Am I The Only One?
PLEASE leave a comment telling me some of ur weird thoughts.
i know i can't be the only one haha...
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  • Quetza. Catalán.
    Quetza. Catalán.

    Where is Mr krabs?

  • Sahara

    Plants do have feelings because there was this experiment I guess if you put two plants in separate rooms and tell plant1 good things and how much you love it, it grows but if you go to plant2 and tell it negative things and how much you hate it, it dies

  • Bailey H
    Bailey H

    okay so if a baby is born at 9 months... how come our birthday is the day we were born and not the day we were conceived? like when a baby comes out shouldnt it be 9 months old already?

  • Shelby Clark
    Shelby Clark

    I always said to my friends, what if a squeaky toy is squeaking because you are hurting it so it's actually screaming. So when he did the plant " human is touching me!" I thought 😲*gasp* squeaky toy

  • Jazzy Diebold
    Jazzy Diebold

    plants know when you eat them which is WIERDDDDDDDDDDD

  • amber irene
    amber irene

    buddy i just did the finger thing but ok

  • Lea busborg
    Lea busborg

    I can lick my elbow though

  • Amirah Ali
    Amirah Ali

    I don't think the guy ever went on the moon cuz nobody has ever been on the moon since then and I don't think there was any electronic things so how is there proof that he was on the mooooonnnn. It's blows my mind and I need an answer. How do we know Google gives the correct answers when there's no proof.

  • Shania Moe
    Shania Moe

    This video is a year later... an this is why i’m a fan of u for years. You’re literally just a crazy and funny and fun and sm other shit. Why cant someone be a fan of u! 🥺❤️

  • Eva

    Omfg I did the finger thing!! Idk if it's what you meant but... I'm about to try and record this.


    kian honey, that’s why you finish high school baby

  • J B
    J B brain hurts 😂

  • Taehyung’s mole
    Taehyung’s mole

    You are the cutest with glasses on😍😂

  • talisa rose
    talisa rose

    babies urinate in the amniotic fluid which is the fluid in the womb s c i e n c e


    This video is the story of my life 😂😂😂😂i be thinking random shit always 😂😂😂

  • Erica Dorhauer
    Erica Dorhauer

    why do you think about poop so much

  • orange peel
    orange peel

    I think i have the dumbest one out of all and that is Why don’t birds fly into outer space to escape global warming?

    • M. Diehl
      M. Diehl

      cause it's a LIL TOO COLD in the outer space

  • Jena Priem
    Jena Priem

    I've been watching you for so long but for some ODD FUCKING REASON, I didn't press the subscribe button. Honestly, i don't like myself anymore

  • Arianna Miles_xoxo
    Arianna Miles_xoxo

    If the world wasn’t created would it be just pitch black but black would no be a thing if the world was not envented like why are we here what exactly happened 😩

  • Kylei Ealy
    Kylei Ealy

    Is a zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

  • kierra f
    kierra f

    THE PLANTS !!!!!!! THATS MEEEEEE OMFG LMFAO. i think about if animals gets headaches

  • Kristy Grey
    Kristy Grey

    all these questions are good conversation starters mate

  • Gabrielle Yanke
    Gabrielle Yanke

    Every 'e' in Mercedes is pronounced differently

  • qwerensia

    i thought everybody could move their ring fingers whAT?

  • abby

    Amniotic fluid is what a fetus "floats" in during the pregnancy but it also is used throughout the fetus' bloodstream to clear out toxins. After about 12-16 weeks, the fetus' kidneys should be working properly so the amniotic fluid will pass through them and collect any toxins aka urine which will then get discharged back outside of the fetus so basically the fetus is growing in it's own pee.

  • Jordyn DeLine
    Jordyn DeLine

    With the last one, were you like that through The first time you saw Toy Story? Like after words did you go home, look at your fridge and think of it screaming as you open it?

  • Hugh Gomulka
    Hugh Gomulka

    You know what, book is good and you should read more😂

  • Jessika Sanders
    Jessika Sanders

    a mirror is metallic. mabey?

  • Alyssa C
    Alyssa C

    Babies do poop. All of their food and poop and pee go through the embellical (don’t know how to spell it) and everything is depending on the mother. For example, other than the fact that the weight of the uterus is pressing on her bladder, all of the babies poop and pee come out when the mom goes to the bathroom. (I’m pretty sure this is correct. My mom had 3 kids after me and I’m pretty sure I’m right)

  • kaitlyn clifford
    kaitlyn clifford

    i can do it!!!

