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  • uma sundari
    uma sundari

    Awww 🥰

  • Ayesha Jain
    Ayesha Jain

    aw RIP wishbone and hamlet ):

  • Eraj Qasim
    Eraj Qasim

    idk why i am obsessed with this video😂 i always come back to it😂

  • Hana Louise
    Hana Louise

    I miss Wishbone and Ham 🥺

  • Jasmine C
    Jasmine C

    still here in 2021💙.... and now its only cappy left 😭😭😭 rip wihbone and yam 💙

  • AliciaFromTheFarAwayPlace

    My sister and I saw the title for this video and avoided watching the video for so long and then we actually believed that Kian was a father for MONTHS. Only recently figured out this was false...sort of awkward timing seeing as they are no longer dating. 💔

  • Yumi W
    Yumi W

    This is an absolute treasure Kian, just so u know I come back to this same vid every so often.

  • Xaivea West
    Xaivea West

    wishbone drying himself in the background 🥺🥺

  • Kimberly Q
    Kimberly Q

    hey it’s 2021 and I’m still sad

  • Isabel Martinez
    Isabel Martinez


  • Paul Kellermann
    Paul Kellermann

    More Piano pls .

  • Isabella Franco
    Isabella Franco

    Wishbone and ham 🥺💙

  • Kayla Rheault
    Kayla Rheault

    What happened to Kians dog Hazel

  • Jade K
    Jade K

    i love you and corey so much

    • Jade K
      Jade K

      @Kenneth Monfil okay and??? i don’t understand why you’re telling them this when it’s irrelevant to kian and corey

    • Kenneth Monfil
      Kenneth Monfil

      @Jade K well, what I asked u really has nothing to do with this "video"; but it's just to also tell u that in one of his "films" he petrented to b "17 years old" when he was actually "22 years old".

    • Jade K
      Jade K

      @Kenneth Monfil yes. what does that have to do with this video?

    • Kenneth Monfil
      Kenneth Monfil

      Did u know that he's also an "actor"?

  • Lee Schnake
    Lee Schnake

    did this bitch start crying real tears dude no fucking way😭😭

    • Kenneth Monfil
      Kenneth Monfil

      @Lee Schnake well, truly I don't give a damned fuck nor should u cuz his ass pretended to b "17 years old" in a certain webshow when it was actually "22 years old".

    • Lee Schnake
      Lee Schnake

      @Kenneth Monfil his gf lol at the end of the video

    • Kenneth Monfil
      Kenneth Monfil

      Do u mean his gf? Or he himself?

  • Kylie Kaapuwai
    Kylie Kaapuwai

    its 2021 and I still come back and watch this because of new perspectives and experiences I have, love u Kian

  • Vira

    I feel like Franny did like him but just she didn't know if Kian was being funny and messing around or actually flirting with her. I hope they get together in the future.

  • mai thy
    mai thy

    if i’m not the bachelor what am i?? am i the camera guy ??!

  • sandra galvan
    sandra galvan

    I’m back here -2021

  • Sabrina Margaret
    Sabrina Margaret

    oh wow. this feels like inception now a days.

  • Phenix Weber
    Phenix Weber


  • Ashley Ruiz
    Ashley Ruiz

    I still love this. Love you.

  • Leah Heil
    Leah Heil

    Me watching this and finally understanding where that random cow came from!🤯🤯🤯

  • Morgan Is Alive
    Morgan Is Alive

    Corey and I share a birthday, I was never familiar with him, I was a big fan of Kian and JC for years but somehow never knew of Corey until his passing. He seemed like a sweetheart, rest easy.

  • Jessica Shea
    Jessica Shea

    I find myself coming back to this video a lot...

  • Sayde Norris
    Sayde Norris

    Still 2021 sad about him

  • Jaiden Wilson
    Jaiden Wilson

    I miss them no cap. Yes, it's five years later.. But I misssss them

  • Talisa

    May Corey Rest In Peace 💙🙏🏼 I wanted to say I totally get what you mean when you said all of your guy’s memories sort of tied together. I think it shows how much he impacted your lives and connected all of you.

  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland

    What a good sport. I would have been pissed. Well... if they didn’t stay to help clean it up. Which they didn’t!!!

  • Angelito123

    03 that’s my year 😩🤩

  • holly o' leary
    holly o' leary

    Why am I here in 2021 ?

