these are some of the problems i've had to deal with ...
hope this video helped u out a little
comment some of ur struggles, get them out there
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if u see someone in the comments with the same struggles as u, reply and try and help each other out. when u share the same problems with somebody, its easier to find a solution. u feel as if ur not alone anymore. i love u guys :)

  • Em Eeee
    Em Eeee

    Rn it’s 2020 and I started to get anxiety in 5th grade, ofc I didn’t know what it was and was just really sad and felt very alone. The year after that was my first year of middle school, and that’s when my social anxiety started to occur. I still didn’t know what it was so just tried my best to brush it off, but this was harder. The first day of 6th grade I just remember feeling really alone, not really having any friends near and not being myself at all. For this reason, I felt like I was (and still feel) like I am being rude. It’s this thing that happens where when I’m in public, or near anyone else besides my family, I can’t do what I normally want to do. It’s almost like I feel my brain is disconnected. When I tell you it’s the most indescribable feeling, but when it happens it’s like, this is it. I remember everyday after middle school, feeling bad or guilty for the way I acted because my mind makes me feel like I’m always doing something wrong. I felt and sometimes feel like when bad things happen to me, I deserve bc of the way I acted. Sometimes it’s really hard to convince myself that it’s not my fault. 7th grade comes and I’m very nervous for the first day, but excited. I thought last year was just a bad year. I remember getting dressed up and trying hard. It was a lot easier than last year for the first day, and I was really happy. Days go on, the anxiety gets worse. As the year increase, I start to notice that this was the same thing happening as last year and again, felt like it was my fault. Everyday I tried my best to think positive, get happier, or tell myself to stop acting that way, but it was/seemed impossible. It’s like an over whelming feeling that just comes over me in those social moments. The end of the year comes by, and I feel bad again, but this times even worse. Sometimes I questioned myself, “is this who I am?” Because I knew it wasn’t. I knew there was a change from when I was home to when in public. And that’s when I started to reach out to my mom and my older sister. My older sister has lots of experiences w/ anxiety and I can relate to her a lot which made me feel a lot better. My mom can relate too, but sometimes I pushed that away bc I felt no one knew. Or understood. Kind of like I had it the worst. I remember always denying everything they told me when they were being honest. I didn’t believe them. As time went on my mom asks if I want to talk to a therapist that she had talked to in the past. This was a very nerve racking moment bc my brain immediately went to the thought of, “she won’t like you. She won’t understand. Look at how you act” so it took me a little while to make the decision, but I did. I chose to talk to her. The first time I talked to her I was discouraged, but also fulfilled. I was proud of myself and knew I was on the right path. It is really tough sometimes tho bc I still get anxiety around her too, but I still have been talking to her and learning new coping skills. It is really really hard, but ppl w/ anxiety, I want you to know that you are not alone. We are w/ you and support you no matter what. Ily 🤟🏼. Keep going, and never forget that you are never out of the fight. You’re stronger than u know💓

  • Gianie barid
    Gianie barid

    i love you kian, this video has always been my safe place to stay for the past years, i feel less alone because i know that im not the only one who struggle with this. thankyou, thankyou for this.

  • jerrelyn M
    jerrelyn M

    Here in 2020 during COVID 🥺

  • TypicalNora

    this video literally got me through high school. i had no friends and would sit by myself at the back of the school and i would feel so lonely and depressed. i would watch this video and it would give me hope that things would get better and that other people were also going through what i was going through. i still come back to this video from time to time and it always brightens my day

  • gauhar

    i would tell you about how i feel just not here but know that i love you so much and you have helped through some of the difficult times of my life and i can't thank you enough for that

