i bought a piano
hey guys this i a random vid, enjoy.
thanks 4 watching, subscribe if u want.
luv u guys!
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  • Simon Barker
    Simon Barker

    Jam and jelly aren't the same thing

  • meg

    i adore u sm

  • mannie paredes
    mannie paredes

    Syml better

  • Nam c
    Nam c

    I lost it at from the top

  • shayli ugolini
    shayli ugolini

    Please sell your art work that shit is amazing😍😍😩😱

  • Verlane Tan
    Verlane Tan


  • BIN Sophia Arabit
    BIN Sophia Arabit

    Is he drunk?

  • Sonya El Tokhy
    Sonya El Tokhy

    Does anybody know what kinda apartment kian lives in, thinkin about movin..🧐

  • avyshan Qorbani
    avyshan Qorbani

    Well idky but i love this content🙄💜

  • Vizzy King
    Vizzy King

    Can we just talk about how cute Kian was when he got Jim Carrey's autograph???

  • Anjela Rosé
    Anjela Rosé

    “If you wanna go get a Dyson, don’t”

  • Talia nani
    Talia nani

    you should do more singing videos 🥺

  • Matilde Martins
    Matilde Martins

    You have to do more videos like this

  • Sophie Wong
    Sophie Wong

    Hi hi I’m new here and kian reminds me soooo much of someone and/or the sound of his voice especially around 6:26 ... Some actor!??? Anyway no chance of anyone even replying but maybe someone out there knows because it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY lmao

  • coolgirl___

    me: **sees title** _I bought a piano_ me: **looks at thumbnail** that’s a keyboard

  • winnie


  • Grace Lucas
    Grace Lucas

    Kian I love you but you played mary had a little lamb wrong

  • RW - 11SG 714585 Mayfield SS
    RW - 11SG 714585 Mayfield SS

    This is just adhd in one video😂 I love it sooo much because I can relate. SQUIRREL

  • Rylie Faith
    Rylie Faith

    can we have more kian videos like this

  • Alyta Lamb
    Alyta Lamb


  • Brooke Elena-Mae
    Brooke Elena-Mae

    this is my goals.. to be able to walk around my apartment doing nothing while vlogging and have it get 300k views

  • George Piggy
    George Piggy

    Never be on iPads or phones or anything just do something that is not electronics

  • Hannah Sizemore
    Hannah Sizemore

    when youre in love

  • Aubre West
    Aubre West

    malibuuuu nighhhhtttssss

  • Laila Hamideh
    Laila Hamideh


  • shai moncrief
    shai moncrief

  • A J
    A J

    Strawberry and grape are the same thing people. 😂

  • Bella mL
    Bella mL

    2:14 what if your allergic to peanut butter 🤷🏽‍♀️😢

  • Arianna G
    Arianna G

    4:45 I know that song but I don't know the name

  • Arianna G
    Arianna G

    I literally only eat PB&Js 😂 like every meal, just PB&JS

  • Ashley Bush
    Ashley Bush

    why don't you ever make time lapse videos of you painting??

  • Kara Hillery
    Kara Hillery

    After watching this video I learned the song on my piano 😭 malibu nights - LANY , and I've also been completely obsessed with LANY ever since and u still hear kian listening to it

  • JustBunnie

    Why is this my fave video??

  • Isabelle Hoover
    Isabelle Hoover

    X-file theme is so good.

  • Jodi Lumpkin
    Jodi Lumpkin


  • Kayano Kaede
    Kayano Kaede

    Are his nails painted black?

  • Ambitious Ali
    Ambitious Ali


  • Ariana Aguilar
    Ariana Aguilar

    Honestly thought the song was red letters. It's a Christian song... But I was wrong its Malibu nights by Lany

  • ND Willie
    ND Willie

    That painting he showed low key kinda looks like Nezza 👀👀whoaaa whoa whoa

  • Sophia Leon
    Sophia Leon

    this account has more subs than knj

  • Shawna McKittrick
    Shawna McKittrick

    Kian played "Malibu nights" by LANY

  • Gabriela Amanda
    Gabriela Amanda

    LANY - Malibu Nights

  • Jada Franco
    Jada Franco

    Why is Kian so talented?

  • RiverGusGus69

    PLEASE make more Random videos please. It’s so fun and cute

  • Lydia is me
    Lydia is me

    jam still has the seeds in it. jelly doesn't ;)

  • gamerish

    post more on this channel!

  • Mikaela Pittman
    Mikaela Pittman

    I hope you are this random in really life 😂

  • Mikaela Pittman
    Mikaela Pittman

    Technically it’s a keyboard not a piano. Haha also pronounced pianist not pianoist hahaha

    • Ariana Aguilar
      Ariana Aguilar

      Shut up.

  • Mikaela Pittman
    Mikaela Pittman

    Uncrustables are amazing! Every time I go to the states I bring back a giant box!!!!!

  • Angel Powell
    Angel Powell

    I love videos like this.