  • Taryn Thorne
    Taryn Thorne

    birds poop white because it’s mostly urea acid

  • Madison Wortham
    Madison Wortham

    I asked my sister what color a mirror was her answer. : mirror

  • Ingesti Harswadiati
    Ingesti Harswadiati


  • Jenny Smith
    Jenny Smith

    Yes the baby does poop and pee it tunnels it’s way with the rest of the moms bowels

  • Sydney Branscum
    Sydney Branscum

    babies can poop in the womb. most hold it until birth, but those that don’t can pass it into the amniotic fluid. some say it can block their airway leading to fetal distress. (not a doctor or nurse, I just watched a video where a woman induced her labor by drinking “midwives brew” and she mentioned how there were side effects so I googled)

  • Blair Waldorf-Bass
    Blair Waldorf-Bass

    We haven’t been back to the moon because we were never there 🙃 it was faked to compete with Russia

  • Dante Cagnones
    Dante Cagnones

    Vegan is no longer a real word to me😂

  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie Lopez


  • Erynn Weir
    Erynn Weir

    this one doesnt really make sense. if red, blue, and yellow cant be made, how were they created in the first place

    • um ok
      um ok

      they occur naturally

  • Blessing McKenzie
    Blessing McKenzie

    How do you spell the sound of a sniff?

  • Blessing McKenzie
    Blessing McKenzie

    I can lick my elbow 🤪🙋🏽‍♀️

  • nananana ohoh
    nananana ohoh

    “Prrrruuu” is my interpretation but there’s also the “pffffuu”

  • shai moncrief
    shai moncrief

    do another one of these please lol

  • Zane Smith
    Zane Smith

    Why is a pickle called a pickle

  • Verona T-kvist
    Verona T-kvist

    The baby doesn’t eat any hard foods so they don’t poop in the womb. They poo when they come out because they breastfeed. They do urinate but their urine isn’t as disgusting as a “grown human’s” pee. They don’t get any salt or toxins so their pee is more like a dirty water. (I just got a little brother and I change a lot of diapers and I read a lot about this because of that haha)

  • Carlalaty

    that fart spells like "prrrrrt"

  • Janet

    i want to dm you a picture of my fucking car window with dark grey bird shit all over it to prove you wrong man

  • heavydirtysoul

    Birds poop white and black and sometimes green 😂

  • Dora Furtado
    Dora Furtado

    Babies don’t poop while in the womb. Any urine or fecal build up is pooped out the first few days after they’re born. So yes they hold their poop for 9 months technically lol

  • ella douglas
    ella douglas

    in england we spell it like parf, i dont know if its just england but ive never heard anyone else say or spell parf

  • Sophie Hodrien
    Sophie Hodrien

    Yes they do i pooped and i came out red,white and BROWN 😂

  • Paige Cramsey
    Paige Cramsey

    the first man on the moon placed a flag on the moon. how? there isnt gravity in space so the flag should of floated away. maybe im crazy but..

    • M. Diehl
      M. Diehl

      the moon has a light gravity as well. That's why they can also WALK on the moon instead of floating around.

  • Thaakiyah Essa
    Thaakiyah Essa

    They poop white, well it’s not only white but basically birds only have one hole, birds do not pee so they ‘poop’ that contains both ‘pee’ and ‘poop’

  • Sophia’s World!
    Sophia’s World!

    Well the sound affect you put in wood sound like this pppppppffffffff

  • Stormi Albers
    Stormi Albers

    If humans are mammals, then why can’t other mammals talk

  • Stormi Albers
    Stormi Albers

    Why do we pee yellow if we drink all kinds of different colors

  • Stormi Albers
    Stormi Albers

    If a deer and a T-Rex had a baby, it would be a kangaroo

  • Stormi Albers
    Stormi Albers

    If there is no gravity in space then why aren’t planets just floating everywhere

  • Amanda Ortega
    Amanda Ortega

    I seriously love the way your mind works Kian

  • MacKenzie Newland
    MacKenzie Newland

    Babies don’t poop in the womb. If they did or do, the baby and mom would be sick or get sick and it isn’t safe. I’m mom :)

  • kaitlyn pham
    kaitlyn pham

    how do you spell a sniff?

  • MsChichi1981

    Kian looks high asf in the beginning 😂😂👌👌

  • LifeofSarah

    Hey my name is Sarah, I made grunge/college videos, just started making SLtoos video.

  • MADGIRLS Adams
    MADGIRLS Adams

    A baby pees in the womb but it doesn't poop until after its born

  • Iratxe Cuadrado
    Iratxe Cuadrado

    youre geogeous in this video omg

  • Kboys Reactions
    Kboys Reactions

    PBRRTT This is a fart

  • Zoee Erickson
    Zoee Erickson

    i think most of these things myself. i have just a weird of a thought process as you do. love you kian😘

  • Moniek Van bijsteren
    Moniek Van bijsteren

    If you hit yourself in the arm and you cry... are you weak? Or are you strong... 🙄

  • Monica Roze Orvis
    Monica Roze Orvis

    You continue to amaze me..