  • Daisy-Mae Hughesman-Smith
    Daisy-Mae Hughesman-Smith

    I have social anxiety and I was bullied by a friend I never told , We were out for dinner and we went to order and I just sat there fiddling with my fingers and she looked at me she said geez stop your so irritating And I apologised for it and carried on and she ordered her food and I said can you order mine and she said what are you 4 order yourself. Then the waiter clicked that I had an issue and asked me if he could help I explained I had social anxiety and I think it hard to communicate He said what did you want to eat so I pointed to the food and he said that’s ok our teams here to help now I felt like at that moment someone realised what I’m struggling with In the end I sat back down with my old friend and she said no sweetie your not sitting with me I ain’t sitting with someone who fiddles and counts there money endlessly and that , I ended up sitting in a corner alone eating my meal That point in life I knew I wasn’t me anymore , most days ended up going to school talking to my very close group of friends , I told them and they excepted my social anxiety except for one A few weeks later we went out to go shopping and eat and stuff I was sitting there and said I’ll be 5 minutes I’m going to the toilet when I went onto the toilet I broke down and had a panic attack I grabbed my phone and texted my best friend saying come meet me ASAP , she put ok not even questioning , and she realised I was having a panic attack and she just held me close and said it’s ok and started to help me . I appreciate her But with this COVID going on I’m lost even more I feel like I can’t sleep in 24/7 pacing back and forth Ps - I was diagnosed with social anxiety in September 2019

  • Sami C.
    Sami C.

    i’ve been struggling with depression for a while now. i know the topic in your video is different just wanted to thank you for posting this. mental health is important.

  • Bo Van Kalkeren
    Bo Van Kalkeren

    I’m afraid to love someone

  • kaydendawn

    i feel alone. i feel like no matter what i do i can’t seem to find the things in life that bring me joy that make feel present in the moment and happy. The things that do do that for me are unreachable and unavailable. i keep trying but i seems like i’m getting knocked down day after day and i just praying and begging for something to help remind me what life’s all about and that this really won’t last forever. i’m begging for it.

  • Jayden Willson
    Jayden Willson

    2020 check

  • Alana Levine
    Alana Levine

    I definitely needed to rewatch this video. Still gives me some peace anytime I'm struggling. Even after 5 years❤️

  • Nik Nurmyra Nik Faruk
    Nik Nurmyra Nik Faruk

    Thank you Kian. This message of yours is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. I broke into tears listening to it but I guess that’s just part of life

  • aylin P
    aylin P

    5 years later when I’m down I still watch this.

    • MyLife AsBecca
      MyLife AsBecca


  • Kristen Miller
    Kristen Miller

    yo i came to the beginning of your videos to find your music videos w sam and im sad you took them down :(

  • caitlyn thomas
    caitlyn thomas

    All I have to say is dang that freaking hit me so hard and I just wanted to say thank you and I know this is very late but that really just hit me hard because that is 100% what I am felling I just don’t have anyone who I can talk to about it so I have always kept me felling a inside! 🥺🥺

  • Soph卌

    I have really bad anxiety and ever since I started high school it has developed and gotten worse, I've only been in high school for only seven months and I feel like no one accepts me for who I am. I feel alone and worthless. I always felt that having a lot of friends was a big deal but I've recently discovered that I feel like I can't trust anyone or tell my parents about how I'm feeling. I constantly feel unwanted and like a worthless piece of crap. People think that I "fake" my anxiety for attention but little do they know I'm broken on the inside. I fake my smile and my laugh when with friends and friends. I have very few friends but I try to make the most of it before they drift away from me as everyone has. I lost my best friend of 9 years about 3 years ago and I still haven't got over the fact that she left to be in her country, I know she has moved on but all I have now are all the flashbacks of all the good memories we had together. I'm scared to live any longer but I know there is a nice and successful future ahead of me and all the beautiful years to come but if I don't get over my anxiety I won't meet anyone to have a future with. I'm 3 years late to this video but I'm happy I found this during the COVID-19 Lockdown. I feel like I'm slowly drifting away from my friend because I can't see or talk to her. In my friend group, I'm classified as the goof and the happy one but in reality, I'm actually BROKEN.

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith

    2020. Hey kian hope you get this and will maybe take time to read it, I completely understand if you don’t but anyways. I am only just watching this video now and I believe I have problems with myself like anxiety, like you I always feel alone, I feel unwanted at times. I also feel like I am depressed...I would say I am for the stuff I have done but I just don’t know how to reach out to my mum about it, I’m scared that she will kick me out and I will have no where to go so I don’t know what to do. Any advise? (if you see this)

  • Katelyn Edwards
    Katelyn Edwards

    I can sometimes relate to you because I felt like this when I was in school and now I feel like this at my job I feel that people like to have favorites. I listen to other people's problems and nobody wants to do the same for me.

