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  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Hannah Rose Hill
    Hannah Rose Hill

    He's so skinny there.

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Uhhneeduhh

    I came here bc I thought his shirt was gonna be off fudge

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Ashlynn Vaughn
    Ashlynn Vaughn

    My childhood best friend literally hates me now lol I see him almost everyday

  • Shane Clarke
    Shane Clarke

    like would u like if someone puts thumbs down on this video u should be a shame like if u agree

  • Shane Clarke
    Shane Clarke

    WHY put thumbs down just go to anther video

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • monica beatrice
    monica beatrice

    Only now I come to know of his passing and I could not believe it. I talked to my brother as if I knew him. We started reminiscing on the many moments caught on video. All the funny ones that caught our attention. Our grandfather then interrupted and asked: “how'd you meet him? He sounds like he was a very good man.” I wish I did, because indeed, he was. But even though I didn't know him personally, I'm so very blessed to have witnessed him shine his light on his loved ones and family, which in turn lit up our hearts one way or another. Wow feeling this affected by this tragedy, I can only imagine what it's like for everyone in Corey's life. Do know that my deepest condolences go out to you all. Corey, thank you for being the light that no one thought they needed in their lives. Thank you for being so genuine. You will definitely be missed and will never be forgotten.

  • Angelina Sohl
    Angelina Sohl

    This is my fav video w you and franny😂

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz


  • Caitlyn Fryman
    Caitlyn Fryman

    This just popped up on my recommended and wow.... I forgot Kian went blonde

  • Wilson J
    Wilson J

    Happy this is public again but would love to see some more old music videos public too. Also, his skits in 2013-2014 were hilarious I watched them all the time so I hope those become public too as well as his o2l videos. Like if you agree w/ me

  • megan fling
    megan fling

    did they break up

  • brooklyn hancock
    brooklyn hancock

    We all miss you Corey and hope you and wishbone are playing up in heaven right now and we all miss you and love you so much we all wish you were still with us today and rest in pace Corey la Barrie we will miss you so much and you will always be in our hearts and for life and forever hope you rest in pace Corey 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊💙💙💙💙💙💙🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

  • Lauren Alisha V
    Lauren Alisha V

    Nooo like, I'm supposed to be gay but mr. Kian Lawley here is making me question my sexuality, that shit took me forever to find out. Bitch!😂just kidding love you!❤❤

  • devin george
    devin george

    I recently just lost one of my closest friend in a car accident and you never know how much time you have with the people in your life and I’m soo sorry for you loss

  • Emily Ramos
    Emily Ramos

    Aww Kian don’t worry Corey loves you he’s always there with you he will always take care of you and he’s always with you he will always be there. We love you Corey 💙💙

  • shelby beth
    shelby beth

    who’s here ... now

  • Sabrina Margaret
    Sabrina Margaret

    Kian: oh my god Cappy is so cute when he is wet. He looks so cute Cappy: looks like a seal

  • Mariam Almansoori
    Mariam Almansoori


  • Abi OB
    Abi OB


  • JazzNazz 7
    JazzNazz 7

    SLtoos doesn’t understand that I been made a playlist of just their videos 7 years ago😭so Idky this was suggested but I rewatched it anyway idc

  • mariii lol
    mariii lol

    They were so TOXIC 😭

  • Jack Hayashi
    Jack Hayashi

    close to the end of 2020 and still listening to this...

  • taryn thorne
    taryn thorne

    why is this in my suggestions lmaooo

  • Abi OB
    Abi OB

    This popped up in my recommendation why?? Jjcjdjxus I watched this like 3 years ago and I'm here aaaa omg

  • Tay Tv
    Tay Tv

    Anyone here in October 2020? Why am I here? Why am I seeing this 🥴

  • Sienna Sky
    Sienna Sky

    god I miss you buddy

  • Sam Pauritsch
    Sam Pauritsch

    poor corey :(

  • Madison Gilmore
    Madison Gilmore

    Who is this on my recommended after 5 years lmao

  • Kylie Sorrell
    Kylie Sorrell

    RIP corey

  • Cayleez

    i miss them

  • Jazzybrazzy

    2020 anyone ?

  • it’s Anna Lynn
    it’s Anna Lynn

    she’s perfect for kian !!!

