HAHAHA i tried to do one of those quarantine workout things u see on instagram, and this is how it went....
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  • Uhhneeduhh

    I came here bc I thought his shirt was gonna be off fudge

  • Haifa S
    Haifa S

    The fact that I was looking at his butt when he said "stop staring at my butt" 😂

  • faith ;
    faith ;

    Ur teeth look so good

  • Daisy-Mae Hughesman-Smith
    Daisy-Mae Hughesman-Smith

    Kian is the on,y one who can actually get me doing fitness

  • aimee


  • Max Trafford
    Max Trafford

    shut up kian

  • Sabrina Soul
    Sabrina Soul

    Alright Kian we’re all loving this video of you working out but I think we can all agree that it’s time for you to start sharing that lovely voice of yours. START DOING COVERS PLEASE ! When you did that prank on Instagram I was like “DAMN ABOUT TIME.” Then I found out it was a prank. That was just cruel man! Stop being such a perfectionist .... says me a perfectionist haha🙄 The world is waiting !

  • A. Eve
    A. Eve

    Oddly motivating.

  • Kora -
    Kora -

    Who is here from the movie “ Before I Fall “ ??🤪😂

  • maria briseño
    maria briseño

    this is the most realistic workout i've seen on youtube haha Ly Kian!



  • Lily Burns
    Lily Burns

    I found a new show to binge

  • CamilaInostroza

    So funny when he speeds up

  • Megan Lin
    Megan Lin

    Could have won that one up challenge with those pushups 😍😍

  • Jack Cough
    Jack Cough

    3 times for a minute 😂

  • Jack Cough
    Jack Cough

    3 times for a minute

  • Jack Cough
    Jack Cough

    3 time for a minute 😂

  • Emily

    3 times a million 🤣🤣

  • Ashlee Sheets
    Ashlee Sheets

    Please be single again!

  • F F
    F F

    This guy looks like if David dobrik and Cody ko had a child

  • Goofy gen
    Goofy gen

    Annoying ass 😂🙅🏽 :33

  • ella grace
    ella grace

    "everyone following along at home-" no kian we're all in bed eating and watching u. none of us wanna do it

  • ella grace
    ella grace


  • Evie Reyes
    Evie Reyes

    Kian needs to take breaks lol

  • Will -
    Will -

    GO OUTSIDE to a state park or beach and work out. DEFY these STUPID un-Constitutional orders. There is plenty of space to distance and be safe outside. Democrats are dumb and don't use logic or science. Democraps and Communists work together to destroy the US and world economy and life. SLtoos censors your thoughts and tries to control you like sheep.

  • Mia Madrigal
    Mia Madrigal

    3 million lmao noo,, 3 sets of doing it for 1 minute

  • Adriana Martinez
    Adriana Martinez

    Why so this so funny to me ?😭

  • Shadi Naghizadeh
    Shadi Naghizadeh

    kian makes me so happy

  • Panda Sunflower
    Panda Sunflower

    I just watched your Zac and mia show your a great actor. And I cried like every episode

  • Aliya Esposito
    Aliya Esposito

    Love you 😘

  • Fatima Zahra
    Fatima Zahra

    Am I the only one who got tired and out of breath just by looking

  • Samara Shay
    Samara Shay

    “stop staring at my butt what are you doing” how’s he know?😂❤️

  • SigLeon

    Kian doing Jungkook’s workout (except for the cool down) is how I *attempt to do the same work out 😂😂😂❤️

  • Berenice Garrido
    Berenice Garrido

    OMG Kian! you really got me, I was like : "what the hell is wrong with my internet".

  • Jamilah St-hill
    Jamilah St-hill

    aye my wifi be actin up, stop playin

  • Emily F
    Emily F

    kian!!! you should do a video doing ~intuitive baking~ so like bake without a recipe just whatever youre feeling luv u

  • Brooke Alexandra
    Brooke Alexandra

    I don’t even do exercise and I know that 3x/1M means 3 minutes of it😂😂

  • bianca djorghi
    bianca djorghi

    more please more

  • Katy Thatcher
    Katy Thatcher


  • Kenjamin Quandt
    Kenjamin Quandt

    First time viewer. That was fun. 🦾

  • Joanna Escoto
    Joanna Escoto

    I did the whole work out! ❤️

  • Lily Niehaus
    Lily Niehaus

    I like your teeth lol 😂

  • Daisy C
    Daisy C

    71 people didn’t get abs after doing this

  • Daisy C
    Daisy C

    Petition for more workout videos bc they’re the only entertaining ones I can watch & follow with without getting bored

  • Ashli Bryan
    Ashli Bryan

    House tutor please

  • Tricia Lankford
    Tricia Lankford

    Mmm i love eating muffins in bed

  • Dacia Ramos
    Dacia Ramos

    8:29 where it at tho 😒👀

  • Lady Amaya
    Lady Amaya

    Anyone else notice almost all of his videos on o2l are now private:(

  • Giselle Sanchez
    Giselle Sanchez

    I love the fact he knew We would be staring at his butt 😂

  • Abrah Toomey
    Abrah Toomey

    nobody: kian: "laTiMuS doRsIN FiN"

  • Dolan Dudes
    Dolan Dudes

    I'm pretty sure 3x1M meant do it 3 times for a minute each ahaha

  • Tom Osborne
    Tom Osborne

    That was great, very funny (laugh out loud funny!) and entertaining. I actually think doing this is a good idea. Really. Uh, I can't follow along with you, though, because there is not enough room in the room where I have the computer. But they aren't complicated exercises, there's room in living room, and I REALLY need to do something. Damned corrupt Mayor of L.A. banned all HIKING TRIALS (I know some that have NO other people on them) so I am stuck. At least your video gave me a six pack on the muscles I laugh with!