  • Isabelle .T
    Isabelle .T

    It’s 2020 and I have already watched this video so many times. You won’t ever see this but it helps me to know that someone I look up to in-fact my idol is dealing with the same things I am dealing with. It’s helps me to know that it is getting better for you. I’m so proud of you for going out and expressing feelings and talking about them. It’s hard for a lot of people including me in front of so many people. Thank you.

  • Jaz

    I'm the same age as you Kian and I grew up the exact same way. I would eat lunch alone by the bathroom in high school because I was so scared. I didn't know of what, though. And all of those years I had NO idea i had anxiety. I just thought I was different and didn't fit in. It wasn't until about a year ago that I finally realized I have been suffering from anxiety my entire life. If only I had known and found an outlet. If only I had found this video 5 years ago. I'm glad this is out there. Because even as a 25 year old it helped me tremendously. Much love 💜

  • Emma Riley
    Emma Riley

    I just started middle school with a bunch of kids I dont know. And all my friends left me. I feel pushed away and unwanted. A couple years back I was having a horrible year people threatened to kill me and worst of all I gor called a mistake. Even tho it was so long ago it stuck with me. Right now I am getting bullied. I get spit on in the halls a girl called me a frog,ugly, a hoe for wearing hoop earrings, acne faced, and she said I had lice. And I hit her. I never know what to do with my feelings so I bottle them up. I allways think people are judging me for who I am and it hurts. So I'm going to become homeschooled. I just cant deal with that school anymore. Nobody not even therapist seem to understand anxiety as much as the people who have it.

  • Mckenzie Giles
    Mckenzie Giles

    im still in middle school and it f***ing sucks i go to the bathroom and cry silently i cant deal with anything i almost killed myself then i thought in that moment what about family so i didnt..... i got put on pills depression and anxity pills i cry myself to sleep thinking how was i put on this earth.......i also did some very bad things to my arms before i got put on the medicine...... i watch your videos every morning i wake up to go to school and when i do i feel like im not alone anymore and till this day i still watch every one of your new one and your old one's but i love you so much thank you for helping me out now i want to live on.... but one day we all have to die somehow........ LOVE YOU KIAN

  • Britni Burdon
    Britni Burdon

    I always come back to this video when I need it. Thank you Kian

  • Grace C
    Grace C

    I have social anxiety I can’t go to school without feeling some kind of judgement just like right now I feel like someone is judging me everyday I go to school and feel judged but no one ever says anything no one says oh you look gross today or why are you so ugly I’m the one who is saying that in my head for some reason and I wish that it can just go away😭 I’ve tried to talk to my mom and she says to get over it but I can’t . Kian help 😭

  • Salima _957
    Salima _957

    I felt the same when I was in highschool and middle school eventhough I had people used to tell me they love me but they never did they used to make fun of me they never took me seriously and never cared they never been the friends they told me they are because friends can't be coldhearted to eachother , I went to university I made new friends but it's always the same , I didn't get lucky ever , I graduated university with 0 friends and never been in a relationship in my whole life (I'm 24) which sometimes has me to doubt my self and think I'm ugly or my personality sucks so no one wanna be my friend , I feel alone but at the same time I love it because I'm always open to people I help them when they feel down , when they have problems . I don't know sometimes I love being lonely sometimes I feel bored and sick of it.

  • Sim En Qi
    Sim En Qi

    its been 5 years since this vid release, but wow my feelings still stayed the same, sad and depressed.

