz

    I just got Hulu and started watching sz1 and I said I wasnt gonna cry but then zac offered her ice cream and then I cried because my mind set was nooooo kian dont die

  • Alexa Salier
    Alexa Salier


  • Laura G
    Laura G

    I literally just finished season 2 maybe 2 mins ago and it was so good and I can't stop crying even for the happy parts.

  • taylor lorraine
    taylor lorraine


  • Abigael Schnabel
    Abigael Schnabel

    Omg I just binge watched the all of the seasons!! It was amazing I loved it ❤️❤️

  • yung killee
    yung killee

    Why can't it be on Netflix? Wtf?!

  • Hannah Schu
    Hannah Schu

    OMG i loved it i am so obbsessed i just got the book from the library today! you are such an amazing actor!

  • Kasandra Carreno
    Kasandra Carreno


  • Kasandra Carreno
    Kasandra Carreno

    i need season 3

  • Rosy

    Can’t get a Hulu account cause I need a zip code but like I’m from London so don’t have one

  • Rosy

    Can’t watch it 😢😢

  • Brooke Ocegueda
    Brooke Ocegueda

    Duuuude I just watched it a couple days ago. I fell in love with Kian after watching it. His singing❤. I love you Kian.

  • Dina

    Love this challenge

  • AmberTrevinosbeautifullife

    Just finished season 2! I loved it!! ❤️

  • Porchia Miller
    Porchia Miller

    He's floating can you tell???

  • Hanna Elizabeth
    Hanna Elizabeth

    Watched the entire second season in a day! Im addicted Kian!

  • e e
    e e

    Get the free trial on HULU as soon as all the episodes come out and binge watch it!!!!!

  • vict0reuh

    I really want Kian to get a pet kiggy!!!!!! lol

  • Keanu Rauhl
    Keanu Rauhl

    Binge watch all two seasons all day!! Monday fun day😋🍕🍔🍿

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen

    kian's math skills is on point

  • Gaya Menashe
    Gaya Menashe

    Andy's editing is the best

  • Jessie B
    Jessie B

    dont have hulu should've been on Netflix cuz I watched the first one and I cried I loved it

  • Sophia Bautista
    Sophia Bautista

    Just finished both seasons and I’m in love with the show it’s really good. Excited for season 3!

  • Hayley Pierce
    Hayley Pierce

    Would you ever do a video answering questions about acting in Zac & Mia? Like how you got the role? Was it hard playing the character, when your personality is so energetic? When did you decide you wanted to take up acting? Would just love hearing you talk about the show more in depth and answering fan questions!! -Hayley

  • Erica Hughes
    Erica Hughes

    love you and so proud of you, kian!!!!

  • Sam

    I’m so proud of u ❤️

  • Lyllie Singletary
    Lyllie Singletary

    i need you to post a ILYSB-LANY cover so bad

  • Larissa V
    Larissa V

    You already know I watched the 2 seasons of Zac and Mia, see ya

  • Sparks B
    Sparks B

    I just watched season 1 and am watching season 2.

  • Shania Mcquay
    Shania Mcquay

    I already need season 3.

  • Jess Hardy
    Jess Hardy

    I love zac & mia!!!!!!! I'm ready for season 2!!!!!!! Ayeeeeeee

  • McKenzie Brink
    McKenzie Brink


  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis

    I’m a small youtuber and would love if I got ur support!!! :) ❤️

  • hannah murphy
    hannah murphy

    just binge watched both seasons of zac and mia... sooooo good! you’re very talented. ready for season 3 😬

  • joyfulllovesyou

    rip to me for not having Hulu. Someone love me and share their account :')

  • Stephanie Lynn
    Stephanie Lynn

    I watching season 2 right now Kian. I really like it and I had no idea you are so good at acting

  • Miranda Thompson
    Miranda Thompson

    In the last K n J video one of the questions was how many seconds in a day (86,400) and Kian got it wrong but in Zac & Mia one of his lines was "there are 86,400 seconds in a day..."

  • Carlie Marie
    Carlie Marie

    Just binged it, and I need more NOW KIAN. NOOOOWWWWWW. 😂😍😍😍

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