• TheSCRibbLEZs

    I have come back to this video because of the news right now with Gorge Floyd and other black lives matter protests. I have not seen you comment on anything which to me means this apology means nothing. By staying silent, you are not using your "voice" that you talked about in this video. Pls do better. I have supported you since O2L but this is really disappointing.

    • TheSCRibbLEZs

      Lily Gleeson yes i see that!! i commented this when he wasn’t active at all and it was already been a few days with the blm movement. but i’m so glad that he is now used his platform to spread awareness!

    • Lily Gleeson
      Lily Gleeson

      he has used his voice on Twitter AND Instagram and added links to donate to multiple blm fundraisers :)

  • Laaayah riverrra
    Laaayah riverrra

    What video?

  • Crystal Layton
    Crystal Layton

    I’m watching this video Rn and I’m really not feeling so well about myself i over think about what what other people are thinking about me and believe me once I hear you say those words you make me feel at peace as if I can do anything and not to worry about what anyone says I love you kiannnn thanks for the Kind heartwarming words❤️

  • Elif tunalı
    Elif tunalı

    what did he do

  • Bangtan Biddo
    Bangtan Biddo

    I really liked Kian thats crazy that he would say those things.....

  • Hela Tbini
    Hela Tbini

    BABY :)

  • Leighanna Christine
    Leighanna Christine

    Still in love with him even tho I we’ll barely be 17 tomorrow 😂

  • Tow Mater
    Tow Mater

    Holy fuck white people are so disgusting he said something racist asl and y’all are saying that he shouldn’t apologize half of you are white girls and your obsessed with him bc he’s attractive so you don’t get to forgive him black people have been killed for no reason just because they were black they didn’t get a second chance why should he lol who is he 😂the only reason he apologized is because it was brought to light lol that video is old asl why is he just now acknowledging it lol he thought it would never surface again he doesn’t genuinely care even the guy behind the camera everyone in that video should be held accountable

  • avyshan Qorbani
    avyshan Qorbani


  • Marwa Benabdallah
    Marwa Benabdallah

    I LOVE YOU 😌✋🏻

  • Valentina Chizinga
    Valentina Chizinga

    I think he's only apologising because people came after him. Best believe that if no one said anything about what he said in his racist video, this apology video wouldn't exist. So I'm calling bullshit on this, he can suck it tbh.

  • Rose Harhen
    Rose Harhen

    kian: hi Me: bye

    • Rose Harhen
      Rose Harhen

      @princess meadow ?

    • princess meadow
      princess meadow

      rose Harhen bye

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    Marlin Velasquez

    What is he talking about?

    • kimaya henderson
      kimaya henderson

      Marlin Velasquez ifk

  • colie blaylock
    colie blaylock

    I just realized kian and Andrea used to date?!?!?!?!

  • kaileyoverstreet _
    kaileyoverstreet _

    Kian is like the only SLtoosr who can apologize and own up for his mistakes.

  • Eikin Kloster
    Eikin Kloster

    One day this insanity around the n-word will end. It's a word, and n-words themselves use it all the time.

    • Weird Relationz
      Weird Relationz

      LMAO WHAT IS THIS COMMENT?? You literally just served as a prime example of why the N-word is so offensive

    • Tow Mater
      Tow Mater

      Are you dumb lol be a ignorant fuck over the internet you’ll get your karma 😂watch

    • Tonya Quebedeaux
      Tonya Quebedeaux

      Eikin Kloster lmao whatever you say bud

    • Eikin Kloster
      Eikin Kloster

      @Tonya Quebedeaux this has to be one of the n-wordest comments I've ever read

    • Tonya Quebedeaux
      Tonya Quebedeaux

      This has to be one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read

  • Blake Wenze
    Blake Wenze

    fuck you bitch

  • Sitara Stephens
    Sitara Stephens

    What was the bad thing he said again

  • Kayla Jeannite
    Kayla Jeannite

    nvm af lol

    • Kayla Jeannite
      Kayla Jeannite

      @Michaela Mark nah, he's right. he's bringing light to the truth.