  • Isabella Genao
    Isabella Genao

    i hate you i lost an arm and i can't do anything you just did so thanks for proving that i really can't do anything

  • Kaniele Duque
    Kaniele Duque

    Take an Online Dance Class!!

  • Hannah Destiny
    Hannah Destiny

    why is NOBODY talking about his teeth now i need veneers

  • Karrah Guthrie
    Karrah Guthrie

    that loading screen got me lol

  • 0cn mcjl
    0cn mcjl

    my fucking god that's some sick transformation.

  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •

    wow kian i can't even do 1 pushup

  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •

    kian looks like he's trying to pick up a heavy rock during the first workout hahahaha

  • Macy Johnson
    Macy Johnson

    Watching this eating potato chips.. literally

  • tara winter
    tara winter


  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    Make a body transformation vid

  • Kiara Thompson
    Kiara Thompson

    omg my bf has those exact pants... imma steal em

  • Brooke Ale
    Brooke Ale


  • Rachel Rose
    Rachel Rose

    More ayla videos! I've watched your other one like 5 times already.

  • tjb913

    I am JK, can you workout next time with no shirt and in spandex? 😂😂😅

  • Isabel Martinez
    Isabel Martinez

    4:39 that’s absolutely absurd

  • Isabel Martinez
    Isabel Martinez


  • Deanna Molina
    Deanna Molina

    Kian I love you so much! You never fail to make me smile. This video was so funny! Keep at the workouts don't give up.

  • no

    1M is one minute omg

  • Savage Stream
    Savage Stream

    My name is also Kian

  • Isha Khalid
    Isha Khalid

    I think it’s cute Kians trying to work out now, it seems like he’s at least trying to incorporate it in his life

  • kiara hernandez
    kiara hernandez

    kian: “follow along” *speeds video up* me: uhhhh HOW

  • Niki Correa
    Niki Correa

    "I'm about to break a sweat" *Me sweating while eating my hot Cheetos 👁️👄👁️*

  • Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez

    I feel like he did that buffering thing to make his video over 10 min but who knows right 🤷‍♀️👀

  • Acely Garcia
    Acely Garcia

    I fucking lost it when he got the guitar

  • Maddy Lynn
    Maddy Lynn

    Great content Kian🥰😂😂

  • Jaimie Monterroso
    Jaimie Monterroso

    After quarantine I wanna see a Kian and Jeff workout collab 👀

  • Katelyn Bendig
    Katelyn Bendig

    u should do like a cooking video lol

  • Hanna Castelli Bourgelas
    Hanna Castelli Bourgelas

    while kian is dying im eating an apple yep big day for my

  • Katelyn Bendig
    Katelyn Bendig

    doing random stuff like this is good keep doing that they are funny asl

  • StephLegs


  • Arina Orlova
    Arina Orlova

    try to speak as many foreign languages as possible :)

  • christina

    i dont know why i actually followed along, im so out of shape and breath LMAO

  • lexi smisek
    lexi smisek

    KIAN, i have a real q. does it help out for stomach fat? or just arm and legs?

  • Emma Cattafi
    Emma Cattafi

    im absurdly jealous of your metabolism

  • Booqueefius Jackson
    Booqueefius Jackson

    You need to go a bit lower for the dips and push ups my guy

  • Alexis Pixiee
    Alexis Pixiee

    Him jumping sent me

  • Joyel Samuel
    Joyel Samuel

    Omg this workout is so hard than i thought.......

  • Lizzy Zabala
    Lizzy Zabala

    3x 1M means do mountain climbers for 1 minute, 3 times

  • Rey R
    Rey R

    I can’t be the only one who thinks he’s stoned af.

  • AKylie

    i did not follow along. i watched you while i ate cookie dough

  • Sara C
    Sara C

    3×1min u idiot

  • Criste Adames
    Criste Adames

    the guitar killed me I am now deceased

  • Criste Adames
    Criste Adames

    when he said omg then forgot how to talk then said that's absolutely lost my shit bahahaha

  • Criste Adames
    Criste Adames


  • Criste Adames
    Criste Adames

    the moment you started jump squats I was already cackling struggling to breath like "Kian..... Working out?" hahahaha

  • sydeditsxo

    Me watching this video while eating popcorn just like: 👁👄👁

  • Sierra Shearer
    Sierra Shearer

    I did my makeup and ate a slice of cake while watching lol

  • BakedCookies

    yep i’m not doing this but i’ll watch anyway, love u kian