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  • Jack Hayashi
    Jack Hayashi

    close to the end of 2020 and still listening to this...

  • Ceci Navarro
    Ceci Navarro

    okay, this still HITS HARD 5 years later

  • Lillian Pennington
    Lillian Pennington

    anyone watching this after Corey's passing? these are true words kian

  • Zuceyne Mecos
    Zuceyne Mecos

    i love you kiki

  • sexo

    seeing this now after corey's death is so sad

    • prince edits
      prince edits


  • Erickah Menshew
    Erickah Menshew

    I still watch this video every now and then cause I need some common sense

  • Vic H
    Vic H

    Pls never delete this, it has always helped me so much 🤍

  • Grace Bridgman
    Grace Bridgman

    This video was posted 4 years ago and it still is my absolute favorite video on SLtoos. It’s just so raw and emotional and I always cry when I listen. Thank you Kian for this masterpiece that deserves so much more attention than it ever got ❤️

  • Katie Smart
    Katie Smart


  • rOmanA g
    rOmanA g

    idky todays been so shitty and days r going by so slow

  • TypicalNora

    this video helped me so much through my high school years. i didn’t really have any friends and would just sit and hide at the back of the school and listen to this and it would help get rid of my anxiety and just know that everything was going to be ok

  • em g
    em g

    I am just watching this and I am crying because ever thing he talked about is my life exactly. I complained to my friends when I was little about how I didn’t get what i wanted like one year I asked for a Wii and I got an xbox 360 instead bcuz it was a little cheaper and I would always have like 30 expensive things on my Christmas list and get mad when I didn’t get all of them. And I’m still always fighting with my parents :(. But what rlly got me was the grandma thing bcuz me and my brother use to sleep over her house almost every weekend and then all of a sudden it just stopped. And I never even got to say goodbye because it happened when I was in school in 3rd grade :( but yeah i thought I might share my story

  • Idk What
    Idk What

    I still listen to this every night before I go to bed

  • Rose Harhen
    Rose Harhen

    kian: hey guys Me: bye

  • Veronica Olive Luna
    Veronica Olive Luna

    I love you kian your amazing

  • Gracie_girl

    Even though its 11:00 at night and I cried through that whole video, thank you kian

  • jessie Leigh
    jessie Leigh

    kian you're the purest human, thank you for this I love you endlessly

  • Katelynn Rolla
    Katelynn Rolla

    its almost been four years but this still hits at 2am 💔

  • Madison Bauerly
    Madison Bauerly

    Kian that was amazing and beautiful, inspiring,loving thing I have ever heard in my entire life I love you kian lawley keep being awesome ❤️🥺🙂😉

  • Flamgo Cheeto
    Flamgo Cheeto

    this made me cry...

  • Bella Lupian
    Bella Lupian

  • kenna rose
    kenna rose

    this is the most amazing shit anyone has ever done.. i have never seen someone that has so much freaking potential. kian is the only person i know who has EVER shared something so freaking important on such a big platform.. this shit MATTERS! not money, not fame, not cars, not shoes, not followers, not likes, not views, not hookups, not nudes, not how many people you’ve screwed over.. kian, thank you. we need more people like you in this world. i love you with my whole ass heart. this will forever stay with me.

  • Jennifer Krupco
    Jennifer Krupco

    Thanks im crying now

  • Andrea Silva
    Andrea Silva

    This video always get me

  • héloïse !!
    héloïse !!

    Je t’aime.

  • Eileen Holinski
    Eileen Holinski

    I love you for this.

  • poppy smith
    poppy smith

    i still watch this in 2019 and yes every time i listen to this it makes me cry because before i was medicated for my anger issues i would always every night yell at my my and run away and she had to cope with me without medication for 10 years and now i know why i should be greatfull i love you kian so so so so so much and i will never stop loving you thank you for everything you have dont and i wish i could meet you one day to tell u face to face how happy to be a fan of your and how much you make me happy everyday love you xxxxxxx

  • Natalia

    holy fucking wow, 5 minute video and I've never cried more at anything else than this.

  • Andrea Pecina
    Andrea Pecina

    Damn kians deep

  • almy

    hearing this now and realizing I’m very late. ive lost both of my parents. and it hurts

  • Cynthia Gonzalez
    Cynthia Gonzalez

    I always fine my way back to this video. It really does need more recognition

  • tech on fire
    tech on fire

    Never knew KIAN was such an influential person. Thank you for this video🙏🙏

  • Qimora Hayes
    Qimora Hayes

    That grandma story hit hard still in 2019♥️😭😇

  • ashley cully
    ashley cully

    I’m literately crying.......😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  • controlfreak 11256
    controlfreak 11256

    I love you very much kian 🥰😘💋

  • Carla x
    Carla x

    I can’t

  • Brittnee Willis
    Brittnee Willis

    Its been 3 years and I still can't handle how shaky his voice gets.

  • Rae Arrington
    Rae Arrington

    its been nearly 4 years and this is still my favorite video. i come back to it when i hit low points. thank you kian.

  • Rojan M
    Rojan M

    You're right❤😥

  • Lauren

    Kian is so smart and creative and has such a good heart. His mum did a great job! 🥰

  • Sabrina Fernandez
    Sabrina Fernandez

    Who else is still watching this today in 2019

  • ComedyWolf HINDI
    ComedyWolf HINDI

    3 years later i still come back to watch this video.

  • emily the egg
    emily the egg

    i always come back to this video anytime i’m in need of help. thank u kian lawley

  • kelsey smith
    kelsey smith

    this video still helps me so so much

  • e m i l l y
    e m i l l y

    whoever disliked this, what the hell is wrong with you? this video, means so much. a lot to me. i watch it when i’m down. all the time. no matter what year or time.