  • Trinity Casey
    Trinity Casey

    ahh, that song is malibu nights by LANY

  • jess

    if you wanna go get a dyson... dont

  • Amisha Alagh
    Amisha Alagh

    A one a two a sciddly diddly too🥺😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lacey-ann Vince
    Lacey-ann Vince

    I know the song

  • Lacey-ann Vince
    Lacey-ann Vince

    Noah centanaoe whares a jumper like that

  • Quiyet Brul
    Quiyet Brul


  • hailey breann
    hailey breann

    kian you could upload a of you staring at a wall for a hour straight & id still watch it & be entertained

  • CarlyNicoleMusic

    “that’s overexposed” 😂

  • CarlyNicoleMusic

    this made me want to hear you sing malibu nights

  • arlet mendoza
    arlet mendoza

    I love uncrustables too wow...........cool.🐴

  • Lindsay Anne
    Lindsay Anne

    Uncrustables in the freezer 🤤🤤😍😍 weird but AMAZING

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose

    I’d teach you piano BUT only if u fly me out and let me visit you and Jc ;)

  • claudia

    jam is easier to spread, jelly is thicker

  • Denicza Osorio
    Denicza Osorio

    Kian should make a video of him painting. Btw Kian your paintings are good like how?

  • marisol cisneros
    marisol cisneros

    I love the fan girl part with Jim the best

  • Sophia’s World!
    Sophia’s World!

    Can I paint it

  • Barchies bach
    Barchies bach

    The song on the piano was malibu by lany, what do I win?

  • Samantha Moore
    Samantha Moore

    I wear my sweatshirt like that all the time. I really love you and your personality. Hope I can meet you some day. Also grape beats strawberry. Jam spreads better than jelly

  • Edwine 21
    Edwine 21

    Currently watching this for the fricking 5th time while eating uncrustsbles 👌🏼

  • Abi Chalmers
    Abi Chalmers

    easy malibu nights love that song

  • Emanae Emanae
    Emanae Emanae

    Oooo the painting looks like Amanda Spielberg when she had her hair shaved , it’s beautiful

  • Tommy Garnica
    Tommy Garnica

    Il love uncrustables and your painting looks like MannyMUA.

  • Megan Wright
    Megan Wright

    Recently started watching your videos. You are so talented! You should do a full cover of Malibu Nights! Nice to find another LANY fan!

  • Ryleigh Hanicq
    Ryleigh Hanicq

    9:46 he's so precious

  • Vanr Swearsit
    Vanr Swearsit

    Every time I go to McDs I get confused cause I'm like, ' can I get some jelly, no jam, jelly jam, jam jelly. The grape one.' LOL.

  • OneFiyaGirl

    I am pretty sure this isn’t the song ,but i think the song you played was “If you ever want to be in love” by James Bay?Remember I am not sure🤷‍♀️💗😊

  • Lauren

    Kian, will you get the JC and Kian glamour photo in the divorce? lol

  • Mea Marie
    Mea Marie

    Does anyone know what keyboard he has???

  • ihazza chonce
    ihazza chonce

    Jam has seeds jelly doesn't 😁 there ya go

  • Jaske

    Please do like a video where you show your paintings and stuff

  • Megan Herrera
    Megan Herrera


  • Morena Contreras
    Morena Contreras

    was that Reik's Song?

  • Ángela

    malibu nights i🥺

  • Alix McMurry
    Alix McMurry

    Just wanna thank you for encouraging me to get back into my art 💖

  • Kassi Hinrichs
    Kassi Hinrichs

    Malibu Nights


    Is it malibu nights ?

  • Never Enough Official
    Never Enough Official

    We have the same piano hahaha but white color (prettier 😜)

  • Kevin Phan
    Kevin Phan

    malibu nights, I'm so late, but it eas malibu nights

  • Crisla Bautista
    Crisla Bautista

    I love how random this is. it makes me feel like we're close friends. like im a little less alone. u know. LOVE YOU, K!

  • Gracie __
    Gracie __

    You’re so cute 😂. Also you should do a video dedicated to you recreating all your favorite songs from tangled. & your paintings are genuinely really good

  • Madeline

    you were in my dream the other night which is strange bc I haven't watched you in 3 years... WELL IM BACK BABY!

  • ash ash
    ash ash

    Wow I want to be his friend

  • DadisSmurf

    Twist the grips on the ends of the stand to make it fit

  • Sort of Sad
    Sort of Sad

    you suck at piano

  • Paige Slater
    Paige Slater

    What keyboard is that? I’d like to get one!!

  • Grace Whitmore
    Grace Whitmore

    You should freeze the uncrustables !! I thought it was weird asf but actually the texture is amazing haha

  • Elizabeth Hennig
    Elizabeth Hennig

    You should try the peanut butter and honey uncrustables!!! THE BEST HANDS DOWN

  • Kristina Hantke
    Kristina Hantke

    i fucking love him he's so adorable aw

  • Hadley Lambeth
    Hadley Lambeth

    what’s your favorite LANY song? my favorite is hericane


    i guess Kian and I need to fight because i HATE jelly but LOVE jam and they ARE different