Zac and Mia (Official Trailer)
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In the real world Zac and Mia would have had little to say to each other, but in the hospital, where they’re both being treated for cancer, the usual rules don’t apply. Zac and Mia’s exchanges through their shared wall evolve into a bond that neither sees coming. If cancer is the variable that changed everything, the only constant is their ever-deepening need for one another.
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  • Lottie M
    Lottie M

    I gotta admit I never thought I would see kian as a skinhead

  • Isabella Torres
    Isabella Torres

    When I watched it on Hulu it was amazing I just cryed a lot on it

  • Andrea Rae
    Andrea Rae

    This is very reminiscent of the show Red Band Society

  • Aruboii

    13 reasons why bitch

  • RAGE

    Kian makes great movies

  • Cali Thompson
    Cali Thompson

    Bring back red band society

  • Cali Thompson
    Cali Thompson

    I'm binge watching it all over again

  • I Abbott
    I Abbott

    fault in our stars, five feet apart, red band society kinda vibes but it seems cool and finally a youtuber that can actually act!

  • Katelyn Brooke
    Katelyn Brooke

    He’s a good actor woah

  • Dazai in Love
    Dazai in Love

    Não é assim no livrooooooooooooooo

  • sexyhotgirl24

    literally red band society

  • Emmanuel Chats
    Emmanuel Chats

    this looks like another five feet apart but im definitely gonna watch it

  • Starlise Jun.from.17
    Starlise Jun.from.17

    Aww your cute bald

  • Peyton Reynolds
    Peyton Reynolds

    So talented

  • Mia M
    Mia M

    The book was set in Australia but of course it just has to be in America

  • Khushali Karamchandani
    Khushali Karamchandani

    Where can i watch this ?

  • itsjay

    The book was so good. I'm kinda shook about the movie part.

  • Stella Conlon
    Stella Conlon

    I’ve read this book a million times and I have so many problems with this!!!! For starters the book is set in Australia so wtf!! Also so many things that happen in this did not happen in the book!!! All the acting is beyond terrible!! The integrity of the book and the characters was completely ruined by this pathetic attempt and a movie/series version!!! People should just read the book! Do not watch this show!

  • Syaimma Alia
    Syaimma Alia

    I can't watch this in my country UGHHH

  • damien stewart
    damien stewart

    It's Kian the he's from Kian and jc if he's the best

  • Noor Baig
    Noor Baig

    I love u

  • Noor Baig
    Noor Baig

    I love u

  • Lexie Vallely
    Lexie Vallely

    Kian is an amazing actor and does it with all his heart👍👍👍❤❤❤


    This needs to be on Netflix

  • poppy smith
    poppy smith

    even tho this is a trailer it still made me cry just the thought of cancer make me cry i love you kian so much

  • Chloe Kitto
    Chloe Kitto

    where can i watch omg

  • Mel Ramirez
    Mel Ramirez

    She looks like Riley Reid I can't it seriously 😕

  • Chantepthyda Nhem
    Chantepthyda Nhem

    Does anyone know the background sound at 0:37 ? Can u tell me please ?

  • Natalia Kawalko
    Natalia Kawalko

    Where can I watch this? (uk)

  • Arya Beltaine
    Arya Beltaine

    zac & mia is one of my favourite books, it sucks it was changed so much for this but im still glad it got adapted

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson

    okay how have I never seen this omg I love it

  • Alexa Rae
    Alexa Rae

    The link does work anymore...anyone know where I can find this?

  • Yuki Ggggh
    Yuki Ggggh

    Судя по трейлеру дерьмо ещё то, очередной способ засрать хорошую книгу.

  • adw4891

    Wouldn’t he lose his eyebrows?

  • yo mamma
    yo mamma

    I LOVE THAT ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Hoody Baker
    Hoody Baker

    So much cheese you got Kraft beat😝😝😝

  • Miqueias Mota
    Miqueias Mota

    KIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN who are u right now? Mr actor McGeeeee

  • Lindsey Marie
    Lindsey Marie

    I swear there was a show just like this same plot and everything but different actors and a different name does anybody know what I'm talkin about ? I can't find it anywhere and I can't remember the name

  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson

    If there is really love like that. I need some

  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson

    Holy damn the goosebumps. Fuck

  • Mae Alinsunurin
    Mae Alinsunurin

    Where can I watch it now?

    • brittney kirby
      brittney kirby

      Mae Alinsunurin hulu or when it first came out i watched it on an app called go90 idk if it’s still on there though.

  • baektoria

    This look like a wattpad trailer

  • Kiara Monet
    Kiara Monet

    I literally just got emotional watching this trailer😢 I’m so late watching this

    • Cali Thompson
      Cali Thompson

      Me:even later

  • Agoroy Agoroy
    Agoroy Agoroy

    I super like this...👌👌👌

  • Samantha Louise
    Samantha Louise

    I can’t watch it

  • Saskia

    Where can i watch this?

