& i'm still going.
- - -
watch me get a tattoo -

  • Devv

    His moon tattoo is so nice

  • Andrea Silva
    Andrea Silva

    The red shoe...

  • warlord gaming
    warlord gaming

    Hella throwback 😂

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas

    I love seeing Kian laugh so calmly.

  • NatalieRose

    "yeah but do I highly recommend you" LMAO NOT ANYMORE

    • Tatiana Gois
      Tatiana Gois

      If you know the accusations that are pointing more to true then to false ( a non guilty person wouldn't act like that) and you have a moral compass you wouldn't either

    • Adyan Neameh
      Adyan Neameh

      Why not

  • serena soobrattee
    serena soobrattee

    well this didn't age nicely

    • Ryan Thomas
      Ryan Thomas


  • M Runfar
    M Runfar

    I just watch this video,that owl tattoo that he likes so much has the Illuminati eye, wow. Could it be true what they say about some of the SLtoosrs being into that, cause alot of these guys sure do like kissing on each other and that's what alot of it's all about , just saying, I'm not trying to hate on you. Just when I seen the tattoo it really stood at me, it being an owl sure does not look like one.

  • Tyler Mead
    Tyler Mead

    The like to dislike ratio is beautiful

    • Ryan Thomas
      Ryan Thomas

      Please. I've seen videos with 350k likes and only 100s of dislikes. This video's ratio is nothing.

  • warlord gaming
    warlord gaming

    Romeo was so young😂

  • Tannie

    lol ohhhh kian i can make u scream moan an groan

  • Harmanpreet Singh
    Harmanpreet Singh

    aw this was posted on my birthday,

  • Voices of Dust
    Voices of Dust

    Male attention whoring at its finest on full display for the unwashed masses.

  • Destinee Washington
    Destinee Washington


  • Peyton Llewellyn
    Peyton Llewellyn

    "It's the little red shoe" ❤️ idk why but they was the cutest thing

  • Iliana Elicia Galaviz
    Iliana Elicia Galaviz

    i have a Japanese symbol on my right wrist which means “courage” & i have a palm tree on my shoulder/chest area

  • rheyse reynolds
    rheyse reynolds

    i wanna know what the meaning of the koala is

  • Josie

    I know this video is old but I love this mentality about tattoos and I wish more people were like that. I don't have many but the few tattoos I do have don't have like a lot of deep meaning per say, I just like them or they way they look. Wish I could get more but unfortunately because of my job they can't be visible so guess I'm stuck for awhile getting them places i can cover up.

  • Ellie007

    JC LAUGHING MAKES ME LAUGH. 2018 and I still come back to this video to laugh with him 😂😂😂😂

  • BeccaJohnson

    I’m watching this in 2018 lol! Does he have a tattoo representing the Knj house? I wish he did because I absolutely love them all and their friendships!❤️

  • PersonOfRandom

    At the beginning kian and Romeo had a moment xD

  • Ellie007

    Jc laughing at the back; cracks me up ALL the time 😂😂😂

  • bella michaels
    bella michaels

    I love his geometric leaf tattoo on his arm

  • Hannah Alaska
    Hannah Alaska


  • yoongikigai

    *T H I C C*

  • Kyri Mae
    Kyri Mae

    Romeo is low-key really attractive..

  • Albana Sabedini
    Albana Sabedini

    "The red shoe" we all know the story behind of it. 😑😔😥

  • Rachel Leigh
    Rachel Leigh

    Kian's little red shoe if you know you know 💔😭

  • لا x
    لا x

    What happened with his dad? Left or ??

  • trxnspxrnt

    The little red shoe.. The bigger picture,

  • paige thames
    paige thames


  • Sian Higgins
    Sian Higgins

    The red shoe😓

  • Ryan Greene
    Ryan Greene

    Can anyone tell me if this kid is straight

  • Abbypro223

    I've wanted to get a specific tattoo for 3 years now and I draw it on myself all the time but it's a pause and play symbol really close to each other on my left wrist, about 4 years ago I struggled REALLY badly with depression and thoughts of self harm and music helped me through so I decided to put the reason I don't cut where I would cut, I also want that tattoo because music is "in my veins" my grandfather (who passed away when my mom was very little) played guitar, my mom sings, my cousins sing, and I'm in a band and I'm very interested in the concept of time and pausing and playing time, I also really want one of those one line tattoos of a wave, because I am a pisces (water sign), I used to live on an island and I am a very emotional person so I cry a lot lol, but honestly once I have tattoos I'll probably get some with less meaning I've just had a lot of time to think because I've been obsessed with tattoo design since I was like 12 EDIT: Also the pause symbol doubles as equals as in equality which needs to start so like to start music you press play yeah okay SECOND EDIT: and my dad has a power symbol so like electronic symbols idk