    • Kayla Jeannite
      Kayla Jeannite

      @Tow Mater i actually just watched the video of what he said a few months afterwards, i forgot i even commented this but thank you for reminding me. since, i have completely removed myself from this fandom's community lol, it's too toxic

    • Michaela Mark
      Michaela Mark

      Tow Mater at least he apologized. And stop bringing more hate the world does not need that

    • Tow Mater
      Tow Mater

      Lol you forgive him for saying a word that white people said to your ancestors before hanging and killing them Smfh he doesn’t care if you forgive him or not lol his community is majorly white

    • Kayla Jeannite
      Kayla Jeannite

      @Camille Burton a lot of racial slurs and stereotypical shit

  • orange peel
    orange peel

    What did he say that caused harm?

    • Nobody Important
      Nobody Important

      Blah Blah He used a n-word for filming a upcoming movie called “the hate u give” but he got fired and they recast him.

  • Anastasija Vukalo
    Anastasija Vukalo

    What did he say 5 years ago?

    • Nobody Important
      Nobody Important

      Anastasija Vukalo He used a n-word for filming a upcoming movie called “the hate u give” but he got fired and they recast him.

  • Kylie Felland
    Kylie Felland

    He said one racist thing 6 years ago when he was a teenager we all do stupid ass shit that we regret as a teenager some more serious than others but it’s obvious that he sincerely regrets his actions and has apologized repeatedly for them yet he gets dropped from his agency and dropped from a film while people like Jake and Logan Paul can say racist and homophobic things and film dead bodies and still have millions of fans supporting them I say y’all that are hating should go after the youtubers that don’t regret their decisions and get away w it

    • Weird Relationz
      Weird Relationz

      Jake and Logan did apologize. Just cause Kian is more convincing, doesn't make him any more sincere. He got dropped from the film because he was racist, and the film was literally about racism towards blacks?? Why would they hire an actor with a racist past if the movie is supposed to make a statement?

  • camera shy
    camera shy

    He’s a racist piece of shit. Hope he loses all his money and become homeless

    • Tow Mater
      Tow Mater

      Jerome Valeska Is adorable lol shut up no one cares about the Logan 😂 he said something racist as hell you don’t understand because your white we don’t need your opinion

    • Kylie Felland
      Kylie Felland

      Shi Drumz666 He said one thing racist 6 YEARS ago he apologized repeatedly and sincerely. While Logan Paul and all these other people never even apologized yet they’re still big af stfu and stop hating on some who obviously regrets his choices and received consequences and start hating on the people who don’t receive any consequences and don’t regret doing shit like that

  • Nandini

    Can someone please tell me what he's apologizing about???? I was TMI during this time and I have no clue whatsoever.

    • Amy Wang
      Amy Wang

      Old videos from 2012(?) were brought up of him saying the n word and making racist jokes.

  • Cay Flossy
    Cay Flossy

    it’s like every white social media influencer says something racist. it sucks.

  • Kirestin Bell
    Kirestin Bell

    This is my favorite video of his because this is the most real he has ever been.

  • shai moncrief
    shai moncrief

    i do forgive them because trust me when you’re young you say dumb shit like that, even i have. but i do think it was necessary to apologize.

  • shai moncrief
    shai moncrief

    I kind of feel like jc should apologize too. he was holding the camera, decided to put that in, and laughed about it🤷🏾‍♀️. idk who else was in the video but ...

    • Adam V.
      Adam V.

      Emmy Che There was a video that came to light of Jc recording Kian in a hotel room saying the n-word & using a derogatory/stereotypical statement regarding African Americans, it was... horrible. But, it was clearly recorded years ago, like definitely 5+ years ago but it’s still a very disgusting video

    • Liarie

      What even happened

    • Adam V.
      Adam V.

      And he copyrighted the video & got it deleted.. it says “copyright claimed by jc Caylen” pretty shady tbh

    • Adam V.
      Adam V.

