I Had Surgery,
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  • Jadeyy

    His mother sounds so angelic and kindhearted

  • Charlie Lloyd
    Charlie Lloyd

    that was the cute shit i have ever watched

  • toti Cherino
    toti Cherino

    I'm 5 years later but this still being the cutest vídeo of kian than i ever seen💜

  • gauhar

    awww kian i love you sm

  • Shelby Colvin
    Shelby Colvin

    the original "thank you mama"

  • Kamryn Matlocktolson
    Kamryn Matlocktolson


  • Kamryn Matlocktolson
    Kamryn Matlocktolson

    Ok but when he said “ I farted” it cracked me yo

  • Kamryn Matlocktolson
    Kamryn Matlocktolson

    I thought Kian would act crazier but he’s not as crazy as everybody else

  • kimchurrro

    Guess im a little Late to the Party, but that was some kian content i dont now i needed!!🥰🥺 Also was it the nurse that said "i love you"?😁🙊

  • Roxan Padilla
    Roxan Padilla

    Kian saying "I'm good" with tears in his eyes is me.

  • Erin Lozada
    Erin Lozada

    Lol them drugs got him moody af

  • Isabella Mendoza
    Isabella Mendoza

    I’m watching this 2020 😔

  • yasmin palusha
    yasmin palusha

    this is THE cutest and purest vid of kian ever

  • Mariana Rodriguez
    Mariana Rodriguez

    Ok first SLtoos started off with recommending me old O2L videos, then old Jc videos, and now old Kian videos? SLtoos really be trying to get me in my feels huh?😫😫😫😫😫

  • mannie paredes
    mannie paredes


  • Hailey

    When Kian cried it broke my heart😭 love you bby💜💜💜

  • Amirah Ali
    Amirah Ali

    This was so cute and funny

  • lola sepos
    lola sepos

    Still watching 🥺

  • FeedmeJUice

    Lmfaoooo “No one’s saying bye to me” balls his eyes out 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • gabriella napoli
    gabriella napoli

    Kian crying because of someone taking his tape off is a FAT MOOD 😂

  • sophia ryann
    sophia ryann

    who’s here in 2020???


    it hurts..... im good, im all good 😭😭😭

  • shaniyafilms

    explain to me why i cried while watching this

  • Dayanara Rojas
    Dayanara Rojas

    I’m crying

  • Casey Childers
    Casey Childers


  • Anika Kruger
    Anika Kruger

    Thia whole video was a mood😢❤

  • dahlia the clown
    dahlia the clown

    4:20 OMG THATS WHY LAST BRAIN CELL (just keep watching)

  • Tay Chabot
    Tay Chabot

    Seeing him cry hurtssss

  • After Dark Paranormal
    After Dark Paranormal

    😥awwww as a mom, my heart breaks watching you cry. I know how I feel when my daughter crys.

  • Tessa Marie
    Tessa Marie

    Oh sweet angel 😭 I know this is super old but man Kian you’re such a sweetheart!! I love how much you love your mama 💜

  • J B
    J B

    “That’s a big freckle” oml😂🤦‍♀️

  • damian garcia dorame
    damian garcia dorame

    i cried when this came out and now i just cry and laugh

  • Shadia Haybe
    Shadia Haybe

    Kian in this video is literally me on my period

  • Jessica Cook
    Jessica Cook

    Kian is too soft and pure for this world 😩💕

  • Nevaeh Skye
    Nevaeh Skye

    Kian: *crying, laughing, angry, crying, laughing, shocked, crying, crying and more crying* Me: *crying, laughing, angry, crying, laughing, shocked, crying, crying and more crying* Thats how bipolar i am.

  • Grace Mac Queen
    Grace Mac Queen

    he looks so innocent! he’s so cute😍😂

  • elle uwu
    elle uwu

    4:15 aww that was precious 😢😢😢

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez


  • ashley C
    ashley C

    Wait what was it ???

  • Ellyana Snyder
    Ellyana Snyder

    This is total zac vibes

  • Diamond Morris
    Diamond Morris

    Why was it the momment he cried I was ready to cry 😂

  • Meg Maier
    Meg Maier

    2019 anyone?

  • just vibing
    just vibing

    This video made me feel so many emotions 😭 I always watch it when I miss kian❤️

  • Anastasia Vergiris
    Anastasia Vergiris

    Awwwwww kian is the cutest! I wasn't expecting him to cry, but when he did my heart just melted he is so sweet and loving, I just wanted to give him a big hug ❤️

  • Mollisha Life
    Mollisha Life

    Me at a party Mom: why are you crying Me: no one's saying hi to me

  • charley


  • Taryn Thorne
    Taryn Thorne

    it breaks my heart seeing kian sad

  • Kylei Ealy
    Kylei Ealy

    When his mom goes “I got your prescriptions” he goes “Really?”

  • Kylei Ealy
    Kylei Ealy

    Aww he started crying my heart he’s so sweet

  • Dylan Meza
    Dylan Meza

    woah its like top surgery

  • Dylan Meza
    Dylan Meza

    “iS iT cAnCer!?”

  • kayla johnson
    kayla johnson

    just watching old videos and came across this one......… aww your so cute... made me cry happy tears and sad tears.. love you Kain..

