Kissing My Ex Girlfriend,
Soooooooooooo, yeah. This really happened.
I honestly don't know what to say haha...
we made another version on Andreas channel
(we cuddled & it was fucking awkward)
her twitter is:
- - -
Thanks for watching, see u guys very soon!

  • shelby beth
    shelby beth

    who’s here ... now

  • mariii lol
    mariii lol

    They were so TOXIC 😭

  • Abi OB
    Abi OB

    This popped up in my recommendation why?? Jjcjdjxus I watched this like 3 years ago and I'm here aaaa omg

  • Tay Tv
    Tay Tv

    Anyone here in October 2020? Why am I here? Why am I seeing this 🥴

  • Cayleez

    i miss them

  • Efi B
    Efi B

    its crazy how this video came out almost 5 years ago and ive watched it so many times since.

  • ace anarchy
    ace anarchy

    watch 14 year old me die after watching this

  • Holly Spence
    Holly Spence

    Now that him and Ayla broke up, let’s get these two back together !!

    • Kaylee Ventura
      Kaylee Ventura

      they broke up ??????

  • Carolina Sukie
    Carolina Sukie

    What does she mean with miley cyrus thing?

  • Tanya Klein
    Tanya Klein

    Kian: “It might be kind of weird for you guys to be watching this” Andrea: *rolls her eyes intensely*

  • Chelsey Chevalier
    Chelsey Chevalier

    he b regretting.

  • riverviewsky

    i’m a masochist huh

  • Hanabi Jin
    Hanabi Jin

    sexi girl and hots උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග watch and enjoy all that can be and there are the best400

  • erica winchester
    erica winchester


  • jasmine vergara
    jasmine vergara

    The end of 2020 & i still miss them together

  • Lexi Greer
    Lexi Greer

    5 years later and I still wonder if they're friends anymore

  • Emma Ocheda
    Emma Ocheda

    how did I get back here after 4 years?

  • bored lol
    bored lol

    WHY is this in my recommended

  • destiny lester
    destiny lester

    i refuse to believe this was 4 years ago

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace

    I still think they’re soulmates.

  • Kayla Rheault
    Kayla Rheault

    That was so fucking awkward 😂

  • Twelve Assassins
    Twelve Assassins

    Still his best girlfriend

  • mary louisse
    mary louisse

    10:47 im blushing

  • mary louisse
    mary louisse

    its 2020 and i still ship them! >:(

  • Hayley Tamara
    Hayley Tamara

    ok but 11:53

  • emily long
    emily long

    Alright. Knj's lie detector test. I have a feeling this was the time kian hooked up with an ex after more than a year of being broken up. Lmaooo

  • mork me in ur heart
    mork me in ur heart

    why is youtube is recommending this video NOW

  • Brin Brazell
    Brin Brazell

    You can telllll kian wanted more- just saying.

  • H.


  • Patrycja

    Kians face when she said she wouldn’t take it back 😂😂 11:10

  • Christina Miller
    Christina Miller

    Why did you do that •

  • Caro Villa
    Caro Villa

    I’m still not over this relationship

  • azy dinkins
    azy dinkins

    2020 yall and ive already watched this more than once

  • Myah Lynn
    Myah Lynn

    I feel like that kiss made kians whole day

  • Aileen Garcia
    Aileen Garcia

    Sounds like he wants to cry after they kissed /:

  • katluvslou

    I never knew you even know andrea-


    i really want them to be together again:(

  • 123 456
    123 456

    Andrea's video was on my for you page on tiktok and now I'm here in 2020 stuck in quarantine 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Bianca Gallegos
    Bianca Gallegos

    April 2020😔

  • Kylah Folkes
    Kylah Folkes

    they seem super close in this...physically lmao

  • Cohen Brown
    Cohen Brown

    Fuck her she fat

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf

    They were cute together

  • Nikki Thomson
    Nikki Thomson

    I me name s Nikki Thomson I like your SLtoos video I me new friends in your SLtoos video from Nikki Thomson 😘 😘

  • NaibPlays

    kiss at 10:47

  • allison Dennik
    allison Dennik

    This was 4 years ago!? WHAT

  • Erica Pagdilao
    Erica Pagdilao

    They both have their partners... but, dang I wish you guys didn’t break up.

