Our Relationship Story
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turns out fran & i are NOT compatible...
love u guys veryyyyyyy much, give it a thumbs up if u enjoyed plzzz
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if u ARE reading this, comment "red apples are red" to confuse people ;) heheheheheheh
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  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Angelina Sohl
    Angelina Sohl

    This is my fav video w you and franny😂

  • louisiul

    red apples are red

  • Βασω Κλιαμελλη
    Βασω Κλιαμελλη

    Red apples are red


    6:51 - 7:02 she has such a cute laugh 😊

  • ranks

    red apples are red

  • DuaCae

    omg I'm crying 😂

  • Deeksha Dahal
    Deeksha Dahal

    he should do this with Ayla lol

  • Emilie Soesanto
    Emilie Soesanto


  • K LaChelle
    K LaChelle

    4:27 that question was way too specific 😂😂

  • Daris Note
    Daris Note

    when they cropped franny’s face for the bachelor picture she deadass looked like ariana grande in some of them

  • Catherine Nguyen
    Catherine Nguyen

    Everyone in the comments: ʷʰʸ ʷᵒⁿ’ᵗ ᶠʳᵃⁿⁿʸ ᵈᵃᵗᵉ ᵏⁱᵃⁿ Me: ʰᵃᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵐᵉᵗ ᵏⁱᵃⁿ

  • Layla Sellers
    Layla Sellers

    red apples are red

  • Camryn

    Hes so into Franny in this video... Im livin for it tbh. 😆

  • Anushka Mahajan
    Anushka Mahajan

    I wish I was kian's girlfriend

  • Sayoko Neddeau
    Sayoko Neddeau

    He has a hickey....was it from Franny hmmmmm

  • Maria Gutiérrez
    Maria Gutiérrez

    Opposites attract that’s all I gotta say

  • Miah Velazquez
    Miah Velazquez

    Every question he gets so excited

  • Tatjana Radovanović
    Tatjana Radovanović

    kian: if we win this challenge you actually gonna be my girlfriend. franny: no kian: yeah franny: *laughs* no kian:... yeah

  • Toni Esposito
    Toni Esposito

    it's 2020 and this is still my fave video of them.... they really need to date

  • Lorenza Lg
    Lorenza Lg

    Who watching in June 2020?

  • diya patel
    diya patel

    red apples are red

  • Girl What
    Girl What

    Ughhhhhhh I’m going to be waiting for them to be a thing for the rest of my life 🥺

  • katluvslou

    red apples are red

  • Dilara B
    Dilara B

    6:50 frannys facce😂


    6:49 she looks like Ariana grande

  • Bhavi Choudhary
    Bhavi Choudhary

    Red apples are red;)

  • Sarah Ollows
    Sarah Ollows

    red apples are red

  • Into the Unknown
    Into the Unknown

    what happen?

  • Isabella Fiesta
    Isabella Fiesta

    I love how he tries but gets low-key shut down

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    You can't live in Saturn it is a gas planet

  • rugile rimsaite
    rugile rimsaite

    Red apples are red. Anyone 2020??

  • Xiola Bishop
    Xiola Bishop

    11:14 her laugh is so cute

  • Kalli Xiong
    Kalli Xiong

    Red apples are red

  • silent kaleidoscope
    silent kaleidoscope

    this probably one of my favorite era of styles of kian that makes zero sense grammatically but basically BOY LOOKS HOT AF

  • Gianna Peguero
    Gianna Peguero

    4:58 when she said yes 🥺👏

  • Angela Pasturan
    Angela Pasturan

    I’ll forever ship you twooo 🥺

  • Lilly Alberts
    Lilly Alberts

    He really was in love with this girl. Too bad it didn’t work out

    • maddie maryanne
      maddie maryanne

      @SpaceUnicorns they never dated or had anything lol I don't get why people think this 😐 they don't even act like they like eachother like that

    • SpaceUnicorns

      @KDV 602 well ig not everyones on the same page then lol

    • KDV 602
      KDV 602

      Idk why or how ppl think they liked each other...... sure he’s flirty but that’s just how he is. I see 0 chemistry.

    • SpaceUnicorns

      @Vivian M yea ik, him and ayla are cute together. I ship him and ayla, but if something goes wrong and they break up i hope him and franny at least see if theres something there. But as long as they are happy

    • Vivian M
      Vivian M

      They never dated and just been friends but it does look like they like each other but now he has a girlfriend but she’s really nice but I personally ship them together franny and Kian but he has a girlfriend

  • AubreyMaye Santos
    AubreyMaye Santos

    he really put frannys face on all the girls 😂😂 6:50

  • Alejandra Siegert Perez
    Alejandra Siegert Perez

    best friendship ever

  • Pluie Gold
    Pluie Gold

    "And hopefully she'd be a bit more"'// Where the fluck it is now?? Cuz im still shipping😩

    • Stázka S
      Stázka S

      Young Goldmane he has a girlfriend... But he's happy, that's important 😄

  • Sherryne Ananda
    Sherryne Ananda

    I love this video. PERIODT

  • brianna perey
    brianna perey

    Kian's face @4:31 😅😅😅😅

  • Lexxie

    Lets make moves on Franny while we have hickeys:)

  • Expression of Lotus
    Expression of Lotus

    Still shipping frian, sorry ayla

    • Teagan Davis
      Teagan Davis

      dont worry I am too

    • R

      Same lol

  • Teddy Peeva
    Teddy Peeva

    ugh i ship u guys sm it's frustrating

  • Kaylee Kilmartin
    Kaylee Kilmartin

    He so likes her. You can tell, they'd be a cute couple.

