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  • meg

    omg he had a crush on her for years and now they’re collabing 🥺

  • Emma Nohar
    Emma Nohar

    0:49 Tb to when James had a man bun lmao

  • Carmela Velasquez
    Carmela Velasquez

    When kian said "I'm right here" my jaw literally dropped and apparently I'm not the only one who thought that was hot. But that was so sweet too😭💞

  • i dont know what name to use
    i dont know what name to use

    can we take about the sound he made at 3:22

  • OOF

    Kian has a crush on her aww :)

  • Roxan Padilla
    Roxan Padilla

    Kian had a crush on her😭😍

  • ayyeforAri

    Who thought it would be a good idea for them to both wear white for this vid?! 🤯

  • Shawna McKittrick
    Shawna McKittrick

    Kian looks so in love in this video omg

  • Ultravioletx1

    I wonder why she never dated him cus he liked her

  • Fara Izzati Hizan
    Fara Izzati Hizan

    Kian is so cute when he said "are you okay"...

  • A N U K A
    A N U K A

    I am lit crying of laughter and dying here 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maria Camila N
    Maria Camila N

    Honestly I ship them

  • Tony Hyon
    Tony Hyon

    sooo if i remember correctly in one of his videos, he thinks shes like the most prettiest youtuber... uhhh

  • yee yee
    yee yee

    12 year old me is quaking

  • Ultravioletx1

    Kians so cute

  • Adeeba Moam
    Adeeba Moam


  • olivia rose
    olivia rose

    Anyone rewatching this after Kian revealed Bethany as his first SLtoos crush😏

  • Haydn Vidic
    Haydn Vidic

    I ship

  • Lloren Gacmatan
    Lloren Gacmatan

    I know this was a year ago, but freakin hell I ship them so much 😍 when Kian was messing around and Beth called his name and he got all serious and was like "I'm here" I freakin died 😍 my heart 😍

  • angel lovesyoutube
    angel lovesyoutube

    Bethany touching kian makeup wise ? This is everything kian evers wanted.

  • Bolexee

    this is his WIFE

  • ΣτέλλαΜαρία Δ
    ΣτέλλαΜαρία Δ

    They are so cute together!!😮❤❤

  • Mariam Mimo
    Mariam Mimo

    Here after their last video

  • sami xx
    sami xx

    Get married ♡

  • Loraine Guzman
    Loraine Guzman


  • 2_Natasya Katarina
    2_Natasya Katarina

    who came here after watch kianandjc's mukbang vid?

  • sondous al
    sondous al


  • rip cin
    rip cin

    Bethany’s channel died in 2015

  • xoxo

    Anyone watching this because of the Taco Bell Mukbang?

  • lenny

    hOW hAvE THEy NoT DaTEd yEt


    Who’s here after the mukbang video

  • Cherry Babon
    Cherry Babon

    who's here after watching taco bell mukbang of kian and jc?

  • Melissa Torres
    Melissa Torres

    I ship

  • Nekosea Trotter
    Nekosea Trotter

    Bethany Lawley

  • Nekosea Trotter
    Nekosea Trotter

    I ship 🙋🏾‍♀️

  • elizabeth moore
    elizabeth moore

    who's here after watching Kian and Jc's Taco Bell mukbang

  • deja polk
    deja polk

    anyone else here after watching kian and jcs new mukbang where kian said he’s always liked Bethany and would marry her?? Lmao

    • skyler frederick
      skyler frederick


    • deja polk
      deja polk

      Julia Hernandez no problem ❤️

    • Julia Hernandez
      Julia Hernandez

      deja nicole okay so I looked it up and I've been researching and crying and fangirling so hard so thank you :3

    • deja polk
      deja polk

      Julia Hernandez at 7:04 in their vid ❤️

    • Julia Hernandez
      Julia Hernandez

      deja nicole wait what pls tell me more

  • emma ?
    emma ?

    “What is this?” “That’s part of your sweatshirt” 😂 2:44

  • Evangelia P
    Evangelia P

    this video is so close to 1 mil!!!!

  • Paulie

    James Charles should check this out xD

  • Kayla Hardawar
    Kayla Hardawar

    2:37 do u hear how fucking hot his “I’m right here” is?

  • Sophia Angeles
    Sophia Angeles

    There so cute

  • vantaesluvs ‘
    vantaesluvs ‘

    I just noticed they are matching

  • lilyrose mitchell
    lilyrose mitchell

    The tears we're tripping me from laughing hahaha 😂

  • sarah Osmani
    sarah Osmani

    this is the first time i see kian acting so normal when someone is doing his makeup. usually he's so hyper, really serious and doesn't want to do it..but he was pretty good and funny in this vid. also, Beth is SO FREAKING PRETTY OHMYGODDD

  • Kenzee D
    Kenzee D

    At this point I think Kian likes his makeup done

  • Meghan Amplo
    Meghan Amplo

    Literally he is so freaking hot

  • Liz Mikhanna
    Liz Mikhanna

    It has been eight months and I'm still obsess with this video.