  • Daniela Mejia
    Daniela Mejia

    I wouldn’t regret it ether like that was a good kiss

  • sarah jasmine
    sarah jasmine

    I born in 2nd September too

  • Kalyn Singleton
    Kalyn Singleton

    There was 100% feeling in that kiss!!

  • Mimi Kriss
    Mimi Kriss

    Still not over them

  • Sofia Mohamad
    Sofia Mohamad

    This has 17 MILLION views...

  • Lena Leitner
    Lena Leitner

    What was the third question that Kian just mumbled and didn't repeat again? Did anyone understand? 🤔

  • Taylorhugstrees

    here i am... years later, and i still have hope they will find each other again. even though it will never fucking happen.

  • salma raafat
    salma raafat

    i dont know why but i think Andrea hurt him really bad that he is still hurt until now.

  • Molly Murtagh
    Molly Murtagh

    This really does stuff to my heart

  • Tanya Krotowa
    Tanya Krotowa

    Omg he isssssssssssssss soooo young in this video. Now he is so mature. I mean in his appearence

  • Tanya Krotowa
    Tanya Krotowa

    Omg i am recommended this 4 years again after i saw that 4 years ago. I am shook that 4 DAMN YEARS HAVE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carrie Krampf
    Carrie Krampf

    there needs to be a new video in 2020!!

  • Ella Sutton
    Ella Sutton

    whos here after the reality house

  • Kariss Droguett
    Kariss Droguett

    can´t believe it´s been 4 years

    • Tanya Krotowa
      Tanya Krotowa

      me too

  • Stifler Stifmiester
    Stifler Stifmiester

    They def clapped when that camera shut off 🤣

  • Nafisa Najmi
    Nafisa Najmi

    😂watching after reality house 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MakeUpPrincessx3

    Watching in 2020. I know they would never get back together bc they are completely different people now but damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I miss the old days when they were together

  • louie t
    louie t

    2013 were the glory days when everyone was just partying and living life and magcon and o2l and digifest was a thing. just sayin

  • Eva Rodd
    Eva Rodd

    watching this in 2020 after watching the Reality House Season 2, and all I can say is, it makes me happy to see how nice Kian is to her.

  • Kelly Burrell
    Kelly Burrell

    ugh. he's perfect.

  • jade daniella
    jade daniella

    its 2020 and im still trying to figure out what he mumbled because all i ever got was “naowlepwindoaiakem push you in the corner”

  • krisjoy

    whys this in my recommended tho

  • Ana Ilić
    Ana Ilić

    5 years ago maaaan

  • taylor weare
    taylor weare

    they totally fucked after this

  • lili

    6:57 oh-

  • lili

    they should remake this again now that the reality house has reminded us all of kiandrea

    • kate

      even if he was single i think itd be beating a dead horse. like its so far in the past just let them be

    • Britney Hemmings
      Britney Hemmings

      They both have someone else now

    • lili

      Ashley Ibarria i’m sure they’d be fine, it’s just like how dom and andrea kept collabing after they stopped hooking up

    • Ashley Ibarria
      Ashley Ibarria

      @lili mmm, I'm not sure that would probably still make his girlfriend uncomfortable

    • lili

      Ashley Ibarria yeah, a video of them just as friends would be cool though

  • Delaney Wheeler
    Delaney Wheeler

    andrea is me “TANGLED”

  • necessity :P
    necessity :P

    2020 and I still can’t move on from this

  • Jaz


    • Tanya Krotowa
      Tanya Krotowa

      i am shocked also

  • Kc

    THIS WAS 4 YEARS AGO? i was scrolling through his videos thinking it was only last year... fuck

