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  • Ann


  • Amy Parsons
    Amy Parsons

    i’d pay all the money in the world to see them react to this on stream

  • Meranda Pence
    Meranda Pence

    Ugh I miss Corey so much

  • dominique mucharraz
    dominique mucharraz

    2021 and i still miss Kiandrea more than anything😔

  • Loveely Elizaa
    Loveely Elizaa

    Who else is here at 2021

  • Samantha Mccarty
    Samantha Mccarty

    Now when he got to the car part i dont think theres anyone famous in there i just think oh i really like that car one day when i get my license i wonder if ill get that type of car or not or ill just think its really nice but idrc abt who the person in the car is tbh🤣💀

  • Rayne Martinez
    Rayne Martinez

    Wishbone 🖤

  • miranda

    first time watching this video in full. I couldn’t bear it Kian. you’re the first person I thought of back when this happened.

  • Marriiell 16
    Marriiell 16

    Kian and jc need to recreate this !!

  • ANDY G.
    ANDY G.

    i miss Corey❤️

  • Alyssa East
    Alyssa East

    Fran is so uncomfy

  • Delise Duo
    Delise Duo

    Why are you not uploading

  • Kia Hallam
    Kia Hallam

    I'm crying

  • Kylei Ealy
    Kylei Ealy


  • Dua ended_Selulu
    Dua ended_Selulu

    let me just say ONE thing... I SAW YOU flee the scene. I was the one that SAW YOU and I chased after you SCREAMING at the top of my lungs. Oscar and Christian followed after seeing me RUN after you. YOU WERE NO WHERE NEAR THE CAR. KARMA IS REAL AND THAT WHOLE VIDEO IS A LIE. Franny

    • jas garcia
      jas garcia

      girl what

  • Naima Rodriguez
    Naima Rodriguez

    I love how kian can be himself infront of her gosh they literally are perfect for eachother omggg

  • Emerson Flores
    Emerson Flores

    Franny: “I like the heat” *looks at kian Kian: *😏😏*

  • Emerson Flores
    Emerson Flores

    Kian flirting with franny for 14 minutes straight

  • Jessica Shea
    Jessica Shea


  • Patricia Enid
    Patricia Enid

    its 2021 and i still ship them :( sorry ayla and daniel

  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith

    Im so sorry

  • Mae Brooke
    Mae Brooke

    Rest in price Corry may you look down and protect Kian very much. I'm so sorry Kian it's hard let it out !!! 🙏❤️

  • annaaa


  • Analise Quiles
    Analise Quiles

    kian being a mamas boy is the cutest thing ever

  • Mae Noone
    Mae Noone


  • Sassy Kitty
    Sassy Kitty

    daniel watching this like: 👁👄👁 ...

  • Girl Anywho
    Girl Anywho

    Rip Corey 💙💙💙

  • Sâmia Oliveira
    Sâmia Oliveira

    I can’t help but love Bobby

  • Angie Bazalar
    Angie Bazalar

    Look at Betty

  • /-/ milkybooy /-/
    /-/ milkybooy /-/

    💙 May The Love Be Ever In Your Favor! 💙 Happy 2021! 🥀🌹

  • Z H
    Z H

    Dude I can’t breaaatheee 😂 theeee noooooiiiisessss

  • Ella J
    Ella J

    Bruh how come in the beginning whenhe called her his beautiful girlfriend she seems so shocked lmao

  • sydney ridgely
    sydney ridgely

    i just love kian so much. i just love you do much.

  • Rachael Harper
    Rachael Harper

    Why are their dislikes. Someone fucking died.... show respect you haters 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬

  • Rachael Harper
    Rachael Harper

    I love Corey 😢😢😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thinking of you kian

  • Juliann Flather
    Juliann Flather


  • Mellanie De Ligt
    Mellanie De Ligt

    After 5 years, i still come back to this. <3.

  • RCG Gang
    RCG Gang

    It must be hard having his birthday and death date on the same day , i hope the person that killed him gets the death penalty

  • RCG Gang
    RCG Gang

    Rest easy corey 🥺he’s up in heaven looking over you 😩prayers to you and his family ❤️sorry for your loss bro, ik im late but prayers

  • Rachel Rolison
    Rachel Rolison

    Awwwe I miss the old youtube... :,(

  • C

    pls do an updated one of these

  • HannaShine

    The fact that Kian was 18 when they made this still blows my mind

  • kabby meters
    kabby meters

    I whached zac and mia like 3 times I love it sooo much it's amazing!!!!