      Whitney Morris Photography tea

    • Whitney Morris Photography
      Whitney Morris Photography

      Shailyn Moncrief same! I love Jc but no one has mentioned that he’s behind the camera laughing. I think they’re all at fault for not stepping in and telling him it was wrong. They were all entertained. Also, no one is mentioning how Corey said James Charles was “so Fucking gay” in Bobby’s video about Kian modeling but that’s another story ☕️👀

  • somebody

  • Andree Dallas
    Andree Dallas

    What did he say

    • Nobody Important
      Nobody Important

      Andree Dallas He used a n-word for filming a upcoming movie called “the hate u give” but he got fired and they recast him.

  • Alice Koranteng
    Alice Koranteng

    Bro it’s exactly a year from today🥴

  • Melady Melady
    Melady Melady

    We love you Kian

  • cheese whiz
    cheese whiz

    the only youtuber who knows how to make an apology video

  • De'Zyre Harris
    De'Zyre Harris

    The title of this video is my Birthday

  • david burdette
    david burdette

    Aw aw awaw aw

  • david burdette
    david burdette

    My name is Madison Burdette

  • Konna Tv
    Konna Tv

    This video gives me power everyday. Thank you Kian

    • Tow Mater
      Tow Mater

      lol power 😂 what kind of power

  • Love One Another
    Love One Another

    Let this be a reminder folks, that everything you say and do has consequences - some good and some bad. It doesn't matter what you said, or how long ago it was said... Racism is a choice, saying racially insensitive things is a choice - no matter the context. Not a mistake.

  • SupernaturalLove100

    The way he began it with a fucking NeYo song and an awkward hi was so cheesy lmfao I'm dead. Apart from that, this racism apology script is the same crap amongst you people caught slippin. Being racist shouldn't b perceived as being apart of one's development. It's fucking ridiculous.

  • Allie S
    Allie S


  • Taylor Sullivan
    Taylor Sullivan

    Here’s the video link: Sucks how people think they can just apologize for this type of shit and it’ll be alright smh www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1622814/Old-video-shows-SLtoosr-Kian-Lawley-using-N-word.html

  • Sierra Gayle
    Sierra Gayle

    I love you and believe in you. such respect.

  • Paolo Torres
    Paolo Torres

    Oh, so when Kian makes a racist remark and apologizes, everyone is accepting of it, but when Laura Lee makes a racist remark and apologizes, everyone rips at her??

  • Holly Gavarra
    Holly Gavarra


  • Stacey y sus Pollitos
    Stacey y sus Pollitos

    The music in the background bothers me

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    Love this guy, I love his genuine and passionate nature 🙂

  • Sienna Thompson
    Sienna Thompson

    What video and what did he say

    • Nobody Important
      Nobody Important

      Sienna Thompson He used a n-word for filming a upcoming movie called “the hate u give” but he got fired and they recast him.

  • Brandi Lewis-Morgan
    Brandi Lewis-Morgan

    Proud of you Kian.

  • Love.Ellie

    Omg uploaded on my birthday ayyyy☺️

  • kianna mesarosova
    kianna mesarosova

    I’m emo now

  • Gary Bush
    Gary Bush

    This video literally made me cry. Happy tears ☺️

  • Luli oxford
    Luli oxford

    What did he said? I don't remember the video that he's talking about.

  • Sarah Stevens
    Sarah Stevens

    Everyone says the word even black people but whenever someone famous or well known says it the whole fucking world flips shit. 🙄🙄

    • Tow Mater
      Tow Mater

      Are you dumb did you not watch the entire video he said a lot of stereotypical racist shit and we’re just supposed to forgive him no one cares about him being famous lol he literally used the hard r HES WHITE if you knew about your history you’ll know why that is so fucked up your defending a person who said something racist lol your disgusting

    • Paolo Torres
      Paolo Torres

      Sarah Stevens I don't understand, people cut kian slack when he made a racist remark but not Laura Lee?