    • Marissa Chavez
      Marissa Chavez

      @Es me well from what i do know they haven’t posted any pics with one another more recently and they both unfollowed each other even jc unfollowed her

    • Es me
      Es me

      @Marissa Chavez wait how do u know ?

    • Marissa Chavez
      Marissa Chavez

      they broke up 👁👄👁

  • Drxco Wildn
    Drxco Wildn

    Bobby tells him to wash the head after he's done washing the LAST dog

  • Drxco Wildn
    Drxco Wildn

    "Watch when I let go he'll go backwards" *Proceeds to let him fall backwards* "I got u cappy it's ok it's ok!!" I'm dying😍😇😇

  • Anonymous giraffe
    Anonymous giraffe

    SLtoos is putting this up on suggested again to praise Kian's lip singing abilities

  • Briannaaa Ramirez
    Briannaaa Ramirez

    wait hold did he take this off of private!?

  • Isaiah Benitez
    Isaiah Benitez

    yoooo he made it public again

  • Billo99a

    Hahaha so cute!! I also shared mine🤣

  • Jadeyy

    His mother sounds so angelic and kindhearted

  • Haifa S
    Haifa S

    The fact that I was looking at his butt when he said "stop staring at my butt" 😂

  • Charlie Lloyd
    Charlie Lloyd

    that was the cute shit i have ever watched

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ


  • M A
    M A

    Is she older that him? Im not judging or anything just asking 🥰💕

    • Mafer MV
      Mafer MV

      yes, like three years

  • louisiul

    red apples are red

  • Efi B
    Efi B

    its crazy how this video came out almost 5 years ago and ive watched it so many times since.


    im literally watching this balling my eyes out and halfway through I realized I'm wearing the same sweatshirt as Kian right now

  • Mina Montague
    Mina Montague

    THEY HAVE A MATCHING TATTOO?! BRUH KIAN IS SO HAPPY AND THIS RELATIONSHIP IS GOING TO LAST FOREVER🥺🥺🥺🥺🤧💍💍 did they break up and im just very late to the party😭🤚🏽.

    • nadica

      @Mina Montague nah they unfollowed eachother on insta

    • Mina Montague
      Mina Montague

      nadica YOUR LYING RIGHT😭🤚🏽.

    • nadica

      They broke up😂

  • jinup diew
    jinup diew

    yo we live in the same state

  • Sydney Poepping
    Sydney Poepping

    Love you kian ❤️

  • ace anarchy
    ace anarchy

    watch 14 year old me die after watching this

  • Emilio Aranda
    Emilio Aranda

    this physically hurt to watch😂but the nonstop hipfire rllydid it for me😭😂

  • Clairemf dol
    Clairemf dol


  • It's MarijaTms
    It's MarijaTms

    The fact that this was recommended to me now and almost 7 years passed since this came out, damn love that for me

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose

    i love this relationship so muchhhhh!!!!!!! we need to see more of her!!!!

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose

    this was literally the funnest video ever!😆😂😂 yall are the cutest!!!! we NEED to SEE MORE OF HER!!!!!

  • Briiiana Maria C.
    Briiiana Maria C.

    Did this pop up on anyones recommendations recently??

    • Hannah Rose Hill
      Hannah Rose Hill


    • Fiona Thomas
      Fiona Thomas

      mine!! major throwback omg🤣

  • Jenny A
    Jenny A

    This girl is really cunning and conniving ! You can see it in her eyes 👀

  • Arianna Tapia
    Arianna Tapia

    the bad thing about this is that when kian sings seems like that is his voice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Simon Barker
    Simon Barker

    Jam and jelly aren't the same thing

  • Emily Ramos
    Emily Ramos

    I couldn’t believe it was real when Corey pasted I cried so much because Corey made me happy all everyday he still does I love Corey 💙💙💙

  • Alexandra Mahon
    Alexandra Mahon

    seeing kian so at a lose for words. seeing him cry. it just makes me cry. its just like how I balled when I found out about Corey. its so odd how you feel like you know someone so well and are friends with them and follow/support them, so much so that you feel their pain, and your heart breaks not being able to see him again. I think kian and the friend group saw and knows how insanely close we as a fan community really are. They know we feel the pain they do. im so glad I had the blessing to be able to see Corey grow, ill hold him close to my heart.

