i put jc's car in his house
hehehehehe this vid was funnnnn.
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  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Kriox

    My name is kian to😁

  • Denisse Padilla
    Denisse Padilla

    3:00 realizing he was pranking himself since he had to move everything

  • Kendra

    Was so excited when JC appeared like I missed him while he was gone 😂

  • lauren jauregui is perfect
    lauren jauregui is perfect

    corey repeatedly saying "it's not your problem, it's jc's" is so cute 💙

  • Rose Quinzel
    Rose Quinzel

    Rewatching old videos & Seeing Corey made my heart Drop ❤️

  • IrisBoop

    When corey was guiding kian while driving and then corey went infront of the car and it was so close to him like it hit him fuck I got goosebumps

  • Rikks H
    Rikks H

    7:50 I guess we know why corey was being so nice now😂 RIP corey!!😦

  • Emily Burke
    Emily Burke

    Corey over and over it’s not ur problem it’s his

  • Natalie N
    Natalie N

    your hoodie is amazing.

  • Starlise Jun.from.17
    Starlise Jun.from.17

    When he walks in and I see cats all over the counter and a car in the house. 🤢😭

  • angelica cruz
    angelica cruz


  • Delisha Mohammed
    Delisha Mohammed

    We’re talking about jc walking in on Corey but can we just talk for a few seconds about Bobby’s reaction and how pale he looked😂😅 also ik I’m real late I didn’t have a phone for like a year (couldn’t afford a new one)

  • Phoebe Del Birut
    Phoebe Del Birut

    I miss corey

  • Th3 Madst3r
    Th3 Madst3r

    Bobby: Oh, Jc... I'll put it back in 2 weeks. ;) Ahaha good one, Bobby!

  • Dante Musso
    Dante Musso

    this video is rasiosorm

  • spooky szn
    spooky szn

    i miss these random uploads :(

  • knj lover
    knj lover

    *jc takes his keys to texas* kian: he’s so stupid *jc leaves his keys at home* kian: what an idiot

  • Jub b. Benson
    Jub b. Benson

    He turned into a dragon when he bit that pizza

  • Lexi Segura
    Lexi Segura

    Send nice editing/lighting tips Please subscribe and send good vibes

  • XoBlakesWrld

    Your gonna be at joshes wedding tonight lol im your cuzin

  • Rebecca

    I thought Corey didn’t get girls

  • Deja Arguello
    Deja Arguello

    I died when jc noticed there was a girl in Coreys room LMAO

  • Meanie Beanie
    Meanie Beanie

    I feel like Kian dislikes Chelsea

  • Lawsone

    I saw Kian with a The 1975 sweater, I click. Simple.

  • Ellie Whelan
    Ellie Whelan

    how come at the start how can he not have a double chin at that angle omg i look like a fricken frog or some shit at that angel

  • Lilly Grinder
    Lilly Grinder

    Not gonna lie this radiates crackhead energy

  • Vicky Brooks
    Vicky Brooks

    Instead of faking it, you could’ve just had JC tell the story of how he reacted. you guys are good storytellers anyway so

  • Abby Allen
    Abby Allen

    videos from you once a month are better than no videos from you at all 🥰 pls keep posting tho

  • Rita Martins
    Rita Martins

    that was funny

  • Avery Lowes
    Avery Lowes

    2:14 me when i realize i forgot to do my homework

  • Cathy Yao
    Cathy Yao

    how is kian so fit but eats some unhealthy wth

  • Jackie M
    Jackie M

    the 1975 hoodie 🤘🏼

  • an i oop-
    an i oop-


  • an i oop-
    an i oop-

    kian: jc is an idiot for leaving his car keys here *puts his car in his house* also kian: jc’s an idiot for taking his keys to texas why would he need them

  • Viki S
    Viki S

    and I oop- 2:13

  • k.

    3:45 lmao Kian snapped

  • powchow72

    wait!? Corey actually gets girls!??? jk jk jk 😂

  • watchyo jet WHATCHYO JET
    watchyo jet WHATCHYO JET

    Remember the Love robber vid

  • JC123422


  • Fany

    Why was there no jokes about leaving the car on tho

  • Jaslyne Flores
    Jaslyne Flores

    oml was there rly a girl in Corey's room tho??

  • Nichelle Wahrer
    Nichelle Wahrer

    Q and A with ayla :)

  • Emi Olson
    Emi Olson

    It’s like he filmed this all at Hollister. I can barely see anything. 😂

  • Martyna’s Life
    Martyna’s Life

    Nobody: Not a single soul: I swear nobody: Still no one: Corey: it’s not ur problem it’s JC’s

  • hailey martin
    hailey martin


  • Olivia Pyles
    Olivia Pyles

    I just bought the 1975 Merch because of kian lol

  • Kyra Hobaica
    Kyra Hobaica

    2:11 your laugh reminds me of Yzma’s from Emperor’s Nee Groove when she was turned into a cat

  • Emily Magana
    Emily Magana

    Love y'all sm❤

  • Lena Kate
    Lena Kate

    Kians voice when he wakes up 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ManiacGamer


  • Neishka Marie
    Neishka Marie

    Waking up to Kian must be nice 🥰🥰

  • Cleopatra

    me: *appreciates that Kian said that he slept through it and therefore, didn't get Jc's reaction instead of faking it w Jc* kian: sOOO Im jUST GonnA FaKE It!!

