It's Time I Told You.
there has been a lot on my mind recently...
keep an open mind while u watch this video.
thanks for watching.
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HEHEHEHEHEHE GOTCHA ;) i have a VERYYYYYY weird thought process & thought i would share some of my weirdest ones with u.
let me know if u want me to make another video like this because i have SOOOOOOOO many more.
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alright, cya guys soon? hopefully?

  • Ashlynn Vaughn
    Ashlynn Vaughn

    My childhood best friend literally hates me now lol I see him almost everyday

  • William Bournelis
    William Bournelis

    m y moms sick

  • Kendra


  • Jade St-Pierre
    Jade St-Pierre

    Why does liquid glue doesn't harden in its bottle?

  • Layan Amin
    Layan Amin

    i would listen to a kian lawley podcast


    The like "poop factory" thing he was talking about in the beginning is a real, its called a waste water plant and its to clean the water. I'm not sure if all toilet water ends up there but that's where my grandpa used to work so yeah. Unless thats just a Midwest thing so idk 🤷‍♀️

  • Justine Haddad
    Justine Haddad

    omg thats literary me very single second of the day i have the stupidest question always rumoring in my mind like

  • Kamryn Black
    Kamryn Black


  • Amirah Ali
    Amirah Ali

    U just put sooo much shit in my brain and now I need to have an argument with my bro about it 😂😂💕

  • Emma Riley
    Emma Riley

    I've thought of all of these things before 😂❤

  • Terri Hutton
    Terri Hutton

    Im a single mum and im sick. But have to be a mum anyway haha

  • Delaney Sustaita
    Delaney Sustaita

    My mom is sick rn..

  • Hailey Shurts
    Hailey Shurts

    A pizza is circular and it’s cut into triangles but it’s in a square box

  • Hailey Shurts
    Hailey Shurts

    My moms gotten sick sooooooo many times

  • Eli the warrior
    Eli the warrior

    A circular pizza in a square box is cut into triangles, but a square pizza in a square box is cut into smaller squares. Can they not also cut the square pizza into triangles? 🤔🤔🤔

  • shshemo A.
    shshemo A.

    all that because you're smart and you don't know that , no one ever know it

  • Tammin Lange
    Tammin Lange

    this is the stupidest but smartest video I've ever seen. love you kian.

  • Taehyung’s mole
    Taehyung’s mole

    Ok, you need to make many many more of these videos. I laughed soo hard throughout this video😂😂

  • zainab areesha
    zainab areesha

    holy shit i love u


    I swear i thought i was the only one with random thoughts but it turns out am not the only one 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jacklynn Bowling
    Jacklynn Bowling

    4:57 😂😂 I literally have the weirdest thoughts ever and I do weird shit too ahhh

  • The Unlikely Kid
    The Unlikely Kid

    I swear to God I didn't understand a word hes saying... I only made it through the end of the video bc he cute af 😅

  • Karleigh Scully
    Karleigh Scully

    you expect to see someone famous in a nice car bc you live in LA lmao the rest of us don't

  • N J
    N J

    This is my favourite thing to watch when im high 😂😂

  • rita j
    rita j

    the chicken came first, because when god made the world he made 2 of each creature, that's in my religion idk about anybody else

  • Madison Parmiter
    Madison Parmiter

    Why is this video a representation of my mind???

  • Teatree

    Flush factory is a thing it's called a waste management facility I learned it last year in 7th grade science class yeeyee

  • M Tipton
    M Tipton

    Hey Mom I didn't know I had a twin 😂.

  • Kristy Grey
    Kristy Grey

    *smokes weed once*

  • Ryan Cleveland
    Ryan Cleveland

    you know what makes me so mad is that you cant move your top row of teeth

  • Willie Cavins
    Willie Cavins

    I swear to god mom's never get sick

  • Willie Cavins
    Willie Cavins

    The first one.... I have thought about that too... so not stupid😂

  • Hugh Gomulka
    Hugh Gomulka

    Tell me how can you take the CIRCULAR pizza out of a CIRCULAR box?