  • Morgan Phillips
    Morgan Phillips


  • Ananda Salsabila N
    Ananda Salsabila N

    I love you baby

  • El le
    El le

    beautiful Kian, thank u ♥️

  • Rebekah Cassidy
    Rebekah Cassidy

    I still cry at this ngl

  • Portia Dotson
    Portia Dotson

    this legitimately made me cry

  • K R
    K R

    Kian you are an amazing person and you’re right you never know what you got until it’s gone Love you Kian ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😘😍

  • AgataRose

    This made my cry so much bc I don’t have money and we don’t even have hot water anymore

  • tatum harper
    tatum harper

    I saved this for when I’m feelin upset n stressed and cry everytime :,)

  • hahahahaha iaidiissiusjwjsjdjejisiisidis
    hahahahaha iaidiissiusjwjsjdjejisiisidis

    i love you.

  • Alicia Cleveland
    Alicia Cleveland

    I really needed to hear this right now!! Thanks Kian, love your creativity!!!!

  • Erin Gast
    Erin Gast

    Idk why but this breaks my heart every time I listen/watch

  • Mykava Pittman
    Mykava Pittman

    This video still helps me to this day

  • Lillian Wilhelm
    Lillian Wilhelm

    this deserves more than it has

  • Reysifer

    2018 🖤

  • tatum harper
    tatum harper

    I watch this so much kian I think it’s bad

  • Grace W
    Grace W

    I just lost my grandma so this hit really hard. Especially when he was talking about her smile. She had the most beautiful smile.

  • DragonChick 26
    DragonChick 26

    We love you, Kian, Stay Strong.

  • Ariana Suliá
    Ariana Suliá

    why?? have i never seen this?????

  • Zoie Grantland
    Zoie Grantland

    I wish I could have this video, on my phone, ready to play at any moment because it’s something everyone should be reminded of every single day. Kian, you are capable of so much more than any one gives you credit for and you’ve shown it through this video.

  • Areelitaa Babyy
    Areelitaa Babyy

    i love you sooo much !!

  • Tannie

    i cry every time

  • nour tarek
    nour tarek

    You are great kian 💙.

  • Farha Shaik
    Farha Shaik

    my heart was beating at so many different paces. thanks kian

  • Graci Chandler
    Graci Chandler

    this was posted on my birthday. This changed me. thanks.

  • Alex Fraser
    Alex Fraser

    This is beautiful

  • Leslie Baum
    Leslie Baum

    Thank you kianfor reminding me that life is a bigger picture and that there is a brightness within the darkness of life

  • Sierra Bailey
    Sierra Bailey


  • Kim Nunya
    Kim Nunya

    Beautiful!!! I dont know how I've missed this one but thanks to Sam Goldbach, I've now seen it and love it. More, please.

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M

    Love you. Please do more of these kinds of videos every now and again. It’s nice to just hear you talk.

  • priscilla chavarria
    priscilla chavarria

    I don’t know why I cried, but this is a really important video.

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl

    I really wanna cry right now

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith

    this almost made me cry :(

  • cloey h
    cloey h

    My heart❤

  • Cindy Irigoyen
    Cindy Irigoyen

    I came over here because of Sam Golbach

  • The Ultimate Cringe Boi
    The Ultimate Cringe Boi

    I just watched this because of Sam Golbach and omg, its wonderful and I looked at when it was uploaded and it was on my birthday, that's so cool!

  • Lunar Wolf
    Lunar Wolf

    1 minute in and I want to cry. Why am I so sensitive? The thought of my mom crying... jesus...

  • sohaila Ahmed
    sohaila Ahmed

    Who’s here from sam’s tweet?!

  • SimonaMona

    I cry every time I watch this.

  • ellee

    Came here bc Sam golbach ❤

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    Gabbi bonifate


  • Vaishnavi Verma
    Vaishnavi Verma

    This made me feel positive .thankyou kian 👌👌

  • emily oppel
    emily oppel

    i actually teared up listening to this video. thank you kian for really opening my mind and my heart. you truly are an inspiration to all

  • İrem Kaya
    İrem Kaya

    his shaking is deeply affected me

  • Fatima Sulaiman
    Fatima Sulaiman

    This really makes me cry 😩❤️, ILY KIAN

  • ally mae
    ally mae

    oh kian 😭♥️

  • Karime Garcia
    Karime Garcia

    and to this day i still watch this video and cry everytime july 25th , 2018

  • Julianna Quezada
    Julianna Quezada

    Omg this changes my perspective on life so hard

  • NINA

    his shaky voice is scaring me holy shit i'm straigh up sobbing right now fuvkkkkkkk

  • AforApril Gamer
    AforApril Gamer

    Love u too kian.

  • jazzy noname
    jazzy noname

    Kian ily sm your my true inspiration ☹️💞

  • Natalie Online
    Natalie Online

    My absolute favorite video of Kian. It gives me goosebumps every time! 😭❤️❤️

  • Grace & Sara
    Grace & Sara

    "remember when you were 13" I literally am 13 right now but i mean okay

  • Tiffany Benefield
    Tiffany Benefield

    This grandma thing got me.. this whole video got me! I love you.. thank you for this.. even though it’s old this will never get old.. i wish I could talk to you about something Bc I feel alone and honestly got no friends.. like honestly.. but I know this will never happen just I’m struggling and I know god has a path for me but I’m struggling and my grandma was my best friend and her death has been the hardest thing on me so thank you for this.. I really really appreciate it💛

  • Kendall Ward
    Kendall Ward

    Wow ❤️

  • rach el
    rach el

    i remover watching this 2 years ago. still my favorite video & makes me cry everytime.