  • Sophia Gardner
    Sophia Gardner

    This is probably the 20th time I have watched this video. When I was a sophomore in high school this video taught me what anxiety was and it clarified the feelings I had had my entire life. I’m now a sophomore in college and have been medicated for my anxiety ever since but these feeling seem to get worse as I get older and stumble soon new and harder things. My dad passed away from his battle with Early Onset Alzheimer’s on Sept 3rd of this year and it has cause me to think about how I have been at such a low point in my life. Someone who I considered one of my closest guy friends used me for sex in August when I was extremely vulnerable. I then got arrested for throwing a party at my house for all of my friends including him because I didn’t want to feel alone. Then I went back to college tried to start over again and my dad died. Then a little over a month after he died and I was starting to feel ok again, I broke my ankle and tore ligaments playing rugby, a sport me and my dad both loved even tho he never got to see me play. So I had surgery and today was my first day back at classes in a little over a week and all I feel is alone. My anxiety is at one of its highest points and I upped my medication but it’s hard to see if it’s helping because I can’t see my therapist because his office is up four flights of stairs. My life seems to be in a spiral and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and watch Netflix and this video over and over like I did when I felt this way in high school, but I can’t. So here I am watching this video and typing out the last few months of my life just hoping that someone or anyone will see it. Specifically kian because he has been one of the few people to help me through this and he doesn’t even know it. So if u read this, just know that no matter how small you think your problems are, they matter to you and no matter how bad life gets and how many times it pushes you back down, know that at some point your hole that you’re in will be so deep that you reach the other side of the planet and you can get out and keep walking. It won’t be easy and it won’t be fast but that’s what I am trying to do one step(or scoot cause I’m crippled) one day one breath at a time cause that is all I can do. Hope someone hears this. -SKG

  • Eva

    I'm 26 and I still feel all this. Fucking sucks! Feels like anxiety gets worse when you get older or something.

  • Chloe York
    Chloe York

    I just stumbled across this video and you have no idea how much I needed this. I'm going through the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with and I have no idea how I'm going to cope or function. No matter how much I talk to my family about it I still don't feel listened to because they won't help me the way I feel I need to be helped. Kian I never knew you experienced this and now that I know this, watching your videos will give me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • sfkait

    I am so heartbroken when I read the comments on this video, I just wanna hug everyone and tell them it will be okay

  • Jon Cookiepants
    Jon Cookiepants

    I fucking love you. I’ve struggled for what seems like so long and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get out of it. It feels like I’m trapped and I’m just doomed to become nothing but sad and alone after everyone gives up on me because I’m so hopeless.

  • alex natalizia
    alex natalizia

    it’s 2019 and i still come back to this every time thing start to get bad again. from the bottom of my heart, thank you kian

  • billie eilish
    billie eilish

    i love you :(

  • SAM

    its 2019 and it's sad to say i still relate to this video. i hate these feelings but i don't know what to do. i dont feel like myself, i feel like my soul is trapped in my own body. i done even feel like this is my body, i hate myself so much and i hate my life and i dont deserve anything in this world, i hate it, i hate it so much. feeling depressed and hating to live is so hard, kian you said speak to me and here's what im trying to do, i hope you're reading i hope you're listening and i hope you always feel better... thank you

  • Nevaeh Skye
    Nevaeh Skye

    This is better than ASMR, im almost asleep. His voice is so nice

  • Macy Geneser
    Macy Geneser

    I live with my dad I am scared to see my mom so that gave me anxiety and depression for the last 3 years I'm scared to come out to my family that I'm bi I don't know what to do...

  • Lindsey Hebert
    Lindsey Hebert

    I lm feeling that way just everything you are saying I am dealing with

  • Alli Dixon
    Alli Dixon

    i have what’s called “depression” i always feel like i’m letting people down or like i have no friends when i kinda do. i just feel this like dark cloud or just like heavyweight above my head or on my shoulders and i hate this feeling and my mom knows and i’m on meds but ion take then because i don’t want my happiness to revolve around a pill. and recently i lost most my friends. and i don’t know who’s here for me anymore so idk how i feel..ik in Shutting my feelings out but idk what to do.

  • Edit joxi
    Edit joxi

    You're perfect ! At that time I had the same problem and you helped me. Thank you ! 💓

  • mia benitez
    mia benitez

    i still watch this video to ease my anxiety even 5 years later

  • Haley Mackinnon
    Haley Mackinnon

    Wow this video helped me so much i also have anxiety pretty bad and i know im not alone and it gets really hard sometimes but its just weird seeing how one of my favorite people who i look up to also have anxiety it just sorta makes me see it in a different light

  • Daisy dolan
    Daisy dolan

    I have a lot of depression and it gets bad some days 🥺😞

  • Julia Carlson
    Julia Carlson

    I cant breathe every time I watch this video.

  • Jada Williams
    Jada Williams

    sometimes, i go back and watch this because i need to know that i’m not alone. ❤️

  • Anastasia Vergiris
    Anastasia Vergiris

    Kian you have us... I dont know how u were alone, bc u are such a good person, amazing personality. Ur such a good person.