  • Molly Frannces
    Molly Frannces


  • Jessika Sanders
    Jessika Sanders

    this is what you call add or adhd. ik this bc i think the same way and have add

  • spicy cooter
    spicy cooter

    Everyone use to ask "Is water wet?" And now almost everyone knows the answer. Answer: Water isn't wet. Water is what makes things wet.

  • Tori Goddard
    Tori Goddard

    Square box circle pizza triangle slices

  • brooke

    kian i love u 😂

  • Yuval sasson
    Yuval sasson

    How you don’t remember what happened before you go to sleep? I always try to remember the couple minutes before I go to sleep and in the morning I don’t remember

  • Yasmin Taba
    Yasmin Taba

    In Brazil we have circle pizza boxes lol

  • Blair Waldorf-Bass
    Blair Waldorf-Bass

    Moms get sick they just have no time to be sick. Especially if they’re a single parent things still have to get done and no one else is going to do them 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Olivia Mullen
    Olivia Mullen

    My mom is sick rn

    • Olivia Mullen
      Olivia Mullen

      False advertising

  • Leo Scoop
    Leo Scoop

    What is wrong with the people who created the tooth fairy like a tiny person with wings comeing to take your teeth

  • Mto theB
    Mto theB

    My mom gets sick . Sick of my bullshit

  • Lauren

  • Lauren

    Why why does red velvet cake taste different to chocolate cake because it's just chocolate cake with red food colouring

  • Verona T-kvist
    Verona T-kvist

    I don’t know about the US but in Sweden we have sewage plants or whatever that cleans the water after we flush it

  • Erynn Weir
    Erynn Weir


  • maliyah e
    maliyah e

    Does anyone else do that thing that Kian did at 0:12 in real life ???

  • No One
    No One

    OMG now I get why your head blows up at the end of every video

  • Daisy Payne
    Daisy Payne

    Sphere* not circular box

  • Candy 🍭💛💛
    Candy 🍭💛💛

    Moms do get sick

    • Candy 🍭💛💛
      Candy 🍭💛💛

      Love u tho ❤️❤️❤️💘

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    6:20 factsssss but it still talk to some of the people in that group i did that😂😂😂😂💀

  • Sam Martinez
    Sam Martinez

    i would frigin love to have a conversation with this kid, like a full-on 5 hour conversation about EVERYTHING

  • Sophie Hodrien
    Sophie Hodrien

    Square bow circle pizza cut into triangular sizes............ BOOM mind BLOWN

  • Sophie Hodrien
    Sophie Hodrien

    Ye Kians right

  • Taisha Nyree
    Taisha Nyree

    I always wanted to know like...when u flush after doing what that the same stuff coming back up with out what u did in said a factory that takes all they nasty stuff out and like sends the same water back up...or like...people sometimes say dont have the sink water on and that the same like whn u flush...and u have the sink water on...are u drinking toilet water???? LIKE I DONT KNO...WHERE DOES IT GO

    • Lauren

      Maybe you should google how toilets work

  • Rebekah Loux
    Rebekah Loux

    I’ve thought about this a lot: if the first person who ever ate any kind of food was allergic to that food then people would think it was poisonous and we wouldn’t have that food, which also begs the question how many foods do we not have because the first person to eat it was allergic to it?

  • galaxy . love
    galaxy . love

    My mom was sick two days ago......😂

  • galaxy . love
    galaxy . love

    "I can assure you thats not going through my mine.................100% of the time" 😂

  • Jaclyn Miri
    Jaclyn Miri

    My friendships have ended badly.... I'm 17 lol

  • shir dugma
    shir dugma

    fucking Genius

  • Deb

    There are circle boxes for pizzas in my city


    Tell my mom that throw up when she was picking me up from 8th grade cuz she was SICK that she never gets sick I love you Kian, this video had me dying 😚😂

  • Eva Rosez
    Eva Rosez

    He’s sitting on the table, crazy man

  • Tamika Donley
    Tamika Donley

    honestly same..

