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  • Emily Salazar
    Emily Salazar


  • Allison Simpson
    Allison Simpson

    10/10 would recommend

  • Caroline Murphy
    Caroline Murphy

    i’m gonna cry-

  • Arianne Cosca
    Arianne Cosca

    make more videos here pls :(

  • Tatiana Gaudin
    Tatiana Gaudin

    why is so genuinely adorable

  • Emily Jung
    Emily Jung

    where it all started awe

  • danielle

    are they still together lmao

  • Danielle McCandless
    Danielle McCandless

    you can tell at the end, kian had butterflies, and he couldn't talk so he just sat back replaying what had just happened, and still getting butterflies

  • Teddy Peeva
    Teddy Peeva

    who the fuck had the audacity to dislike this video

  • Jadaintha

    Please do this again😂😂😂

  • perfectly bangtan
    perfectly bangtan


  • lili

    simpler times

  • paige


  • Kate Graham
    Kate Graham

    sabastian is to exited

  • itsmealee

    why is this in my recommended

  • X-squad films
    X-squad films

    just to say the kiss is at 10:48

  • Janika Bunch
    Janika Bunch

    Not the white people speaking for black people, “we forgive you”. I love kian but y’all need to stfu

  • esmeralda dominguez
    esmeralda dominguez

    I just found out he died... wow

  • lili

    ok maybe i’m here in 2020 still wishing they were together HELP

  • tiana jayes
    tiana jayes

    i watched this once like as soon as it came out so WTF IT HAS 17MIL VIEWS? omg

  • tiana jayes
    tiana jayes

    the way ricky dillon comes outta nowhere😭😭

  • Gracie Shelly
    Gracie Shelly

    Are they still together ?

  • Kamy Matlocktolson
    Kamy Matlocktolson

    Y’all look so cute together

  • L S
    L S

    girl. this man is obviously in love, GO FOR HIM LIKE WTF. he’s cute, has a sense of humor and knows how to treat a girl right- if you don’t want the i’ll take him

  • Chris_ SW
    Chris_ SW

    Why this on recommended 5 years later

  • Brooke

    i feel like once the get older they will drift apart but then bump into eachother one day and fall in love and get married

  • Jaime


  • Aziza Hussein
    Aziza Hussein

    7 years later and it’s back

  • Allison Simpson
    Allison Simpson

    wait what did he say?

  • Anzah Sugrio
    Anzah Sugrio

    8:28 I got butterflies he's so adorable

  • Lauren Thompson
    Lauren Thompson

    Thanks Kian! this is me to a T. I finally opened up to my parents to get the help i need. I related to this so much!! Thanks for being so real!

  • pxiz 018
    pxiz 018

    I am still hopeful for this relationship!! 😩 I literally don’t understand how you guys were into each other and no one made the OFFICIAL move. Talk it out do something and make it happen!!

  • yuva sus
    yuva sus

    Red apples are red

  • Nessa Flom
    Nessa Flom

    i go to this video every now and and then , ever since this video was uploaded , to help me feel less bad about myself and ilusm for it ❤️ :) rlly cant even put into words how much i appreciate someone like u existing in this world 😙

  • Samantha Tayloe
    Samantha Tayloe

    Me six months later balling over this and because of some one special passed away after corey

  • Emma Seitz
    Emma Seitz

    i come back and watch this video to remind myself how lucky i am to still be alive. i have never met corey, or kian or anybody, but i’ve started watching corey whenever he began filming with jc and kian, back in 2013 i think. couldn’t imagine what kian and his friends/coreys family are going through. stay strong xx.

  • Splenda and Lenda show
    Splenda and Lenda show

    I just wanna give him a huge hug thru the phone

  • Andrea Laureño
    Andrea Laureño

    Franny is so precious. I love her

  • Brianna Moritz
    Brianna Moritz

    The way that he keeps putting his arm on her leg

  • Madiii Deee
    Madiii Deee

    KIAN!!!!!!! MAKE A PART 2!!!!! Plz :)

  • Ana Mendes
    Ana Mendes

    I love this two!!!!!