    • Tanya Krotowa
      Tanya Krotowa

      saaaaaaaaaaaaame, sis

  • Tinkara Prinčič
    Tinkara Prinčič

    Why are they not together😭

  • ariana diaz
    ariana diaz

    idk why I think they’ll get back together I know they’re both in relationships rn but I have hope

  • Wanda 807
    Wanda 807

    “Uh I think she’s afraid of heights”

    • Phylline Cristel Calubayan
      Phylline Cristel Calubayan


    • Tia Tomlinson
      Tia Tomlinson


  • Kelly Paz
    Kelly Paz

    It wasn’t just on my recommendations right ? 💀

    • Tanya Krotowa
      Tanya Krotowa


  • natalie

    yo they totally banged after this video

  • Fatema

    2020 seeing them in reality house😬

  • Ayesha Grenier
    Ayesha Grenier

    I can’t believe that they’re ex’s

  • Brianda Gallegos
    Brianda Gallegos

    Here after 4 years and OHHHHMYGOD lmao

  • ltsprecious

    Why was this recommended again? Ngl I still ship them after all these years. They’re the cutest 🥺💖

  • Brenda Arroyo
    Brenda Arroyo

    Why was this in my recommendations again, AND ITS BEEN 5 YEARS????!!!!

  • Cheyanne M
    Cheyanne M

    Lol why is this in my recommended?😂

  • Vicky Campos
    Vicky Campos

    its 2020 and i still have hope they get back together

  • akatseuki

    watching rhs2 just made me realized how much i miss kiandrea together GAHDJAHH :(

  • louie t
    louie t

    ah the good old days when 1D and vine was a thing

  • basicmariaa

    I will ship forever

  • Ruth A
    Ruth A

    Seeing them in another recent video together make me miss them so much

  • Charlie Wright
    Charlie Wright

    I still want them to end up together omg

  • McKenna Blaine
    McKenna Blaine

    “pinky promise sam you’re not gonna open your eyes” “okay, i pinky promise sam” 🥺🥺🥺

  • Supreme

    rip, it’s 2020 and still wanna see them back together

    • Emily Ramos
      Emily Ramos

      To be honest I don’t sorry but I really don’t want them together again but I respect your opinion but I just don’t want them back together because I love how lord Kian and his girlfriend are right now and I’m sorry to say it but she has an attitude that is horrible she’s not a horrible person really but she is but she’s not so yeah...

    • strawberry melk
      strawberry melk

      how she is not

    • M M
      M M

      Why? She is a horrible person

    • Andreita408

      David Dobrik frss

  • Carleigh S
    Carleigh S

    Who’s here after watching season 2 of the reality house 😔😔

    • Bonnie James
      Bonnie James


    • Yas Olivia
      Yas Olivia

      What happened on the show?

    • Ava Taylor
      Ava Taylor


  • zoe karina
    zoe karina

    2020 gang

  • shavrii

    I hate to say that I’m here after watching the reality show...

    • Emily Ramos
      Emily Ramos

      OMG SAME 😬😑

    • Naliya


    • Keira Connolly
      Keira Connolly

      Me too

    • 05 05


    • Bonnie James
      Bonnie James

      Hi legit same

  • Emily Winters
    Emily Winters

    It’s literally 2020 and I still want you guys back together 😂😭Damn

    • Jayde Johnson
      Jayde Johnson

      @Holly Spence wait when??!!

    • Holly Spence
      Holly Spence

      Now that him and Ayla broke up, let’s get these two back together !!

    • Aashna Sawlani
      Aashna Sawlani

      Emily Winters same

    • maliyah marie
      maliyah marie


    • Anna Gallo
      Anna Gallo

      for realll

  • Usernameunavailable69

    Wow, 4 years.