  • This is Irrelevant
    This is Irrelevant

    Almost a million

  • Brooklyn K
    Brooklyn K

    "It's the little red shoe" "Why" "It's the red shoe" Same Kian same😂

  • baylee gabriele
    baylee gabriele

    i was going through old videos but i've got 3 tattoos and my favorite is my sunflower on my back

  • yung_art

    My name is on his title

  • Joy Peeler
    Joy Peeler

    You can hear jc in the background in the beginning

  • Jordan Lewis
    Jordan Lewis

    I wanna get tattooed by Romeo!!

  • ariel cousie
    ariel cousie

    When he mentioned the red shoe it made me remember the big picture and I wanted to cry

  • Katie

    I want to be Romeos friend tbh.

  • Shaina Shoughro
    Shaina Shoughro

    the red shoe is from his bigger picture video

  • Mya Oliver
    Mya Oliver

    Romeo is honestly so adorable

  • MotoTebbs

    celtic knot about 7 inches going down forearm.

  • sam !!!!
    sam !!!!


  • Paige Wells
    Paige Wells

    I love his leaf!! I want it but I need a better picture of it!!❤️❤️

  • Riley Hope
    Riley Hope

    I want a tattoo by Romeo so bad.....I love all of kian's ink and I would love to go down to California one and get it done

  • Brett Lipsitz
    Brett Lipsitz

    😂😂 the beginning

  • Ayla Thompson
    Ayla Thompson

    i wanna get an owl,elephant and my sign

  • Kayleigh King
    Kayleigh King

    I want to get ( by Romeo) a cross with a rose on it

  • Antonia Martinez
    Antonia Martinez

    i want a tattoos

  • Dimples Sarabia
    Dimples Sarabia

    I want someone to look at me the way Romeo looks at kian 😂😁

  • sydney K
    sydney K

    The little red shoe.......

  • Jess Tarriero
    Jess Tarriero

    I live in new jersey and the closest tattoo place is in Delaware

  • Sarah Dana
    Sarah Dana

    i have tattoo that is Just the word Unbreakable

  • HannaH's Studio
    HannaH's Studio

    Hi Kian Lawley, I am Hannah, I chose to 'Comment' on this film is to be honest one my favourite film you have made! You have inspired me in so many different 'Creative' way and yet I only have two film on my channel I still think of so many 'Creative' ideas. One my dream is to become a 'Professional Creator' and the Second one is to be 'Close Friends' all my favourite creators! Besides all that I love your 'Creativity' so keep doing what you love and thank you for inspiring me! :)

  • leo_ M420
    leo_ M420

    I think i saw u on netflix?!

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose

    my thing about tattoos is I'm just like kian, when I'm old enough I wont give two shits what I have tattooed on me because in that moment I got it, it meant something to me

  • Brooke Baughman
    Brooke Baughman

    " but do i really highly recommend you?" " i don't know " 😂😂😂

  • Megan W
    Megan W

    That little lightning bolt on yon it hand? Just realized I have the same one on my side!

  • mariah jenay
    mariah jenay

    What a babe

  • makedonka goshevska
    makedonka goshevska


  • Subzerro

    Aren't you worried if your tattoos will affect your acting career? I'm personally gonna keep most of my tattoos non visible bc I don't want to limit the roles I can play.

  • malou

    I really want the "why not?" tattoo on my ankle as well cause its not really visible so I don't think I'll ever mind + every time I do something reckless or without thinking it through people ask me why I did like bitch stfu im cool like that, also why not ?1!1?!1

  • Devyn S
    Devyn S

    I'm going to Romeo as soon as I'm 16

  • Luiza Costa
    Luiza Costa

    4:20-4:30 was my favorite part

  • Rachel Lorie
    Rachel Lorie

    Ya I put antibacterial hand sanitizer bc it was the winter time and I had long sleeve shirt on my newly tatted wrist and it scabbed. There are parts of ink that are missing. I also got a dermal piercing on the tatt which also left some scarring after I took the dermal out. I really need to get it touched up I just haven't found the right artist bc the one I had gave me thick ass lines & I was like I wish it had been cute & dainty -- but now I know - thanks to this video!