    • Cleopatra

      realistically though, it is very cute

  • Cleopatra

    7:50 to 7:55 is actually the best part of the video. not jc's reaction, not kian dropping the cat, notHING ELSE

  • Cleopatra

    also wtf bobby is so cute

  • Cleopatra

    i really like that kian and jc spend less time on their channel than they do on knj

  • Wendy Herrera
    Wendy Herrera

    2:05 wish I could be that cat😂😭

  • Airel M
    Airel M

    No one: Corey: it's not your problem it's jc's

  • Akiko Fink
    Akiko Fink

    I love the title. It’s literally just “I put jc’s car in his house”

  • christa m
    christa m

    it’s not your problem it’s jc’s it’s not your problem it’s jc’s it’s not your problem it’s jc’s it’s not your problem it’s jc’s it’s not your problem it’s jc’s it’s not your problem it’s jc’s it’s not your problem it’s jc’s it’s not your problem it’s jc’s

  • daisy stokes
    daisy stokes

    ASDFGHJKL hes wearing the 1975’s freaking merchhhhh

  • Aliya Esposito
    Aliya Esposito

    I love his nails ❤️😘

  • psj1

    2:10 😂😂😂

  • KillergamerYT99

    Is kian racist

  • g a b
    g a b

    2:11 when you and your friends are joking around then someone gets hurt

  • Mo's Garage
    Mo's Garage

    Kian treats Andy like a fairly odd parent 😂

  • klynnKay

    Kian.. is a lonely crackdad... 😂 But you need to make more video like this on your channel brottther.

  • Ashley Acevedo
    Ashley Acevedo

    Why does kian have nail polish on

  • Aubrielle Havens
    Aubrielle Havens

    kian this is why you need a girlfriend

  • Petra

    I can't stop laughing at the start of the video

  • Danielle Hendricks
    Danielle Hendricks

    0:39 SAM AND COLBY 😂❤️

  • Victoria Flores
    Victoria Flores

    the funniest part of the whole video was when jc went to corey’s room and said “get up it’s time” 😂 with the girl in there😂 imagine being that girl and not knowing what was going on and you just hear those words😂😂

  • Haven U
    Haven U

    His views are getting up

  • Anastasia Kostoski
    Anastasia Kostoski

    4:49 made my life better holy shit

  • abby lol
    abby lol

    okay but i love jc’s floral pants

  • abby lol
    abby lol

    i feel like it’s so awkward to edit kian’s videos alone bc he’s just so normal and quiet by himself 😂💀

  • exelynnn


  • Miriam Helén Pedersen
    Miriam Helén Pedersen

    Love u kian❤❤#imthebigestfan

  • Miriam Helén Pedersen
    Miriam Helén Pedersen

    2:11 😂🤦‍♀️

  • racky ly
    racky ly

    if i was jc i would’ve went to straight to kians room and been like wtf and kian could’ve started recording then lmao 😭

  • Julie Padilla
    Julie Padilla

    Is that a ufo at 5:46 in the sky or?

  • Brooke Barrett
    Brooke Barrett


  • lilea violet
    lilea violet

    kian: so i had this video idea also kian: copies a david dobrick vlog prank


    I wonder if Kian will pin my comment...

  • Jeyson De Alva
    Jeyson De Alva

    How many crispy crokes can I get ??

  • Kacie Spencer
    Kacie Spencer

    This was so anticlimactic lmaooo

  • m

    ayeee kansas city born and raised bitches

  • Marina Abroad
    Marina Abroad


  • Rebecca Thompson
    Rebecca Thompson

    Is anyone else going to mention Ann-Marie?

  • Tamia Makay
    Tamia Makay

    you’re almost at 3.4M!!!

  • Aya Adel
    Aya Adel

    I want kian’s wallpaper , the picture with the ladybugs

  • g'LOSS

    What type of cat is that?

  • the best of jess
    the best of jess

    Kian really out here with a The 1975 hoodie we Stan a king with taste😌💅🏽

  • Desiree Diaz
    Desiree Diaz

    kian has more subs than knj lmao

  • jaclyn cecillia
    jaclyn cecillia

    you posted this on my bday ❤️

  • Kendra

    ABIIOR 💕

  • Khadījah Ahmed
    Khadījah Ahmed

    why does jc drive a fucking tractor

    • abby lol
      abby lol


  • Michelle

    The most climactic part was Corey having a girl in his room and knj freakin our LMFAO

  • Jodi Chiong
    Jodi Chiong

    ahhhh when Kian dropped the cat at 2:19 😂😂😂 omg I'm died😂🥺💀

  • str. xo
    str. xo

    it’s not your problem it’s jcs