  • Alexandra Mahon
    Alexandra Mahon


  • Fajr Cuthbertson
    Fajr Cuthbertson

    I have NEVER cried over a celebrity. But today is the day i cried over one, Corey. I am literally heartbroken. It feels as if i can’t breathe like... 💔💔 so amazing, so funny and a good person i could tell from all of the videos i watched. I feel as if i lost a Bestfriend. My heart is broken. RIP i love you Corey

  • mariaa montes
    mariaa montes

    her crying because she wants to get it right so desperately and not being able to is LITERALLY ME!

  • Peyton Grayless
    Peyton Grayless

    I seen the thumbnail of this a few months back and I’ve just assumed you guys were having a baby 🤣 I was like wait where’s her bump? 🤣🤣

  • Holly Spence
    Holly Spence

    Now that him and Ayla broke up, let’s get these two back together !!

    • Kaylee Ventura
      Kaylee Ventura

      they broke up ??????

  • Carolina Sukie
    Carolina Sukie

    What does she mean with miley cyrus thing?

  • 🤓

    Did they break up?

    • itscrystalclear

      I think so since Kian doesn't follow her anymore and viceversa. Not even JC follows her

    • sam bi
      sam bi

      I’m thinking the same thing too

  • cap on 60 FPS
    cap on 60 FPS

    Lol my name is Kian

  • Βασω Κλιαμελλη
    Βασω Κλιαμελλη

    Red apples are red

  • Tanya Klein
    Tanya Klein

    Kian: “It might be kind of weird for you guys to be watching this” Andrea: *rolls her eyes intensely*

  • Em Eeee
    Em Eeee

    Rn it’s 2020 and I started to get anxiety in 5th grade, ofc I didn’t know what it was and was just really sad and felt very alone. The year after that was my first year of middle school, and that’s when my social anxiety started to occur. I still didn’t know what it was so just tried my best to brush it off, but this was harder. The first day of 6th grade I just remember feeling really alone, not really having any friends near and not being myself at all. For this reason, I felt like I was (and still feel) like I am being rude. It’s this thing that happens where when I’m in public, or near anyone else besides my family, I can’t do what I normally want to do. It’s almost like I feel my brain is disconnected. When I tell you it’s the most indescribable feeling, but when it happens it’s like, this is it. I remember everyday after middle school, feeling bad or guilty for the way I acted because my mind makes me feel like I’m always doing something wrong. I felt and sometimes feel like when bad things happen to me, I deserve bc of the way I acted. Sometimes it’s really hard to convince myself that it’s not my fault. 7th grade comes and I’m very nervous for the first day, but excited. I thought last year was just a bad year. I remember getting dressed up and trying hard. It was a lot easier than last year for the first day, and I was really happy. Days go on, the anxiety gets worse. As the year increase, I start to notice that this was the same thing happening as last year and again, felt like it was my fault. Everyday I tried my best to think positive, get happier, or tell myself to stop acting that way, but it was/seemed impossible. It’s like an over whelming feeling that just comes over me in those social moments. The end of the year comes by, and I feel bad again, but this times even worse. Sometimes I questioned myself, “is this who I am?” Because I knew it wasn’t. I knew there was a change from when I was home to when in public. And that’s when I started to reach out to my mom and my older sister. My older sister has lots of experiences w/ anxiety and I can relate to her a lot which made me feel a lot better. My mom can relate too, but sometimes I pushed that away bc I felt no one knew. Or understood. Kind of like I had it the worst. I remember always denying everything they told me when they were being honest. I didn’t believe them. As time went on my mom asks if I want to talk to a therapist that she had talked to in the past. This was a very nerve racking moment bc my brain immediately went to the thought of, “she won’t like you. She won’t understand. Look at how you act” so it took me a little while to make the decision, but I did. I chose to talk to her. The first time I talked to her I was discouraged, but also fulfilled. I was proud of myself and knew I was on the right path. It is really tough sometimes tho bc I still get anxiety around her too, but I still have been talking to her and learning new coping skills. It is really really hard, but ppl w/ anxiety, I want you to know that you are not alone. We are w/ you and support you no matter what. Ily 🤟🏼. Keep going, and never forget that you are never out of the fight. You’re stronger than u know💓

  • Tavleen Kaur
    Tavleen Kaur

    This is such a sweet video!

  • Angel Lightning
    Angel Lightning

    I’m so sorry Kian..