  • megan

    thank you

  • Zari Brown
    Zari Brown

    I love how he’s so mature for apologizing for it, thank yoy for taking responsibility for your actions

  • skye m
    skye m

    3:53 a www listen to his voice

  • Ihhiiu 1
    Ihhiiu 1

    Tanks kian

  • Sophie rose braniff
    Sophie rose braniff

    Kian you are the cutest thing ever I've literately watched this video so many times lol love you so much ❤️✨

  • Ciarah

    All these white people claiming they forgive him and that others need to calm down. You have no right. #stayinyourlane

  • AforApril Gamer
    AforApril Gamer

    Bruh everyone has their own opinion. But to me that word means nothing. In movies they use it as a greeting. So. Does it really matter?

  • Carly Neisz
    Carly Neisz

    Ilysm kian your so sweet and so cute and I just want to meet you

  • Michelle Shen
    Michelle Shen

    asians say asian.

  • ItzMe_Leila Patricia
    ItzMe_Leila Patricia

    posted on my bdayyyy

  • Virginia RR
    Virginia RR

    Ik I’m late I just subscribe 2 kian and jc and liked all there videos and I was just wondering why no one really talking about them so I just searched on SLtoos about them and found out about kian and his racist comments and I unsubscribed I felt bad because I was really fin make them fav channel but I won’t forgive his actions because really he got confronted about it and just make you think if it never I exposed would he ever talk about it of just keep that video 2 him self. It took a video come out 4 him to talk about how he sorry but how are we post 2 know he sry what if he still talk like that what if there more videos we just don’t know I fill like before his career start he should admit to his wrongs Ik he would lose fans but it would been better from him the it just being on the internet and why would he even say that stuff it shows what a person mindset is and I won’t want to subscribe and like to a person that would ever say those words so we really don’t know if his mindset still there like that and I think he was being extremely racist in my opinion ✌🏾

  • Aisha Daffeh
    Aisha Daffeh

    everyone’s calling him brave as if it’s not common decency to apologize... when u make a mistake...?

    • Hyungwon my heart
      Hyungwon my heart

      people are praising him bc he did a good job owning up to his mistakes and wasa genuine which IS hard to come by... don't think people are calling him brave, so chill

    • *StyleTv*

      @Valentina Chizinga FROM FIVE YEARS BEFORE THE MOVIE ... And for people who are asking why is he brave for this is, it's because he's possibly being genuine yet you guys are knocking him down completely for trying to apologize. It's brave to own up to mistakes genuinely when knowing that the 3 mil he talks to may just turn around and bash him.

    • Valentina Chizinga
      Valentina Chizinga

      Right?!?! This apology is a joke to me because how tf are you filming a movie about racism and think it's okay to say racist things like that.

    • Fear Calm
      Fear Calm

      Aisha D d I feel that he said a racist slur and people act like apologizing made him so nice

    • Arianna Miles_xoxo
      Arianna Miles_xoxo

      LovelyxDolans 19 he is

  • Angel Avelino
    Angel Avelino

    Some people on this comment section are actually dumb as hell. Just because Kian was 16 or 17 at the time, doesn’t justify his action. People grow mentally and physically at any age and we can’t control that. We are all judged by society. Some people don’t realise the wrong until someone awakens them with the truth and it cant always be their fault. Sometimes people just need someone to be there for them and understand how people can be affected by everything. I can’t speak on behalf anyone but people will realise their mistakes one way or another and move on from it and we all have to accept it somehow.

  • jo nicole
    jo nicole

    the beginning just makes me wanna give him a big bear hug😩💓

  • N D
    N D

    People like him are ONLY sorry when they get caught. He wouldn’t have owned up to his racist past if this all did not happen.

  • TL R
    TL R

    Holy cats, kiddo. I know this is old and you have lots of love here, but I just gotta say... I'm a _lot_ older than you are, but I've had friends who exemplify the beauty you have inside you, and I can tell you one thing... I'd adore you as not just a friend, but as another being cemented by gravity to this huge rock we have rolling around in space. ;) You take care of yourself, pumpkin! If you ever need someone, yourself, a stranger, maybe. Someone you just need to pour your heart out to, or whatnot, I'd certainly listen (and I don't do that for... most people). Be well!