  • LD nation
    LD nation

    I lost my bsf Jr 11 moths ago from homicide he was everything to me he was like my brother and now on January 3rd 2020 his gf gave birth to a baby boy named Ian he looks so much like Jr and he has a son and he’s not here to experience that moment and we all miss him and it’s still hard to know he’s not here anymore I get you and we all love you and support you 💙💙💙

  • lilac loser
    lilac loser

    we miss you corey 💙💙💙

  • Sam mine
    Sam mine

    I fucking love Corey so much “I’m not gonna let you go, this is my career, if u go I’m out “ 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️R.I.P beautiful soul

  • Harley Nelson
    Harley Nelson

    2021 and still want them back together

  • caytiii v
    caytiii v

    Seeing kian this know the pain is real. 😔rip Corey we love you

  • Wendy

    I love how hamlet runs away every time kian tells him to stay

  • Magda


  • kylie rae
    kylie rae

    this has always been my favorite video on kian’s channel.🥺

  • Mollie Sayer
    Mollie Sayer

    omg he made it public

  • aris

    kian it’s scary how much we relate

  • Jade St-Pierre
    Jade St-Pierre

    i love how she is blocking kian mouth everytime she dies hahaha

  • yanna

    Like if you’re here in 2021!

  • Fazlul Alam
    Fazlul Alam

    My daughter BIRTHDAY is 24 july

  • Adriana B
    Adriana B

    Ok the fact that it’s 5 years later and for some odd reason I felt the need to watch this at 3:30 am.... but kians face after that kiss 🥺🥺🥺 come on you know what it means when a guy does that

  • Shyla Lawrence
    Shyla Lawrence

    I remember watching this so much to the point I could only sing the song this fast

  • judea claire
    judea claire

    can u guys recreate it now please 😂🤍

  • CompsByCass

    aww only cap is here now😢

  • Briley Contreras
    Briley Contreras

    Ayla looks so much happier and healthier than when she was Logan pauls assistant

    • Kenneth Monfil
      Kenneth Monfil

      Did u know that he's also an "actor"?

  • Gaming with Fuad
    Gaming with Fuad

    I think can Justin Bieber do that thing. Kissing his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez

  • Cody Stokes
    Cody Stokes

    are they still together?

  • Jasmine Leahy
    Jasmine Leahy

    Rip Cory wow I can't believe it he was a funny guy I'm sorry for y'all's lose may his soul rest in peace may God bless his soul your guys souls and his family nothing but love for u guys😢🙏

  • Andrea Laureño
    Andrea Laureño

    2021. Continue moving forward!

  • Monica C
    Monica C

    rip wishbone & ham 🤍🥺

  • Nikki Herron
    Nikki Herron

    I love u Kian like so very much

  • Lourdes Lopez
    Lourdes Lopez

    who’s here after hamlet and wishbone passed and it just all hits different):

  • Hannah Chetty
    Hannah Chetty

    2021 now and Im still not over the break up. Thanks

  • Ami Davidson
    Ami Davidson

    it’s 2021 and i’m back watching this video i-

  • alyssa espinosa
    alyssa espinosa

    Rip Wishbone & Hamlet 🤍

  • Melina Marie
    Melina Marie

    Rip wishbone & hamlet 🥺

  • Savanna Spurlock
    Savanna Spurlock

    i hate this couple ngl

  • Katelyn Leigh
    Katelyn Leigh

    No matter what happens, I will still ship them forever.

    • giselle a
      giselle a


  • Fidget_toy_kelton

    It is ok kain he is with you he will always be by your side ❤️🥺

  • Xsabrina X
    Xsabrina X

    I was this video every 6 months, gives me serotonin

  • Cierra G
    Cierra G

    Rip wishbone and yam 🥺💔🤍I really wanted a pt2

  • Shelby Wix
    Shelby Wix


  • Cristina Melgoza
    Cristina Melgoza

    2021 anyone?

  • Lazaylea


  • Lazaylea

    Omg wait it's public again

  • Phrez Zaillah
    Phrez Zaillah

    who’s also here in 2021? 😭

  • Jenna Olinick
    Jenna Olinick

    RIP Wishbone & Hammy 😔

  • Alice Dewberry
    Alice Dewberry

    Three years later this came up on my ut again so I watched it and yet again I cried.i forger kian has a serious side as he's always joking around with jc "are you my dad?"

  • Nessa Ayee
    Nessa Ayee

    me watching this video a year late and finding out jc was in kansas go cry now

  • Lucero Fernandez
    Lucero Fernandez

    First wishbone now ham. rip to 2 awesome doggies

  • Helen Foix
    Helen Foix

    Grandpa John is going to try these! He loves you!

    • Kenneth Monfil
      Kenneth Monfil

      Did u know that he's also an "actor"?

  • bell a
    bell a

    Awh Rest In Peace Wishbone and Ham :( ❤️

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin

    The way he dresses the dogs up with the shampoo haha

  • Alysa Warren
    Alysa Warren

    Watching this now makes me sad... rip hammy and wishbone

  • Bridget Rosales
    Bridget Rosales

    RIP to hamlet 🥺❤

  • Sharon Victor
    Sharon Victor

    Nobody: Kian:"No-one's saying Hi to me 😭" Also Kian:"I farted 😆"