Going Thru My Entire Computer
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  • gauhar

    bring back this shirt

  • lauren jauregui is perfect
    lauren jauregui is perfect

    why do i get shy everytime kian sings

  • Livid Fantasy
    Livid Fantasy

    Subscribe to FantasyF thank u so much it’s about gaming and it’s amazing content I swear I’m. Not a bot please trust me subscribe to FantasyF I started 5 months ago so please I need my subs up thank u!!!!

  • Lexi Greer
    Lexi Greer

    please release a song omg

  • Drchicken23

    You’re a bitch

  • Catalina Veron
    Catalina Veron

    HE SINGS SO BEAUTIFULLY he needs to do something with that 💘

  • Brianna Marie
    Brianna Marie

    Kian singing somebody else has me🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • Fatima Wain
    Fatima Wain

    He should post that music like it so he'll upload it is honestly love this soo much please

  • Miranda Shell
    Miranda Shell

    So glad to know Kian’s laptop has the same weird kind of shit mine does HAHAHA

  • Alexis

    forgot you existed

  • Merci

    7:49 *kian singing in cursive*

  • Rangiataahua Kaihe-Epiha
    Rangiataahua Kaihe-Epiha

    ur voice is really beautiful kian i love uuuuu!!!!!!!!

  • Wally Young
    Wally Young

    He's a sexy sumbitch.

  • Maura smalls
    Maura smalls

    Your song sounds amazing !

  • uberlife

    How do u get ur hair like that

  • sharinaakx

    LOL VETE-MENTS. Vetements (vait-mah) literally just means "Clothes" in french hahahaha

  • Josephine George
    Josephine George

    Damn I miss kians teeth after watching his new video😭😭😭😭

  • Knowles knowles
    Knowles knowles

    Kian solo videos should come back 😒

  • jungshook

    "It was cool. It was really nice. I got to walk and people got to watch me walk. Which is....weird?" why did i laugh so hard at this

  • Makayla ꎭ
    Makayla ꎭ

    8:39 i related so hard 🤣

  • louie t
    louie t

    kians editing still reminds me of 2013 kian

  • Lacy Hardesty
    Lacy Hardesty


  • Rabia B
    Rabia B


  • Isabel Prater
    Isabel Prater

    RELEASE MUSIC!!!!! I seriously LOVE your voice!!

  • Kira Brown
    Kira Brown

    *makes video about coming back but then doesn’t post a video for 6 months*


    Can I have your piano?

  • Sara

    please bring back superkian13 music videos, that’s literally a big part of my teens

  • pro_gamer 1
    pro_gamer 1

    Ik heet kian

  • Dot master Flex
    Dot master Flex

    To dude love ya

  • she

    He actually looked really good with frosted tips???

  • Andrea Destinee
    Andrea Destinee

    I just came across your videos, your personality is so adorable ah love you already haha

  • slash

    where's your cat

  • Chloe Prather
    Chloe Prather


  • audrey

    Woahh duddeee his voice!! 😱

  • Gentsofintel

    Team Virgo!!

  • Skylar Shorter
    Skylar Shorter

    The fact that he was open about having anxiety, makes me feel better about mine, so thank you kian💙

  • Kelly Johnson
    Kelly Johnson

    *cries in french*

  • Haley Dininger
    Haley Dininger

    I've been waiting for more music from you since Zac & Mia, KIAN!!!!!!!!

  • Kian Fanella
    Kian Fanella

    My names Kian

  • Kian Rasty
    Kian Rasty

    Ye Ye

  • Samantha Stitt
    Samantha Stitt

    Lol this video was so good

  • Lexi Segura
    Lexi Segura

    Send good vibes please

  • - Mallie -
    - Mallie -

    You just went to a wedding reception. I know because my mom was there.

  • Hailey Shurts
    Hailey Shurts

    I was watching a bunch of O2L videos and I got upset when I found out that all of Kians videos are private!!

  • Andrej ontl
    Andrej ontl

    Bro, you're a virgo...if you don't have anxiety.... what do you have?!?

  • fahad

    You have such an amazing voice and you should definitely release every song you wrote.

  • Breanna Hills
    Breanna Hills

    His voice gives me chills,, I literally can’t function because OF HIS VOICE WHEN HE SINGSSSSS AHHHHH HES SO ADORABLE OMG❣️❣️🙏🙏♥️♥️

  • juliette vega
    juliette vega

    I’m still waiting to meet him and marry him

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0
    a-wanderingcloud 0-0


  • rey dee
    rey dee

    i like that chicken from moana..

  • YagurlG

    Came here from zack and Mia

  • Shamarian Revada
    Shamarian Revada

    Are you gonna do a girlfriend tag with Ayla?

  • Lucia Anton Miguel
    Lucia Anton Miguel

    Hola kian solo quería decirte que te quiero ❤️

  • Juli Hernandez
    Juli Hernandez

    this entire video made me happy

  • armina kayla
    armina kayla

    we have the same text tone and I just got so confused bro wtf

  • Daisy De Leon
    Daisy De Leon

    Ok so like I don’t really know kian and jc till the “last SLtoosr...” and the whole time I thought u were brad, tanas ex...