  • Karina

    my dumbass used to say it back in jr.high, so cringy cause I was so young & had nooo idea that it was so offensive. I never said it to describe a black person & it was mainly singing along to songs & then when I got older I had a black friend tell me how bothered she feels about people saying it & how no one should ever & now I never say it cause she made me realize that it truly hurts people & I would never wanna do that. Just cause I learned a little later doesn’t make me a bad person. It wasn’t even a mistake because I was dumb & I said it. Can’t fix the past but can always grow & learn. It’s like the amount of people who still use gay & retarded is just as awful but people say it all the time. If you’re reading this stop because it’s just as offensive.

  • Lisa13245

    i feel like this didn't say WHAT happened and WHAT was said and WHO'S feelings were impacted. and WHO the 'words' were directed to.

  • Natalie Davies Life Coach & Therapist
    Natalie Davies Life Coach & Therapist


  • good person hero
    good person hero

    what did he say ???

  • Roshnee Patel
    Roshnee Patel

    What did he do?

  • Gabriela Brito
    Gabriela Brito

    eres una persona increible

  • Sadara Dustin
    Sadara Dustin

    ik this is emotional and stuff but you know you a real fan when you remember when he started painting his nails .

  • Jacob McKinney
    Jacob McKinney

    I needed this video. I was surfing the web and I seen a controversy over this and I came to watch the video. It was very sincere. But the end of the video is what really got me. Ive been dealing with heart issues and I lost my job and been trying to find ways to make my ends meet. It seems that everything that I have been doing lately is pushing me farther back to reah my dream which is to move to LA. I just want to say thank you for the touching video and the inspiration talk at the end. It really helps me get through what has been going on. I’ll always be a fan of yours and also JC’s. Thank you.

  • sarah

    i fucking love you kian.

  • Joie Ann
    Joie Ann

    i need a bestfriend like jc. the video of kian saying the (horrible, but forgiven) words is no longer available because a “copyright with JC Calen.” that’s bestfriend goals right there. his friend was in deep water and he went out to see that he was rescued. #KnJforever

    • Weird Relationz
      Weird Relationz

      Jc was in the video too. laughing-

  • Zainab Hamid
    Zainab Hamid

    wowow. love Kian so much. Respect ✊

  • Zainab Hamid
    Zainab Hamid

    WAIT what did he say five years ago?

  • ItsJess Guys
    ItsJess Guys

    I was pretty shocked when I saw the video and I want to add my perspective. I was shocked by what Kian said but what shocked me more was how JC and his other friends didnt say anything about it. Good friends will tell you your wrong

  • Sadia Saleem
    Sadia Saleem

    Such a sweeet heart ❤️. Das ma goals ❤️

  • chloea

    you’re such a sweetheart kian. you’re a great person, and it means a lot that you apologized for what you did, and atleast your owning up to the words you said, which most people wouldn’t do. i loved the outro of this, wow. thank you. i love you so much you don’t even know.

  • Danyla Etienne
    Danyla Etienne

    This kinda sucks. Like that happened 5 years ago... should he really been dropped from the movie and talent agency just because of something he so long ago?

    • Paolo Torres
      Paolo Torres

      Funny you say it like that. Laura Lee made a similar mistake roughly 5 years ago and people are giving her more hate than Kian is getting.

  • Stephanie June
    Stephanie June

    5 years ago... idk why people would be so mad . It was five years ago . He was a kid oml people act like they are so innocent . I wouldn’t even be mad because it happened years ago .