  • brocksangles

    awh kian ur making me cry :c

  • Joslyn Skinner
    Joslyn Skinner

    I love you kian lawley

  • Kendra

    Calum hood

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh

    Kian you need to release a song! Your voice is great. You're not just a pretty face! Don't be so rough on yourself.

  • celestial moon
    celestial moon

    Your family gives off nostalgic 70s vibes. I respect it

  • Lily-Anna Faith
    Lily-Anna Faith

    A part that made me cry was when Evan and his dad were fighting and when Zac said “don’t” BRO THAT SHIT MADE ME CRYYY

  • David Herring
    David Herring

    Right, they change the actress that plays Mia right in the middle of an episode, I think episode 2 or 3 in season 2.

  • Payton Ramirez
    Payton Ramirez

    I feel like you’ve grown SO much in the last few years. In many different ways, and it has been noticed. ❤️

  • Alyssa

    not gonna lie... i didn’t even know him until i watched “zac and mia” on netflix lol but not mad at it lol he’s rlly funny (edit) i didn’t even know that show was like 3 yrs ago lmao but nice 😭

  • Libby Marie
    Libby Marie

    I just watched it on Netflix!

  • Mae Noone
    Mae Noone

    i could never put myself to watch this video or other people bc it didn’t feel real it still doesn’t but he will always be remembered🙏 we love you Corey La Barrie

  • Savannah Brooke
    Savannah Brooke

    2021 and i still want them back together

  • Abbey Wilson
    Abbey Wilson

    oop 2021 anyone?

  • Victor Navarro
    Victor Navarro

    dude kian is so desperate lmao (ˉ﹃ˉ)

  • zanni mm
    zanni mm

    everyone needs to remember that kian has known him since he’s been in america and it’s heartbreaking because we all know that corey loved kian (and jc ofc overtime) the most and it’s heartbreaking to see them try to hold it all together. like truthfully i’m surprised they got words out and he’s apologizing and it just breaks me. seeing kian cry is like seeing a little boy cry for the first time.

  • Emma Traylor
    Emma Traylor

    2021 anyone??

  • teegan amandaa
    teegan amandaa

    anyone else 2021

  • Sofia Gnc
    Sofia Gnc

    Much for kian and Corey and everyone who loved Corey fly high buddy we all miss you💙

  • Alana Cecchini
    Alana Cecchini

    I hate this relation ship

  • Alana Cecchini
    Alana Cecchini

    and you better not be dating ayla

  • Alana Cecchini
    Alana Cecchini

    you're so cuteeeeee

  • Isabelle Ross
    Isabelle Ross

    Probs won’t read this but how did we come up with names for things like example why did someone name the fridge, fridge you know

  • Gabs Online
    Gabs Online

    seeing kian cry is breaking my heart, corey will always be loved and missed by so many people. he’s watching over you kian 🥺 always, he’s always going to remember you, he’s always going to love you and most importantly he’s always going to be your brother and best friend <3

  • Saucy Shutdowns
    Saucy Shutdowns

    waitttt looking back at this they so remind me of mordecai and rigby from regular show

  • Paula Salvo
    Paula Salvo

    the fact that bobby just sat there while kian washed the dogs, including his, it's so funny to me hahahha

  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland

    OMG those videos broke my heart. Seeing him so upset whether it was gone or not shows how much it really affected him. And him being worried about filming shows how professional he really is. 💗💜💙

  • jasmine robledo
    jasmine robledo

    I remember watching this video and being sad they broke up,and it’s 2021 and I still what them back together.Idk why I ship them so hard lol they moved on.

  • Nicole Warda
    Nicole Warda

    damn that kiss was fire 😂😂 here in 2021 wow

  • Ysaac Renan
    Ysaac Renan

    Algum 🇧🇷 ou 🇵🇹?

  • Ella J
    Ella J

    this might be the funniest and best video have ever seen

  • Skyler Sepulveda
    Skyler Sepulveda

    i’m just seeing this video🥺. corey popping up out the blue made me smile. much love crackdad🤞🏼😇

  • Danielle Marineau
    Danielle Marineau

    RIP Corey I hate seeing kian cry it's gonna make me cry

  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland

    I wish this was a lot longer

  • Potatoesand cheese
    Potatoesand cheese

    red apples are red

  • Alyssa Nguyen
    Alyssa Nguyen

    My bestfriend has the exact same birthday and if this happened to her I would feel like a part of my soul has been ripped away

  • Emilie Hammonds
    Emilie Hammonds

    He was so flustered after they kissed 😂

  • Emilie Hammonds
    Emilie Hammonds

    Why is this the first time I’ve seen this and Kian looks like he kinda misses it and so does Andrea like a little 😂