  • Driele Paim
    Driele Paim

    I always feel like in the second choice, with everyone.

  • Diylover 1099
    Diylover 1099

    Why do I feel like my family brings the most sadness to my life? Like I love being alone but I love being with friends and family too. But sometimes my dad just comes home and my sis does too and I feel like they bring so much drama and I just want to break down in tears but I don’t know why.

  • Diylover 1099
    Diylover 1099

    I don’t really understand what’s going on with me, but I cry at nights because i feel like I’m the worst sister ever, or because my friends don’t like me enough because I’m not good to them, Also when my dad went out for a smoke and talked on the phone, and I wouldn’t go to sleep until I knew he was in, because I was scared something would happen and I wouldn’t be able to help him cause I’m asleep....

  • marley lewis
    marley lewis

    I hate going outside i feel scared wherever i go i wad bullied all my life I'm broken inside i like being alone but when i don't want to be alone i spend time with my family i still feel alone i cry most of my days i always thought it was depression but i came to think of it as something i have to live with for the rest of my life .

  • Earl dela cruz
    Earl dela cruz

    Thanks bro

  • wow Factor
    wow Factor

    This deserves more views

  • Lyric Melody
    Lyric Melody

    Shit I relate to this video so hard.

  • Bella Lupian
    Bella Lupian

  • Sarah Gallosa
    Sarah Gallosa

    I’m watching this 4years later but I’m going to 9th which of course is high school so I relate to every part of this video

  • joe mama
    joe mama

    I watch this alot, every time I feel like crying 😭

  • Victoria Jodoin
    Victoria Jodoin

    Hi Kian, I know you will never see this but I just wanted to let you know this video has helped me so much. It made me realize what my anxiety truly was and how it was affecting me. I remember watching this video for the first time four years ago and being so overwhelmed with emotion because you understood what I was going through. I can not thank you enough. You saved me from being poisoned by my own mind.

  • Sami Marie
    Sami Marie

    I’ve lived with social anxiety my whole life. Where I can’t even sit next to a person without worrying what they think of me. And I still sit alone at lunch and almost 16. I feel empty most of the time like no one want to be around me and no one like me. I feel like I’m judged all the time.

  • neellyy

    i love YOU.

  • haley

    this is my story... it’s july, school was a couple months ago, so in probably march, i had told my friends, that i would hang out with at lunch, that i just wanted to die and that when i got home i’d probably have had to call the suicide hotline. since 6th grade, bc i would get bullied, i had depression and i started cutting myself. my parents eventually found out and i stopped for awhile. then came 7th and 8th grade and my depression was getting worse and worse, so i was diagnosed with depression and had to take antidepressants. wasn’t too happy about that either but it happens. 9th grade comes and i feel no difference and stop taking my medication for a very long time. my depression was the worst it ever has been and i just wanted to die. i wasn’t happy about anything anymore and i always hid everything behind my smile. telling my friends that was the best decision i could’ve made. my best friend nick told a teacher and everyone got involved. i had to talk to so many different ppl about the same thing, i was taken to a facility in an ambulance truck and after staying over night i’ve been so happy. getting help is the best decision you can ever make. haha i know no one will read this but just wanted to share my story hehe. was scrolling through your old videos, you are truly one of the reasons i’m so happy. ugh i love you so much!! much love xoxo

  • Teatree

    I have adhd and anxiety

  • Zineb Abidar
    Zineb Abidar

    Worst thing I tried telling my mom. She didn’t listen to what I had to say and told me she feels like I’m overreacting and I don’t have the right to feel this way because I haven’t gone through something that’s traumatizing....

  • Dakota Dotson
    Dakota Dotson

    i love u and i’m proud of u and i wTch u to bring that happiness back into my life u have done a lot for me and i’m always will be grateful but idk if i have anxiety i have the description of what u talked about that’s basically a day to day life for me and i can’t tell but if u see this how’d u figure it out bc i tried talking to my family but they don’t understand, if u see this i love u be u💖

  • Emily H
    Emily H

    This is literally what to go through all the time, but my mom doesn’t believe me when I talk to her about my problem. And idk what to do?😢

  • c e c i l i a
    c e c i l i a

    me 2 years ago watching this: cries me now watching this: cries

  • Amanda Ortega
    Amanda Ortega

    Watching this video now bc I’m feeling very anxious and I needed to rewatch this again this video helps a lot

  • Milo Olsson
    Milo Olsson

    I feel like there is no one out there that will accept me, yeah i do have friends and a great family but i feel so alone, and i try my best at school but im never good enough. Everyone in my family has someone they have friends, they have a great grades they all are perfect, but here i am a failure. I deal with anxiety. i just feel so alone like you said in the video. There is no one that will listen to me or understand the things im dealing with, so i just stay in my shell hiding from others cause no one have stayed in my life or ever will. this world is so cruel...