  • StreetThrasher

    ppffrrrrrtt thats a fart

  • Ekata Patelesio
    Ekata Patelesio

    kian: 'my thoughts' = 'what colour is a mirror' me: 'my thoughts' = 'what's in kian's genes to make him look that good?'

    • Blair Waldorf-Bass
      Blair Waldorf-Bass

      Ekata Patelesio right?!?

  • Khadija Maqsood
    Khadija Maqsood


  • yo mamma
    yo mamma

    6:04 birds poop white because the white is pee and the brown or black part is poop dad ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Marisol Montes
    Marisol Montes

    I can’t even do the first step I’m sooooo stressed

  • talitha king
    talitha king

    mirrors r green buddy

  • Meagan Sutton
    Meagan Sutton

    They have their first shit after they are born lol there’s a certain name for it it’s a certain substance, that’s gross but I learned about it in child development

  • Bianka Whyte
    Bianka Whyte

    Glad I’m not the only one that has a crazy overthinking mind. Literally my mind on the daily 🤪

  • Delaney FitzPatrick
    Delaney FitzPatrick

    lmao swore i was the only one

  • noelle

    I can lick my own elbow. lol

  • Aixa Martinez
    Aixa Martinez

    Babies actually do poop in the womb

  • Luciappa

    Vegan is the person... Food is just not from animals so people who eats just non animal stuff are vegans.

  • Aranza Díaz G
    Aranza Díaz G

    About the babies one, I'm not a dr or anything but for what I have read they start to pee inside their mom around week 8, but hold their first poop (called meconium) until they're born, BUT 13% of the babies poop before being born. This is kinda risky tho bc if there's too much of it they can swallow it and have severe respiratory problems and even die. Hope it helped Kian 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • david burdette
    david burdette

    What’s your favorite song animal

  • Madison Legere
    Madison Legere

    k so each finger represents a part of your family. pinky- sibling pointer-mom middle- dad and your ring finger is obviously your spouse so you're supposed to separate from your family, you cant live with them forever, which is why you can separate all the other ones but youre not supposed to separate from your spouse once you're married and thats why you can't pull those fingers apart!! boom theres your answer Kian

  • Jay Perez
    Jay Perez

    The baby doesn't poop it's dead in the moms stomach when they take it out they revive them

  • Sophia Evans
    Sophia Evans

    *aaaah! A human just touched me* 😂😂 that’s me in real life I’m not a people person I ammeter of a homie person

  • ThePegasusArmy

    Lol did you used to read comic books? Farts are spelled "pffffft" lol idk why I know that I've just seen it in so many books and in subtitles of videos and stuff

  • Kailani Larios
    Kailani Larios

    Soooo I literally had to go all the way to the beginning of the video so I can try and put my ring fingers up then I messed up and realized he was at that point where he had them together AND I DIDN’T so I said “ hold on kian damn it” and paused the video then I did it and I was like fuckkk cause I didn’t know what the next part was and I had it paused so I had to redo it again like three times 😂☹️ANYWAYS I did it yay😇and I licked my elbow😌🤪okay love youuuu now ima watch the rest of the video😂

    • Kailani Larios
      Kailani Larios

      Hopefully that made sense😂

  • Linnea Reck
    Linnea Reck

    The moon landing was staged, it's fake. If you dont believe me, look it up.

  • Ellie Gomez
    Ellie Gomez

    yes, babies do poop in the womb, if you havent googled or found out the answer yet.

  • Shannon Macaskill
    Shannon Macaskill

    Damn he still looking fine af

  • kamryn green
    kamryn green

    Ik this might sound dum butttt think of it like this plants r the real vegans becuse plants been on earth before u guys and girls get what I'm saying DO U KIAN.(my sis said the people r vegan becuse the food is made for that sound so right and reasonable)

  • Monica Thomas
    Monica Thomas

    Because we never landed on the moon 😂

  • umokyah

    Some babies poop before they’re born. I had a friend that had to have her lungs vacuumed bc she inhaled it in the womb.

  • Genesis Rivera
    Genesis Rivera

    maybe if we went back to the moon, people would realize that we never landed on the moon in the first place because we would want them to look for the US flag but they wouldn't find it because it was never there to begin with ?

  • Stephanie Scott
    Stephanie Scott

    When we bite our tongue on purpose it doesn’t hurt. But when we accidentally bite it, it hurts...

  • Chiemi-Jhenne

    “I think plants have to have that feeling” I can hear that plant in the background trying to say “ OMFGNSDJJS I SAID I DO!”

  • Chloe Rivers
    Chloe Rivers

    ...does anyone else think he’s stoned? 😂

  • Anto Bruera
    Anto Bruera

    try thinking without words.

  • Andrea Louise
    Andrea Louise

    So before dental hygiene became a thing, how the freak did people stand eachother with their stanky breath? Or any hygiene for that matter...