  • Rachel Lorie
    Rachel Lorie

    Ahh I learn something new!! Thin lines!! I'm going to tell my tatt artist that

  • Destiny Guzman
    Destiny Guzman

    For my first tattoo I'm going to Romeos shop and getting ur name tattooed on my ankle 💞😘

  • Rhianne Burns
    Rhianne Burns


  • malou

    i want random tattoos like his one day, they dont even have to mean anything :---)

  • Hana Olsen
    Hana Olsen

    I want the dauntless symbol,but idk yet

  • Gaya Menashe
    Gaya Menashe


  • Trey Ned Dāyot A4 10 🐁 🦦 🦝 🐘
    Trey Ned Dāyot A4 10 🐁 🦦 🦝 🐘

    My name's actually Art,

  • Kaylee Fry
    Kaylee Fry

    I'm actually trying to save up that why I can fly and get a tattoo from Romeo when I'm old enough

  • Keep It With Kea
    Keep It With Kea

    When you go get a tattoo, does the tattoo artist ask if you want a nine or whatever number or?

    • Rachel Lorie
      Rachel Lorie

      Keep It With Kea i have five tattoos from two different artists. From experience - no they don't. Mine didn't.

  • aimee E
    aimee E

    Literally love me

  • Ruby-Anne Buckley
    Ruby-Anne Buckley

    I want to get a half geometric half realistic wolf tattoo in black and have the eyes a light shade of blue

  • Kindal Pedersen
    Kindal Pedersen

    Omg Jc laughing in the background is so adorable

  • Joey salinas
    Joey salinas

    I have a wolf tattoo on my forearm and im getting a rose and pocket watch tattoo next month on the 7th

  • Music is my_Escape
    Music is my_Escape

    i have a whole list of tattoos i want for when im older. yikes, ill be only one in my family with ink lmaoo

  • mandie

    tbh I would ship Kian and Romeo if I didn't already ship Kian and Jc

  • Jenna Melvin
    Jenna Melvin

    an owl

  • Oonaxh_x

    I'm already addicted to getting tattoos and I can't even get any because I'm not old enough

  • Brianna Rodriguez
    Brianna Rodriguez

    who knows why he got the red shoe tattoo i know why but i wonder if yall know

    • Rachel Lorie
      Rachel Lorie

      @Brianna Rodriguez should've went to the thrift shop or Payless. I see women on food stamps or working mcdonalds who buys their babies jordans

    • Brianna Rodriguez
      Brianna Rodriguez

      Rachel Lorie because he did a video called the bigger picture and it was all about how the little boy and the red shoes for christmas but didnt get it cause his mother didnt have enough

    • Rachel Lorie
      Rachel Lorie

      Brianna Rodriguez why? Everyone mentions it in the comments I feel like I'm missing something

  • YellowFlower

    I'm actually planning on getting the houses from harry potter tattoo :D

  • Marina _delrey
    Marina _delrey

    When I get my tattoo I am going to Romeo I really enjoy his art work

  • Kaya

    I can't wait to get tattoos

  • Joycelyn Killsnight
    Joycelyn Killsnight

    I have my dads birthdate in roman numerals behind my left ear. I have my dads name in Cheyenne on my right wrist. And finally i have my last name "KILLSNIGHT" in cursive in a heart on the inside of my right hip

  • Jade Luxe
    Jade Luxe

    I wanna get a tattoo from Romeo but my uncle owns a tattoo shop and I will feel bad but oh well. Gonna wait to go to LA and let him do my first tattoo

  • LippyHippy Asmr
    LippyHippy Asmr

    Im hopefully going to get an anchor with a broken chain in my ankle. it represents my struggles being let go so yeah that got kind of deep

  • Rory Potato
    Rory Potato

    I really wanna get tattooed by either Romeo or Hannah Sykes (Oliver Syke's wife)

  • Alana Roberts
    Alana Roberts

    when kian said roman instead of romeo😂😂😂

  • Marijane Arevalos
    Marijane Arevalos

    THE LITTLE RED SHOE its from his other video

  • BrokenKrayon

    the way he looked at him after romeo went "wassup guys!"

  • Paige Roberts
    Paige Roberts

    I want the infinity sign and a cross

  • Paris Michelle
    Paris Michelle

    What is that bottle thing on his arm

  • Char Lynn
    Char Lynn

    I love that you've got your dads initials, I want to gety moms.

    • Char Lynn
      Char Lynn

      get my**

  • Tessa Ross
    Tessa Ross

    what about ur leg

  • beyonce karlson
    beyonce karlson

    jc has the same tattoo they have two matching tattoos

    • Lexaa Michelle
      Lexaa Michelle

      Which ones ?