  • Kenzie Thompson
    Kenzie Thompson

    I feel like everyone just hates me. I've been bullied my whole life by friends, Family and everyone else. I have no one to stand by my side when I feel depressed. I know this Sounds so depressing but I sorry Love you kian

  • gioppx

    thank you kian, I love you

  • Dibakar Choudhury
    Dibakar Choudhury

    My problem is-👉🌈

  • gabby wenger
    gabby wenger

    to this day I still watch this video just to help me with my anxiety

  • Marina Garza
    Marina Garza

    I come back to this video every time i feel my anxiety even though it’s constantly lingering with me. I’m about to be a senior in highschool and I know almost all of the people at my school but something holds me back from talking to anyone. I can’t even go to lunch so I sit in the library and plug in my headphones. I’d fake sickness, sleep in on purpose especially on the days of assembly’s. Now my social anxiety has turned into overall anxiety in general. I feel like something bad is going to happen and no one understands me. Constant tears and shaking.

  • Sara Lastra
    Sara Lastra

    I know no one is gonna watch it or reply but I am in that exact feeling, that's what I rewatch this video. And I want to talk about it, someone @saralastra_ on ig

  • Grace Mattraw
    Grace Mattraw

    I was just in seventh grade and it was really hard. Most days I was bawling my eyes out because I suffered from really bad anxiety. I understand what you are going through and it is hard. I had anxiety my whole life. Even in preschool I didn't talk to anyone and I just felt alone ( like you said). It has gotten to the point where it king of exploded. I feel the pain and I'm really sorry.

  • Rachel Clauser
    Rachel Clauser

  • Aprar Hamdan
    Aprar Hamdan

    I have a lot of anxiety attacks

  • Zainab

    i'm abused by my parents which has caused my severe depression. i feel alone everyday. unlike most kids who go to school, school is fun for me. i get out the house which never is allowed, and i get to see my friends. this summer i know will be horrible. i've made so many scars on myself and have contemplated suicide and attempted multiple times, but the thought of my friends always stopped me from being successful.

  • Lipsofethan Dolan
    Lipsofethan Dolan

    I had anxiety..

  • Natalia

    every time my anxiety is bad I turn to this video, literally hearing Kians voice makes me so fucking calm. It feels better knowing that even big youtubers like Kian go through this kind of thing and that I really am not alone... I love you Kian. So much.

    • Sam

      Lucky mines always bad

  • bella gnz
    bella gnz

    5 years later and i still watch this video thank you kian

  • satans-onlyfriend

    I'm 13, have had pretty bad social anxiety since I was 9 - 10 ish, it got worse when I moved to high school when I was 11 to the point where I'd have anxiety attacks inbetween classes thinking about if I forgot something or if I'm going to be late, it's got a bit better since then, that was around the time I started self harming, I'd didn't do it that often but it was a thing, about 2 months ago my mum saw my scars after I had a shower and after 2 hours of me crying to her I finally told her about my anxiety, she took me to the doctors a week later, I go to see him every couple weeks and I also go to counciling once a week if I'm able to, the thing is they focus on the self harm and I haven't done it for about a month and a half now and its getting much easier not to I just wish they'd focus more on helping me with my anxiety in my day to day life, my family life has been really messed up lately cause we've had to adopt my niece due to problems with my sister falling back into drugs and alcohol and my niece not having her father so that has made me even more isolated from my mum, but I have a wonderful girlfriend who'd helped me a lot, also, I'm going to see the doctor again in 3 days and I'm scared

  • qwert lkjhg
    qwert lkjhg

    we love you too kian

  • suv

    He’s so much better now..