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    Kian this looks great!

  • Sandra Makhlof
    Sandra Makhlof

    Looks like red band society😭💓

  • Celine Barz
    Celine Barz

    damn I think you’re an great actor kian I’m impressed

  • Jaidan Loran
    Jaidan Loran

    Oh my...kian. you're so talented. Ily.

  • Olivia Top-Jensen
    Olivia Top-Jensen


  • Sophie Meyer
    Sophie Meyer

    Where can I watch this? The go90 website doesn’t exist anymore?

  • selena lagbao
    selena lagbao

    Wait where can I rewatch this because go90 got deleted and also when is season 2 coming out

    • brittney kirby
      brittney kirby

      selena lagbao hulu

  • Cidnei Gregory
    Cidnei Gregory

    The book was really amazing. Read it back in like 2016 Spoilers Below!! From Someone who read the book, I didn't watch the show, but Im pretty sure in the Book they never left their rooms, only Mia to be with Zac, so them being outside is a false part. I haven't read the book in a long time so I could be wrong. Can someone else who has read the book explain

  • Jaylee Wyatt
    Jaylee Wyatt

    So is there no where to watch this anymore??

  • vantaeflter

    Can someone spoil it for me and tell me the full story please !!

  • Tava Shupp
    Tava Shupp

    lies the go90 website is no longer available

  • matheus thompson
    matheus thompson

    Meu deus,cagaram o livro

  • songbirdellen


  • Kalleigh Samson
    Kalleigh Samson

    Where can I watch this except for go90 cause they shut down that website for good

  • Kynzy Tv
    Kynzy Tv

    When is season 2!?

  • Zoe L
    Zoe L

    I can’t watch it it told me only people in the us can 😭

  • Gene Gifford
    Gene Gifford

    How do you watch it on go90

  • Lillyana Anderson
    Lillyana Anderson

    This movie really touched me

  • jane foxi
    jane foxi


  • Rana 1016
    Rana 1016

    Where can I watch this? That link didn’t work.

  • Melina Rush
    Melina Rush

    are you still working on zac and mia?

    • Melina Rush
      Melina Rush

      pls answer im dying

  • Stephen Licos
    Stephen Licos


  • Kyle Stevens
    Kyle Stevens

    I almost cried

  • lll l
    lll l

    Girl from 13 reasons why season 2 Bryce gf

  • Katt Arguelles
    Katt Arguelles

    Still waiting for the next to come out

  • jordan.f16

    it’s chloe from 13rw!!!

  • l3rittany


  • αиgєl я
    αиgєl я


  • noë lle
    noë lle

    i wish i could watch it.. but it’s not available in the EU

  • Alona Sigal
    Alona Sigal

    Does Zac die?????

  • Nun Of your business
    Nun Of your business

    I was just crying and I haven’t even watched it yet😢

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith

    I love Anne so much

  • wani H
    wani H

    Thats chloe from 13rw

  • Marisable Fernandez
    Marisable Fernandez

    Chloe from 13 Reasons Why

  • Jaime Rusden
    Jaime Rusden

    im actually so sad, i cant watch it. go90 is only available in the US and im in australia

    • Olivia Infante
      Olivia Infante

      Jaime Rusden its not available here either anymore

  • hayley noblitt
    hayley noblitt

    chloe from 13 reasons why is in this and i just realized

  • _

    Where is this on?

  • annafrancan

    This is based off a book. Except they're Australian in the book ... why did they change the nationality?

  • Novia Damayanti 12A6
    Novia Damayanti 12A6

    I love zac!!

  • amie Price
    amie Price

    i live in New Zealand and the site to watch it on only works in the US urgh

  • louie t
    louie t


  • neena

    how are you always that handsome

  • Just Miya
    Just Miya

    Her name is Mia Phillips my name is Miya Phllips that’s really weird

  • Michaela Williams
    Michaela Williams

    So proud of you babe! Keep doing what you do best! ❤️

  • Kate Metters
    Kate Metters

    i live in the UK but really want to watch this does anyone know what website people from the UK can view this one xx

  • rheyse reynolds
    rheyse reynolds

    im so sad, i live in australia and go90 is only in us :(

  • 0re011

    wheres andrea

  • vibha konanur
    vibha konanur

    Fault in our stars reloaded.😭😭😭😭😭

  • Emily Gehling02
    Emily Gehling02

    This reminds me so much of red band society

  • Carris Sorby
    Carris Sorby


  • Audri ARIZ
    Audri ARIZ

    They need to make a season 2

  • Sam isverycool
    Sam isverycool

    why can't i watch a show based on an australian novel in AUSTRALIA! this is blasphemy !

  • Ndndjf Ndndjf
    Ndndjf Ndndjf

    I neeeeeddddd a season two

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry

    This reminds me of Alexa and Katie. And also Zac is the same boy from it he acts in the series. Weird. And he has cancer in the series too.