  • Sera DiMarco
    Sera DiMarco

    love you too kian, we all do, don't you ever think that's gonna change


    Kian! They are bulls..... It happend what happend. It was soo long time ago, whatever. You did't deserve what they did! Every f.ing body making 'mistakes' or do/say something that we don't understand why we made. And after own a very sad feeling and get the consequences. Really bad. I know this feeling as well. And yeah : just bad things happening, 1 step forward 2 backward.... It happened with me as well just in this couple of weeks,month. And actually I know why! Cuz i'm not where i want to be, im not doing what i want to do. Im just simply not at the right place in my life history. But im gonna make the steps for changings!! And life will be better. And yeah i've learnt from my mistakes and i grew as a better person of me. You are a great person i know and will be even better!! I love you to death. You are one of my inspiratiom,motivation . you always make me happy . always watching ur videos! You are great actor and even singer wowwww! Freaking me out! And you gonna get roles for big movies! You gonna be a world wide famous actor BELIEVE ME!!! ALL LOVE TO YOU Kian. Im with you with all of my heart soul mind!! I know you are strong! Never give up. You are the best!!! LOVE YOU KIAN! And make a lot of videos cuz people love u and we want to see you, mainly with JC :D :D :D Do videos forever !! Love you!!! Don't be sad. Stay positive!! You are beautyful! Kiss u

  • TheBlondeOne'

    Ugh people are so easily offended these days and will do anything to tear other people down. I’m sure he learnt from what he said years ago. What happens in the past stays there. I’m sure he doesn’t want to re-live his past and I’m sure many of you wouldn’t want to re-live times you regret. Just let it go, life is about making mistakes so you can learn and grow as a person.

  • mona

    I’m sure y’all said some stuff too when you were 16, don’t act all innocent t

  • Brenna

    You couldn't even directly address people of color? You danced around this by saying "people I have offended". If he couldn't even say that, how the hell are people satisfied? More importantly, how are POC satisfied with that vague mess that we're apparently labeling as an "apology"?

  • CombraStudios

    As a rest-of-the-world citizen I prefer the normal format of 25/2/2018

  • jaci


  • Michaela Williams
    Michaela Williams

    Kian, I am so proud of you for owning up to your mistakes. People are slamming you for doing this, but you’re human and human beings make mistakes. That’s what people don’t get. No one is perfect, and people do stupid things. What makes us better is that we own up to them and try to be better. That’s what you are doing, and I love you for it. ❤️

  • Riley Grimes
    Riley Grimes


  • Emily Reese
    Emily Reese

    You guys are so disrespectful with these comments. lmao stop

  • Ebony Coles
    Ebony Coles

    Here's the thing, I am so glad I didn't have the option of filming myself and posting videos online when I was a young adult. Why? There would be many regrettable, embarrassing and disgusting moments that would haunt me forever. I'm glad I made my mistakes in front of a select small group of friends. I say that b/c we have a lot of young youtubers that are making their mistakes in front of the world. Do they get a pass? No, of course not! But, keep that in mind before attacking them when they are at least attempting to become a better person.

  • Justina L
    Justina L

    I will always love you kian! I’ve been a fan since the beginning of O2L. Everyone makes mistakes..

  • Ashleigh S
    Ashleigh S

    What did he say

  • Dasiah Simonè
    Dasiah Simonè

    Just to put my two Lil cents in......to say I’m disappointed is an understatement I really think he is a joyous person to be honest...this isn’t the best apology but it’s something I feel like he was uncomfortable and he most likely didn’t want to offend people again in this video making everyone happy isn’t going to happen for instance this apology is worth sooo much even though it could’ve never happened so many people had been hurt just by color in different ways. Context can test how well we are at deciding things when I opened this video I was clueless as to what it was about but immediately a minute in I knew what he was talking bout...I study the human behaviors and I can see that it is genuine, what the problem is, is that he is uncomfortable with himself addressing the situation cause he does feel bad...need to say narcissistic people don’t apologize but if they do, it is in a undercutting way for instance Jefree Star his was very undercutting. Another way to understand the truth in his words is the non Adsense activity in the video or keeping the comment section open...he is open to judgement...which is a step to taking acceptation through actions. His choice of words clearly tells how the situation he is facing is hard for him but when things like he said are said people are quick to say you made your bed now lay in it. Which I feel should be the first thing ALL humans should do but what I do know is that HATRED could be worse...... I’m not saying what he did was ok but we know as people that forgiving and forgetting comes in hand just cause you forgive doesn’t mean you have to forget but change could come to the light...