  • Shawna McKittrick
    Shawna McKittrick

    his eyes were teary the WHOLE time, bless his heart 😭💔

  • Natalie Cardenas
    Natalie Cardenas

    I really connect to what your talking about. Ive struggled and still am struggling with major depression, eating disorders and anxiety. I can’t go up to a register and for what I want. I sit alone in classes and I just feel really lonely. Some days I even wish I weren’t here. But I still am. Thank you kian. This video made me feel that I’m Not the only one out there feeling like this. Thank you

  • D. E-L
    D. E-L

    If you have anxiety and been told that you have to "face your fear/stop avoiding those situations" don't feel bad because among all humans this is complety normal to back up against something that makes you feel so sad so degraded. Just remember that humans are avoiding earth to move to mars. If that's not avoiding the biggest thing possible i don't know what is.

  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim

    I dont know if i actually have anxiety, during middle school i had 1 friend and we would hang out but i still felt very alone but when i went into highschool it got worse. My friend in my eyes made new friends and i couldnt cope making friends and i felt so alone and i felt the exact same as you, she was in a different class than me and we barely saw eachother and during lunch times i would hang in the bathroom and play on my phone or cry quietly. I hate this feeling and i didnt know what to do. My mind was confused and i wanted to die during this point, suicidal thoughts crept in and i felt unwanted and ignored by everyone, even my bestfriend of 11 years is still like this and she keeps pushing me away and i dont know what to do. This may sound so cringey but this is how i feel and its really sad that i have to write it on youtube 😞

  • Tammy Alexander
    Tammy Alexander

    I just needed to come back to this video.

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas

    Kian is one of the best and most talented SLtoosrs. He deserves all the love in the world.

  • Jayme-Lea Ashcroft
    Jayme-Lea Ashcroft

    I know this is an old video, but Anxiety and depression are two things I’ve had to deal with since a young age I lost a teacher to suicide on the last day of grade 7 which is when everything became so much hard and the feeling of loneliness deepened 11 months later I lost a really close friend to suicide she was only 11 which again hit hard In 2015 I lost my bestfriend one of the only people I could go to which was my Nan she died of dementia and other things watching her die killed me And in November of 2018 only 5 months I lost one of my closest friends more like a sister to me to again suicide and that has fucked me up in more ways then one.. finding happiness is no longer a thing i focus on.. but instead I have to focus on waking up every morning not wanting to join her.. people say with time it’ll get easy and that you get use to the pain.. but NO it honestly isn’t 5 months and each day it’s hard and each day it kills me even more.. daily my mind replays the phone call of my friend telling me she had hung herself.. the feel of pure panic as I drove to her house.. and the pure panic and heart break when I saw my closest s friends breaking in front of me and seeing her family absolutely broken yet still saying “sorry” to me when they were the ones to loose a daughter.. the constant breaking of my heart when I go to messaged her to hang out destroys everything inside me I’m sorry for anyone reading this but please know if anyone EVER NEEDS SOMEONE TO TALK TO IM HERE...

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith

    I feel terrible and I don't know who to talk to cuz I feel like I can't watching ur vids help me be happy and I love u for it hope u stay strong with what u dealt with x

  • Olivia

    I felt as if i need to share this after watching once every month.. i started getting horrible anxiety in Kindergarten i am now 13 years old and i still have it. Everyday i feel as if im not wanted in this world by people which also causes me depression. I feel as if people hate me because i have a completely different personality then most people. I recently dyed my hair pink in January for my birthday because i wanted a change and people would stare at me like i was insane. My pink hair faded and i dyed it blue. I still feel un wanted by my parents and my sister and my family and people who dont even know. My anxiety got worse in 6th grade I would go home almost everyday from panic attacks in 7th grade i still have them i take medicine for it. I still feel panic attacks but i dont have them.

  • aryan Sharma
    aryan Sharma


  • Leslye VC
    Leslye VC

    Every time I see this video is because I’m in my worst moment. Kian, you don’t know how much you help me through everything I’ve been this past month and more exactly this past week. Thank you so much.