  • Sad crustacean noises
    Sad crustacean noises

    Kian is the type of person to twerk on live then be like haha guysss I’m so weird and goofy haha

  • Zena Pendleton
    Zena Pendleton

    U know how people say that there’s no tomorrow! If u don’t get it just think about it 👌

  • NyteTime Special
    NyteTime Special

    This is some random shit I’ve thought. Please do another one in the month of May 2019

  • alise

    "no way jose first time...fuck does that mean... *OH MY GOD* "

  • I love Youtube
    I love Youtube

    Who think it is time to tell us he loves nessa merrell

  • Anikki Kretschmer
    Anikki Kretschmer

    am I the only one who sees something small constantly moving in the corner of his room door lmaooo it kinda freaks me out lol

  • Beatriz Oliveira
    Beatriz Oliveira

    my pizzas come in circular boxes lol

  • Payton Ramirez Music
    Payton Ramirez Music

    Lol 4:08 the Jim Carrey part of Liam came out for a sec 😂🤣😂

  • yo mamma
    yo mamma

    I love his face at 4:05 PRICELESS ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Karla Brien
    Karla Brien

    pizza: circle box: square slice: triangles pizza is secretly geometry class

  • Arina Bushmeleva
    Arina Bushmeleva

    my mom always gets sick after me, sorry mommy

  • macy x.x
    macy x.x

    this is what overthinking looks like

  • malayah howard
    malayah howard


  • Sabina

    What girl has Kian on his wallpaper?

  • Marisol Ortiz-Seirra
    Marisol Ortiz-Seirra

    Kian are you.....are you hispanic?? Just a little.....just a little bit???

  • david burdette
    david burdette


  • david burdette
    david burdette

    My name is Madison Burdette

  • Kirra _
    Kirra _

    That mom one is so true

  • whitney autumn
    whitney autumn

    SOMETHING IVE THOUGHT ABOUT...our whole life is spent picking things up and putting them down and we never hold onto one thing for literally longer than a day. Like we just pick up shit, put it down...pick it up put it somewhere our phones. We pick them up, set me down. Food. Drinks. Clothes. Toothbrushes shit like even things in the fridge or job applications or ANYTHING that’s all we fucking do with our lives

  • Konna Tv
    Konna Tv

    I love listening to him saying weird stuff

  • Aria Tricia Bravo
    Aria Tricia Bravo

    He's funny and cute.... Love the pizza comment haha

  • Karly Hancock
    Karly Hancock

    i might think that it was someone famous if i lives in LA but i live in a small city in michigan so i’m just like “oh they make a lot of money” lmao

  • skeno

    here in brazil the pizzas box are circulars

  • Maria Abadam
    Maria Abadam

    You’re right about the circle pizza in the square box, but think about how we cut them up into triangles!!!! 🤨🤨🧐🧐😂😂😳😳

  • Remas AlMusallam
    Remas AlMusallam

    Kian....... are you ok

  • Savannah Garcia
    Savannah Garcia

    his ideas make sense to me tbh

  • Georgia Weston
    Georgia Weston

    see my mum sometimes gets ill but my nan noooo shes never ill and i cant remember the last time she was

  • sophie skwlton
    sophie skwlton

    I'm watching this video for about the 50th time and at 9:23 the silence made me laugh so hard I have stomach cramps😂😂❤❤

  • Emma O
    Emma O

    This was posted two days after my birthday


    I think the reason moms don’t call us is cause they don’t want us to worry about them lol

  • Luna Limelight
    Luna Limelight


  • Aubrey Quick
    Aubrey Quick

    1:02 scared the shit out of me

  • Izzy

    Pizzas are circle so everyone eating it gets an even slice and I watched till the end❤

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    Kian you are adorable 😂