    • kayla johnson
      kayla johnson

      @Martyyy I watched most of them lol.. I love there videos..

    • Martyyy

      kayla johnson i literally rewatch every video cause i have nothing better to do🤣

  • Ilse Almendarez
    Ilse Almendarez

    Noo this broke my heart 💔 I love kian and seeing him cry hurt but when he was cringe and then stopped and got mad said “what are u doing” i knew kian was okay☺️❤️

  • Lillian Smith
    Lillian Smith

    Thank you momma ~kian Lawley 2k15 😭💗

  • Lillian Smith
    Lillian Smith

    He cares about jc

  • Lillian Smith
    Lillian Smith

    This video mad me go on an emotional roller coaster, I started off sad because kian was crying and seemed so unhappy, then I was laughing because he saw his mom was filming and when he farted. I was mentally confused on what to feel during this video lol

  • Faith Meredith
    Faith Meredith

    Kian is me on my period

  • Renee Lynn
    Renee Lynn


  • Zeina Radwan
    Zeina Radwan

    Omggg😭❤️..2019 Anyone ?

  • christa m
    christa m

    kian: “that’s a big freckle” me:*laughs* kian: “no one said hi to me” me:*cries* kian: “what are you doing” “i farted” me:*dies of laughter*

  • Trinity Martinez
    Trinity Martinez

    This video made me love kian so much more 😭💘

  • Montana Le Mura
    Montana Le Mura

    2019 anyone

  • Montana Le Mura
    Montana Le Mura

    2019 anyone

  • Kayla Sayari
    Kayla Sayari

    Wait I just came back to watch this and it was the saddest but funniest thing in the world. Kian I love you❤️❤️

  • chloe pile
    chloe pile

    when u started crying i started crying ily🥺❤️

  • Kylu 1220
    Kylu 1220

    Idk why but I’m literally crying

  • Tina

    2:10 that "thank u mama" was so fuckin cute

  • TaesCuteBoxSmile

    Kian crying is me on the first day of school😂😂😂

  • Hey_Its_Pea 09
    Hey_Its_Pea 09

    Idk why but I started to cry sheen Kian did. Lysm 😢

  • tae kith
    tae kith

    I cant see kian crying it makes me cry😭😭😭😭💖💖💖

  • christina marion
    christina marion

    kian: someone took off my tape. nurse: me just now, i just took it off. kian: 😖

  • your sister
    your sister

    y’all- i remember when this video came out i was a big kian stan and it got me really pressed

  • Willie Cavins
    Willie Cavins

    My heart when he started crying I don't want to ever see this again 💚😢

  • alysa klein
    alysa klein

    I had way to many emotions watching this. One moment I was laughing the next I was crying and then back to laughing lmao

  • C Lewis
    C Lewis

    Plz comment or say something

  • C Lewis
    C Lewis

    I cried and I cry just thinking about you and Jc

  • Briana German
    Briana German

    He is a great actor this is now confirmed

  • Siouxsie Lott
    Siouxsie Lott

    This was on my recommended and I got scared 😱

  • Alaina G
    Alaina G


  • Kh1 3ad
    Kh1 3ad

    He is so cute when he said thank you moma 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Briana Johnson
    Briana Johnson

    After this I’m gonna go back and watch all for your vids baby. Sam...lol. I’ve watched all your shows and movies. And I love you so much!! “I farted”😂😂😂🔥 It’s raining here hard I. Bakersfield today. How’s it weathering there in LA?

  • Melissa

    Aww poor baby! I love Kian!

  • lindsay swan
    lindsay swan

    i felt so bad laughing at this. love you kian ❤️

  • Tylar Peck
    Tylar Peck

    Kian:"No one is saying hi to me" crys *looks at mom filming* *stops crying* kian:"what are you doing"

  • Blair Waldorf-Bass
    Blair Waldorf-Bass

    “We’ll get you some pain medicine that will help.” No! I don’t want any I’m good. I’m good I got your prescription Aww thank you mama lmao 😂

  • 산하

    Everytime I come back to this it gets cuter lmfao so damn funny

  • Katie

    I hate watching kian cry

  • Jc Flowers
    Jc Flowers

    I just wanna give him a hug

  • Anna Paulson
    Anna Paulson


  • Cheyanne Cayenne
    Cheyanne Cayenne

    I was looking back at old posts and I cried watching this...Kian seeing you so sad was so upsetting 💔

  • Sang

    Awww he's so cute😂🖤

  • Anna P.
    Anna P.

    Kian you crying is the sadest thing ever 😭

  • Neftaly Sanchez
    Neftaly Sanchez

    Yo this Nigga got Percocet prescription

  • Lauren

    So hard to believe this is 4 years ago, feels like an eternity. I still get tears

  • Chatrine Warat
    Chatrine Warat

    love u kian

  • elliot

    "no one said hi to me" *cries*

  • Ryleigh Hanicq
    Ryleigh Hanicq

    4:33 oh, Kian

  • Taylor Harris
    Taylor Harris


  • olivia askwod
    olivia askwod

    4:33 😂😂😂

  • Kaitlynn B
    Kaitlynn B

    awh man this is so wholesome