  • Adriianfilms

    I never knew they dated, she got a lot of fame though

  • Roudha Alshamsi
    Roudha Alshamsi

    2:38 5:01 11:51 his face lmao

  • A R I Z
    A R I Z

    I feel really bad now because looking back at this video i feel like he lowkey did really like her and what if he really want her to be his gf that's actually so sad hahaha welp oh well i just hope there happy now.

    • Brianna Farmer
      Brianna Farmer


  • Savanna Stone
    Savanna Stone

    I wish I was Ayla like I wished I was his girlfriend in the chosen when I watched it

  • vanessa aguiar
    vanessa aguiar

    hi kian

  • Angelina Sohl
    Angelina Sohl

    I’m going to miss Corey always yelling “YOU ALREADY KNOW WHATS UPPPPPP” and then jc trying to be louder but he never could, I miss you Corey we all do forever and always😔💙

  • Girly Girl
    Girly Girl

    My face hurts🤣🤣

  • Eileen Tagarook
    Eileen Tagarook

    The chemistry

  • StarrySkyPixy

    2020. this video still makes me laugh. also red apples are red.

  • Melany Turnbull
    Melany Turnbull

    andy plz edit them singing this

  • Sabrina Margaret
    Sabrina Margaret

    coming back to this after 5 years, Kian definitely got his sense of humor from Cole.

  • Lyndsay Hill
    Lyndsay Hill

    Are they still dating

    • Natalie Marie
      Natalie Marie

      I don’t think so. They haven’t posted a single thing together or about each other in months.

  • S S
    S S

    Do this video again!!! It would be funny to see what your answers would be now 😂

  • Preslee Frazier
    Preslee Frazier

    I love you you’ll get through it he’s proud of you

  • akkin awie
    akkin awie

    I'm here from Franny's video cuz I miss them so much

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Hillary McMahon
    Hillary McMahon

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  • alie hita
    alie hita


  • kora brazil
    kora brazil

    love rewatching this video cos it’s just so cute and pure. when i wash my dog i do “i am legend” style and it helps keep him calm :)

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller

    Astronaut psychology 🤣🤣🤣

  • jessie collinsworth
    jessie collinsworth

    the only thing that could save 2020

  • Anaya Raagaard
    Anaya Raagaard

    cutest couple evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Sidney Garcia
    Sidney Garcia

    when he started to sing I almost cried

  • emily edmundson
    emily edmundson

    the trouble music made me realize i love kian :)

  • • miα •
    • miα •

    I never knew kian ws friends w jess n gabe

  • Ana Paula Medina
    Ana Paula Medina

    Still miss you Corey

  • • miα •
    • miα •

    The fault in our stars crossovers w Five feet apart

  • Ardour Jimin
    Ardour Jimin

    I remember a couple months ago when I saw him trending on Twitter and my heart completely broke and shattered and I just thought about all the fun times y’all had on camera and I just remember praying for you guys. This video reminded me of my cousin who died a month ago in a car accident as well and watching this video over again really helped me cope with my loss.🥺 May Corey and my amazing cousin Jordan Rest In Peace❤️ this is a reminder to tell everyone you love that you love them everyday and just live your life to the fullest because you never know when your time is up.

  • Ardour Jimin
    Ardour Jimin

    The video still lives rent free in my mind

  • SouthernAuslan Learner
    SouthernAuslan Learner

    When are you coming to Australia :D

  • • miα •
    • miα •

    Doea anyone remember the red shoe? THE RED SHOE!!!!!!!! from THE BIGGER PICTURE

  • • miα •
    • miα •

    Is it bad if I say that he's lookin adorable even when he crys?

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Angela Le
    Angela Le

    love how this was in my recommended...I’ve missed this video

  • Molly Jean
    Molly Jean

    this loss, hurts so bad. i lost my grandmother around the same time... i couldn’t watch any of these videos until now they still hurt it always will. you are strong he’s always watching over you.

  • Daisy dolan
    Daisy dolan

    Missing you buba 🥺

  • Daisy Greenleaf
    Daisy Greenleaf

    House tour pleaseeeee

  • Tara I
    Tara I

    Corey, we all still think about you. all the time💙💙

  • Michaelen Hill
    Michaelen Hill

    We love you Corey