  • Little Big Man
    Little Big Man

    Jesus is waiting for you to call out to Him... He is listening...He was alone and the world hated and killed Him for no reason...He came here to save us...and to show us the Way...He loved us so much that He gave His that we could have life! Praise the Lord! He wants our heart...not just when times get hard. He wants to give us everything that this life cannot give...He wants us to seek out His Word and be transformed into His image so we can spend eternity with Him Paradise We have already manifested the flesh...and it gives no lasting joy and leads to's the enemy of God...He wants us to now manifest His Spirit...that gives us eternal have a personal relationship with Him! He wants us to manifest these fruits of His be His.. Love Joy Peace Kindness Goodness Meekness Self control Faithfulness Long suffering.. ...etc... Forgiveness Compassion Gentleness Mercifulness Graciousness Giving.... All the attributes of God. We have to confess...repent...and spend time in His Word...and have faith in all that it says and He will fill you with His life and you will overcome...your void will be filled! It's a walk...if you fall...get back up and finish the race that is set out before you... We also have to let go of the worldly that we can pick up the treasures from heaven....and that is something that will be very hard for many to do! It's a choice we have to make... He tells us.. Don't be conformed to this world...but to overcome the world through Christ...there is a price to pay....the "NOW"...or "ETERNITY " choice. We do have a cross to bear...He promises us that He will never leave or forsake us. He shows us the Way! The Way is narrow and hard...but the prize is Christ and heaven for eternity! He walks with us...and carries us through to the end. Death is not the end...but the beginning! Hallelujah! Blessings!

  • ___

    When I was in 8th grade I finally told my mom about how I felt like I would all of the sudden start freaking out and hyperventilating and I would actually think I was having a heart attack and dying right then and there and she explained how she went through that when she was my age too and a lot of people have it, that it was anxiety...and just her telling me that was enough for me to stop feeling so ashamed of having it and less scared that I was gonna die😂 I’m now in high school and still struggle so much with anxiety, I miss so much school because of it and I am now on probation for truancy caused by skipping so many classes due to anxiety...I’m tired of it controlling me and my future.

  • Ivy Rivera
    Ivy Rivera

    I’m 5 or 6 years late🤦🏽‍♀️. I was just looking back at your videos and I remember watching this years ago(obviously🥴). Now that I’ve matured and understand this video I can honestly say I relate to this so much. I suffer from anxiety. It’s not a good experience. Next year I’m going to high school and right now I’m going through some stuff that I sadly can’t fix because it was own fault. Even though this was posted years ago😂 I wanna thank you for posting it and not deleting it. You know you’re not the only one with anxiety but once you hear someone actually admit that they have it, it makes you feel not alone. Hearing you speak made me feel that I was not alone. Once again thank you. Everyone that knows me, knows that I have anxiety. They can say, “it’s gonna get better” or “it’s okay” when it’s really not. I mean you’re having an instant panic attack that not even you can stop. You’re crying like you’ve never cried before. You’re body feels weak and you feel wobbly. Why am I saying this? I don’t know😂. Even though I’m years late, I as a person, one of the billions alive, suffer from anxiety. Thank you once again kian. You’re videos help me a lot. It makes me feel better. I love you.

  • controlfreak 11256
    controlfreak 11256

    I’m 19 and I have stage fright I get very very Nevis I get scared 😱 to be in front of people I get nervous 😬 when I sing 🎤 in front of people that’s when I get very nerves You’re not alone I have the same thing but I will always love you 😍 don’t let anything get in front of what you love the best Only be yourself I believe in you you can do it I love you very much kian 💋

  • ally parrish
    ally parrish

    This video really hit hard because feeling alone is absolutely one of the worse feelings I go through, but it gets to me more knowing I don’t have anyone or the sources to help me get up of this feeling or part in my life.

  • Joanna Escoto
    Joanna Escoto

    I don’t know where to start but ever since I was little I always felt like no one excepted me for who I am because at school kids would make fun of me because I was different from everybody else I have a learning disability so it’s really hard for me to remember stuff... and the fucked up part is even my teachers would make fun of me they’d call me lazy or that I wouldn’t make it in life but the funny part is I will I’m very good at art, English, and science. It’s just sometimes I feel like I can’t be myself without people judging me you know that’s why I’m always quiet when I’m around new people... but I’m gonna try to get better even if it’s hard💗😌ilysm kian

  • Jamie Spangler
    Jamie Spangler

    I searched up this video because I need it rn, thank you