  • Mandy

    Kian sounded so British when he said Math😂

  • Daphnie Plaza
    Daphnie Plaza

    Kian totally have feelings for franny 👇 if you agree

  • Maddiocattyo Potato
    Maddiocattyo Potato

    red apples are indeed red

  • Shrez Xo
    Shrez Xo

    While Franny was checking her compatibility with Kian, so was I 😏

  • brianna perey
    brianna perey

    Ughhhh you guys!!! Made me smile the whole time!!!!! Omgoshhh i know this video is so long ago but 😍😍😍😍😍

  • sashaC174

    Saturns a gas giant kian... and you made fun of Franny’s choice😂

  • Virgie Pertudo
    Virgie Pertudo

    this video is so funny

  • Jade Espinoza
    Jade Espinoza

    anybody 2020?

  • cryxtaal

    love them & miss them 🥺💕

  • Jaiden Ledford
    Jaiden Ledford

    6:50 what even 😂😂😂

  • Faith K
    Faith K

    Kian is adorable awww

  • Laila Samyee
    Laila Samyee

    Why do I keep rewatching this

  • julie

    imagine rejecting kian lawley lol I could never

  • kaylee anne
    kaylee anne

    2020. And this man has a girlfriend. They seem cute but I will forever ship these two. I feel like Franny is more closer to Kians sister also

    • Daris Note
      Daris Note

      i agree but ayla is close to tab too

    • Mateia Valentina
      Mateia Valentina

      sky lara omg ya he is the sweetest! 💓💓

    • sky lara
      sky lara

      Mateia Valentina yeah I just finished watching it 😁 he’s a sweetheart

    • Mateia Valentina
      Mateia Valentina

      sky lara it’s ryan prunty if you haven’t seen the dating show franny was on it is called Twin My Heart, if you want to watch it it is on AwesomenessTV and Ryan won franny’s heart on the show:)

    • sky lara
      sky lara

      Mateia Valentina who’s Ryan? Abe?

  • Emily Salazar
    Emily Salazar


  • Lela Joy
    Lela Joy

    Who else clicked on this this because they saw the orange hat & thought it was Andrea? Because of her orange hat in the reality house

  • Maui Mejico
    Maui Mejico

    i lowkey ship them.. even tho this is a year ago

    • Teagan Davis
      Teagan Davis

      me too

    • R


  • Nina young
    Nina young


  • TrustTheProcess

    Red apples are red

  • kiara singh
    kiara singh

    Red apples are red

  • lili

    1:55 kian’s adorable

  • isa indelicato
    isa indelicato

    Damn he's really cute in this video. You can feel his crush through the screen!!

  • halle jade
    halle jade

    “lets do your first.. because your funny” * looks at granny and smirks* I WAS REPLAYING THAT SO MANY TIMES.

  • marley lewis
    marley lewis

    i miss you guys making videos why didn't you guys date 😢 ,i still watch old videos of use like every other day even if it's 2 ,3 years ago i enjoy you guys are so funny & makes me laugh & smile make videos soon please .

  • Ruby Luongo
    Ruby Luongo

    Read apple’s are red

  • Toni Esposito
    Toni Esposito

    yeah hi, i know im late with this comment but JUST DATE ALREADY LIKE CLEARLY KIAN LOVES YOU FRANNY. THIS IS KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heytintinxx

    I miss frian content awww 💛💔

    • R


  • Nafisa Najmi
    Nafisa Najmi

    You like heat, but you kept friend zoning kian and he is HEAT!!!

  • Fiji Plays Games
    Fiji Plays Games

    Red apples are red

  • cbubble07

    The way Franny looks at Kian tho...

  • Vayessa Torres
    Vayessa Torres

    i need someone like kian

  • Jac Zirep
    Jac Zirep

    red apples are red

  • SheshehangEngden/Nepal

    i want to try Compatible test. Who is ready for shipping? :)

  • Elizabeth Bryant
    Elizabeth Bryant

    Red apples are red

  • Maknae Line Army
    Maknae Line Army

    Let just talk about 2:17 like franny voice are you ok

  • dahlia the clown
    dahlia the clown

    kian and franny being awkward for 14 minutes straight \/

  • s0phie

    she has dated so many guys that are popular I kinda think she uses them for clout😳

    • Ann

      wtf richard that’s BS she hasn’t been dating in ages. We’re in 2019 we’re girls can have friends that are boys without dating then

  • Jatan Singh
    Jatan Singh

    Yall need to come to Australia plzzzzz

  • Iva Bido
    Iva Bido

    When he said I want to do a video with someone else she got ode serious

  • shanez azem
    shanez azem

    frannyyyyy how can you handle kians cuteness OMG

  • Britanny Deshommes
    Britanny Deshommes

    Merrell Twins

  • Paula Cruz
    Paula Cruz


  • Alaa ib
    Alaa ib

    Do the test with nezza

  • Bimaya Perera
    Bimaya Perera

    Red apples are red

  • Emma Holmes
    Emma Holmes

    Red apples are red

  • Althea

    Red apples are red

  • Lili G
    Lili G

    Red apples are apples

  • Diana Duran
    Diana Duran

    I need a kian in my life

  • catherine chavarria
    catherine chavarria

    Red apples are red

  • Ange82ify

    Red apples are red

  • Jessica Brandel
    Jessica Brandel

    kian looks like my ex boyfriend and i’m trying not to think about it

  • raina

    am i the only one who can’t stop watching this vid bc kian is so fucking cute in this

  • Katerina Tsia
    Katerina Tsia

    Can you do the same thing with Vanessa merrell?