  • Taryn Thorne
    Taryn Thorne

    kian singing: 2:59 3:38 7:52 8:20

  • abby allen
    abby allen

    Kian is soo cute 🥰🥺

  • Xandra Ylaine Jingco
    Xandra Ylaine Jingco

    who's here for some reason after seeing kian's post with ayla woodruff??

  • Kian HORSLEY [6T]
    Kian HORSLEY [6T]

    Why my name Kian

    • Kian HORSLEY [6T]
      Kian HORSLEY [6T]

      @TyLeana Faith I was born in the Philippines and raised in England at least Im named after a SLtoosr

    • TyLeana Faith
      TyLeana Faith

      Ask ur parents

  • ur10pcnugget

    this should be a meme 2:06 lmfaoaoa 🤣🤣 im crying bro

  • Alaina Mendralla
    Alaina Mendralla

    vet uh mins lmao

  • nahum del angel elizalde
    nahum del angel elizalde

    Love U 😌😂🔥

  • Nevaeh Skye
    Nevaeh Skye

    Can we get a song please Thank you

  • Danielle Loustalot
    Danielle Loustalot

    My birthday is July 11

  • Abby Allen
    Abby Allen

    i’m literally in love w this man

  • Abby Allen
    Abby Allen

    all the comments are about your singing kiannn stop messing around and drop an album already 🙄

  • abby

    kian looks like a model in that shirt 🤤

  • Benét Barnett
    Benét Barnett

    Hello! I’m a photographer and I’m looking for models to be in my photos! I love your style and I think we could make something really dope. I’ll be in LA in mid-December. Hopefully we can meet up love. Cheers

  • Just Emma
    Just Emma

    IM SO PROUD OF YOU! Saw you in a film i watched this week! You did wonderful. Fantastic job! 👏🏻👏🏻 You inspire me so much Kian! Keep doing what your doing xx

  • Aaliyah Wyatt
    Aaliyah Wyatt

    *Kian* : "...designer stuff for 90% off..." *Me* : SAY NO MORE! *Goes to **Therealreal.com* *Me* : 😧...✌...➡️🚪

  • satt bby
    satt bby

    ughhh😍 so satisfying

  • Moneyka ZamBam
    Moneyka ZamBam

    He said " this is a cover of a song I wrote" lol oh Kian your toooo cute

  • Grace Lucas
    Grace Lucas

    Was 7:21 Ayla?????

  • Grace Lucas
    Grace Lucas

    I just wanna watch his audition tapes

  • Hijira Fatima
    Hijira Fatima

    Collab with LLS! Go watch their most recent video

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson

    I'm gonna watch whatever you post regardless of what it is so just keep posting videos you're proud of bc I support you no matter what you do

  • Alyssa Dost
    Alyssa Dost

    Love to see the calmer side of you. You are goofy/funny but also shy/calm/nice. You’re a good person kian :) And you sing really good!

  • Troye Sivan Fan
    Troye Sivan Fan

    He sounds like a angle 😇

  • Haley Mackinnon
    Haley Mackinnon

    Lol love this

  • Tuana La
    Tuana La

    If he sent me the video of him playing the guitar to impress me, we would be married by now

  • Naomi McHenry
    Naomi McHenry

    its ok kian I have depression

  • Magical Fairy h2o
    Magical Fairy h2o

    You should Prank granny by telling her you are in love with her

  • Anai Parra
    Anai Parra

    You have a good voice do cover plzz This is how many of us want u to do covers | \/


    I miss Vanessa

  • Zara Hussain
    Zara Hussain

    once he zoomed in on the chicken i couldn’t stop looking at it lmao

  • Aliya Esposito
    Aliya Esposito

    Such a great singer

  • nina versluis
    nina versluis

    i love you endlessly

  • Teatree

    Nothings wrong with you kian🙂

  • krista

    someone give kian his promo code

  • Erica Dorhauer
    Erica Dorhauer

    i will give you a kidney if you give me like 4 of the photobooth videos

  • Blanca María
    Blanca María

    you know you're a true artist when you sound fucking good but can't acknowledge it... there is still time, sing your heart out

  • Becca BlueBerry
    Becca BlueBerry

    Can Kian please make that song a real thing. Produced and everything. He has an amazing voice and has such a great talent. I completely understand what he goes through because I also continuously go through the same problems along with depression-throughout my high school years and I still have two left. So I would love for that song to be a thing. I love it so much as well with Kian himself. Thank you Kian. Btw you’re the best.

  • Kyandra Dorleans
    Kyandra Dorleans

    I dont know y buh when kian sings it makes me happy 😩❤❤

  • Trenity Andrus
    Trenity Andrus

    You should prank jc

  • sky lara
    sky lara

    He has the chicken from Moana on his shelf lmao I love Kian 😂

  • Mya Jones
    Mya Jones

    this video shows how precious and adorable kian is...

  • Leah X
    Leah X

    He really has ran out of things to film 🤣🤣

  • Kailey Orrender
    Kailey Orrender

    "whats wrong with me?. . ." are you identity deaf maybe..?

  • Nour Mahmoud
    Nour Mahmoud

    I cant with the picture of Kian crying at 8:31, it melted my heart uggghhh