    • Julia Hernandez
      Julia Hernandez

      Liz Mikhanna it's been 5 months since your comment and I'm still here

  • Maddie W
    Maddie W

    What's up bobby

  • Lia R
    Lia R

    can I ship this please? Ahh they would be so cute:)

  • Lilly Wright
    Lilly Wright

    No comma.. 😞

  • Ezabel Nena
    Ezabel Nena

    Ayee Bobby Corey & Harrison 😝

  • Emilija D
    Emilija D

    remember when kethany was like a thing 2 years ago omg i there was a lot of us that shipped them like hardcore!!!! i miss my kethany shippers

  • Jackie Mishanie
    Jackie Mishanie

    U are so hot are u single hope to hear back

  • hailey sommers
    hailey sommers

    This video was so awkward wth Bethany nota is so weird when she’s with guys I couldn’t help but cringe ew

  • hailey sommers
    hailey sommers

    Just came here from the video of Andrea doing his makeup... I won’t stand for this😭

  • Adrianna Dinwiddie
    Adrianna Dinwiddie

    I ship it

  • arianna

    pause at 7:32

  • HopOnPop

    “Brush it out...”


    Kian- grayson dolan who ?

  • Niah Campbell
    Niah Campbell

    tell me why they are not a couple yet 💛💛💛💛💛

  • Daniela Gaete
    Daniela Gaete


  • Djellza Maloku
    Djellza Maloku

    why aren't they making another video togetheeeeeeeeer???????????????????????????????

  • aylasmr

    Were they matching on purpose

    • aylasmr

      Oh. i got my answer. 4:43

  • Hazel chavez
    Hazel chavez

    Bethian? Kethany 😍

  • Penelope Trujillo
    Penelope Trujillo

    just bobby and corey lmao

  • Roos van Harn
    Roos van Harn

    He's just kinda fixing his hair throughout the whole video and i'm just here questioning myself what he's fixing the whole time...

  • Ashley Veleska
    Ashley Veleska

    4:10 Bobby in the background

  • Júlia Bonifácio
    Júlia Bonifácio

    Esses casacos tão brancos me deram um nervoso ...

  • Ghada gh
    Ghada gh

    Bethany when she says:wait are you doing it again ❤️😍 and he says: I’m here ❤️

  • Its_ Nush
    Its_ Nush


  • Melanie April Casuga
    Melanie April Casuga

    it's very cute that they are matching

  • Caroline Spilman
    Caroline Spilman

    more with bethany!!!!

  • G Equine
    G Equine

    5:23 Bethany: "Brush it out😏😏" Me and Kian: 'what?' laugh (Idle what it's called)

  • Costena Edits
    Costena Edits

    i ship them

  • Sasha fierce
    Sasha fierce

    love it

  • Lebra 679
    Lebra 679

    All the feels and the way he looks at her 😭😍 fuck I ship it all 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍

  • Angie Rachell
    Angie Rachell

    when people don't comment about how they are matching (and they said it in the video while I am typing this)

  • Savannah Vasquez
    Savannah Vasquez

    Kian should be the joker for Halloween. Jared Leto joker

  • TheLifeofKayla

    All throughout the video I was screaming and fangirling haha . GUYS JUST DATE ALREADY LOL

  • Casspri i
    Casspri i

    Which side of your nose is pierced?

  • Ariel Faith
    Ariel Faith

    you guys would be the cutest couple ever

  • Kristin Young Almaraz
    Kristin Young Almaraz

    i swear they use the same sublime song in all of their videos

  • Jenna Dramat
    Jenna Dramat

    I shipppppp!!!!

  • Jenna Dramat
    Jenna Dramat

    4:30 is so cute.

  • Damini Patel
    Damini Patel

    Is anyone thinking what i am thinking? They are perfect match for each other.

  • pjnkguy

    2:36 im ded

  • mikayla.

    2:37 umm why is that really cute

  • Adelaide Lemonade
    Adelaide Lemonade

    2:38 softly says "I'm right here" 😍 anyone else?

  • Kate Rymal
    Kate Rymal

    I ship them so much. 😂❤️

  • Miss Mahshar
    Miss Mahshar


  • Amanda Simpson
    Amanda Simpson

    I'm watching this again after Harrison left. My heart 😩💔

  • Kaila Skye
    Kaila Skye

    2:37 I'm freaking speechless that was so freaking sexy 😍

  • DIY_b_u_g

    Kian looks like he made out with a messy girl!!! Haha!!

  • Caramel Candy
    Caramel Candy

    When shes looking for your face :D :D :D

  • Sandra

    2:37 was the best part

  • Allie Young
    Allie Young


  • Victoria Hau
    Victoria Hau

    Honestly, i ship it

  • vee

    I ship it soooo hard !! Franny has some competition 😂 kethany v. Frian

  • Jewels Stevens
    Jewels Stevens

    I need them to make more videos I love them sm